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Belgium is a unique European destination characterised by its charmingly quaint towns, historic sights and humorous yet modest inhabitants. If you’re looking for a luxury holiday that’s close to home, packs plenty of character and has a faint scent of chocolate about it, this is the country for you.

Perfect for those who love to be at the centre of what’s happening in the world as well as for history lovers who prefer to reminisce about the past, Belgium is a sizeable power on the continent and has been for a number of years. At the forefront of European modernisation in everything from being the centre of EU and NATO summits to having leading experts in the world of medical research this relatively unexplored region still has plenty of history. Each of its cities and towns celebrate a varied and fascinating heritage through architecture, museums, art and cultural customs, particularly in areas such as Brussels and Bruges.

Of course, foodies can’t go wrong with a trip to this gourmet paradise either, particularly if they have a keen interest in beer… or a least, in drinking it! Chocolate is also a famous export, with chocolateries on every street corner offering everything from the famous Belgian pralines and truffles to hot chocolates and chocolate ice creams. This tasty treat aside, the country is home to more than 130 Michelin-starred eateries so you’ll never be short on ideas for where to eat out.

Sports lovers are sure to have pinpointed Belgium on their bucket-lists as not only are their Red Devils picking up year on year in the world of football but their Formula 1 circuit is world famous. A particular favourite among drivers the track is simply legendary with a famous Raidillon right-hander, adrenaline-rushing straights and, frankly, gorgeous scenery.


Come prepared with several translation dictionaries if your linguistic skills are a bit rusty as although many Belgians speak English, they are more fluent in their own versions of Dutch (Flemish), German and French.

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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC +1
  • Capital: Brussels
  • Currency: EUR
  • After Dark Destination: Fuse, Brussels

Best Time To Travel

Average Temperatures
Jan: 3°c   Feb: 3°c   Mar: 7°c  
Apr: 9°c   May: 13°c   Jun: 15°c  
Jul: 18°c   Aug: 18°c   Sep: 15°c  
Oct: 12°c   Nov: 7°c   Dec: 5°c  


Belgium Articles

Belgium in a nutshell

Soak up The Culture
  • If there’s one thing Belgian culture excels at, it’s markets. Big markets, small markets, food markets, flower markets – they’ve got it all. From the Place du Jeu de Balles flea market and Winter Wonders Christmas fair in Brussels, to the Sunday morning antique sales of Tongeren and the stalls of La Batte Flea Market in Liege, you’ll find plenty of ways to burn a hole in your pocket.
  • You’ve definitely heard of the French’s Mona Lisa, you may know of New York’s MOMA but have you been introduced to Belgium’s beloved MIMA? Found in Brussels Belle-Vue brewery, this cartoon-specific museum and gallery pays tribute to the Belgian love of comedy and art, all in one spot.
  • Speaking of the Belgian sense of humour, you simply can’t leave Belgium without at least a day trip to Brussels for a two-minute stop at the country’s (somewhat bemusing) national emblem, Manneken Pis. A tribute to the nation’s sense of fun, this world-renowned statue definitely enjoys all the perks of stardom.

  • Chocolate lovers, welcome to your dream come true. A heaven of sweetly-scented shops, sugary window displays and cocoa flavoured everything, you’ll find that sticking to your diets could be tricky here. The Belgians invented praline in 1912 and it would be an insult really if you were to leave without sampling, shall we say, one from every shop?
  • Another famous Belgian export is its beer. Considered to be some of the finest in Europe, the country has been accredited with the production of nearly 1,600 makes of beer. The popular brews include Pilsner, Abbey beer, Trappist beer, amber ale and Lambic beer… we think you get the picture. So, whether you’re just having a browse at the local pub or plan to visit a brewery, there’ll be plenty to keep you going.
  • Did you know that Belgium invented the French fry? Well, now when you hear locals refer to Belgian Gold, you’ll know what they’re talking about (although, it could also be a beer… either way the outcome is in your favour). A habit singular to the Dutch, you’ll find that fries here are not commonly served with ketchup, but with mayonnaise.

  • Family fun is all about getting out and doing things you can’t do at home, right? Well how about kayaking down the River Lesse, Belgium’s largest waterway? Winding its way around bends with towering fortresses, forests with fairy-tale villages and hundreds of other stunning sights, a trip along this river will be one for the memory banks.
  • You might notice on arrival that there seem to be less cars about than at home. This is because the Belgians are mad for some cycling, and once you and your little ones have had a go, you will be too! With strict safety laws ensuring the safety of all road cyclists and hundreds of paths and routes to keep you going around and around the country, your family can enjoy a fun-filled tour of the region at your own pace and with peace of mind.
  • Are you more of the walking-in-the-park kind of family unit? Then a day-trip to the High Fens nature park is a must. With plenty of stunning spots to enjoy a summer picnic or build a winter snowman, the quiet woodland charm of the area is not to be beaten.

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