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Home to 150 species of reptile and 8,000 types of insect, head off the beaten track with one of the top luxury safari destinations in the world: Botswana. With plains, national parks and game reserves to explore you will be tracking the Big Five in no time with many more animals to be seen along the way.
Safari holidays appeal to so many traveller types. Ideal for couples and honeymooners as well as animal loving families it’s a definite bucket list getaway and one which we truly recommend.

Botswana hosts numerous safari sites. The Chobe River is a tourist hotspot thanks to its close proximity to the mesmerising Victoria Falls and the Chobe National Park where you can admire stunning elephants, antelopes and birds while trekking along the riverfront or marshes.

Another popular pit stop is the Okavango Delta, the largest in land delta in the world, which is home to hippos, lions and hyenas to name a few.
Moremi Game Reserve, ranked as one of the most beautiful reserves in Africa, habitats almost every African mammal and bird you can think of in its rich and diverse floodplains, lagoons and forest. Covering 5,000 kilometres expect to spot the Big Five amongst a host of other wild beauties.

If you want to see a glimpse of the majestic Kalahari black maned lion, head to Kalahari found in the southwest of Botswana, close to South Africa. Explore the game reserve and discover wildlife and several fossilised river valleys including Deception Valley and Passarge Valley. For an experience you’ll never forget, why not camp overnight in the five-star accommodation?
Talking of camping, Botswana hosts a plethora of accommodation options. From lodges and villas, to spacious tents, expect five-star luxury throughout with friendly staff and rangers only too willing to share the beauty of their country with you.


Elephants never forget and neither do we! Botswana is home to the world’s largest population of African elephants and it’s simply a beauty to behold. Head down to Chobe National Park to catch a glimpse of one of the large herds that can be seen wandering along the Chobe River.

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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC +1
  • Capital: Gaborone
  • Currency: BWP
  • In A Word: Safari

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Apr: 20°c   May: 17°c   Jun: 13°c  
Jul: 13°c   Aug: 17°c   Sep: 20°c  
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Botswana Articles

In A Nutshell

Adventure Awaits
  • Okavango Delta is a true Eden of paradise full of plush vegetation and amazing African wildlife. Tours and safaris are constantly available so make sure you check with your hotel for the best ones. It’s time to explore alongside lions, tigers and elephants.
  • Covering the Eastern side of Okavango Delta, Moremi Wildlife Reserve is an amalgamation of reserve, lagoons, woodlands and floodplains home to hyenas, jackal and more than 500 species of bird.
  • Adventure through glorious Botswanan rivers and lagoons at Chobe National Park while marvelling the stunning houseboats that are docked there.Globally one of the most famous wildlife destinations, found close to Kasane you can spend days, if not weeks here — a repeat holiday may be needed.
Tastes to Try
  • Found in the country’s capital of Gaborone, Beef Baron Grill and Rib Room offers fantastic Botswana beef complete with the perfect wine to wash it all down with. A leading executive restaurant you won’t want to miss out on.
  • For those wanting a change from traditional fare, swing by Basilico. Italian cuisine is top of the menu with fabulous pizzas and pastas, a firm favourite among visitors.
  • Mahogany’s Restaurant offers amazing international fare with dishes from around the world. Indulge in pizza or devour the Indian curries for flavours to suit every taste bud. No doubt you will be wanting to come back night after night.
 Soak Up The Culture
  •  Gaborone is home to The Three Chiefs Statues — an ideal tourist hot spot with lashings of Botswana history. The statues represent the three chiefs who helped Botswana gain independence before the booming diamond trade in the late 1960s.
  •  Khwai River Bridge is the ideal viewing ground for watching wild animals in their natural habitat. Admire elephants, hippos and more as you wander along the two bridges overlooking the Khwai River. One being old and one being new, it represents the changing cultural and financial landscape of Botswana to a tee.
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