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Fascinating, vast and mysterious. The seemingly endless landscape of China’s territory covers an immense portion of the world which encompasses everything from the snow-capped peaks of the world’s highest mountains to some of the most futuristic and populated cities on earth. This land of possibilities is like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced before with an incredible diversity evident in every aspect of its make-up.
No matter what plans you have for your luxury holiday in China, you’ll be spoilt for choice as it offers opportunities for urban travellers, nature explorers, fashionistas, foodies and culture vultures alike.

History buffs will get their glasses all fogged in the excitement of the country’s capital city, Beijing. There are iconic landmarks galore with structures like the Summer Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site and The Forbidden City. Instagrammers and world-wonder hunters will definitely want to make a long stopover here too as The Great Wall of China is one of the city’s most revered hot spots. For a commercial tour of the wall, you should head to the Badaling, Simatai or Mutianyu sections where off-the-beaten-path explorers can check out Gubeikou or Jiankou.

If you’re more of a fashionista, then don your glad-rags for a stay in Shanghai, the glamour capital. Not called the little capitalists for nothing, the Shanghainese love to ramp up the luxury side of things when it comes to shopping and entertainment experiences. An enticing mix of recognised designer labels alongside boutique, market and vintage outlets, your wardrobe isn’t going to know what’s hit it.

Foodies can’t go wrong when they visit Hong Kong, China’s upmarket business centre that packs a secret punch of flavour. The region’s rich cultural heritage means that Pan-Asian and European influences make dining here nothing short of exceptional. The highest calibre of chefs from around the world flock to this locale to strut their stuff in the kitchens of its eateries and visitors can satiate any craving.

More than just its cities, China is also a land of extreme natural wealth, being home to fearsome mountain ranges, vast deserts and endless plains of unpopulated wilderness. Nature lovers should be right at home! Face your fears with a daring climb to the Base Camp of Everest or take a more relaxed hike to the glassy waters of the Tibetan lakes. Inner Mongolia, on the other hand, offers explorers the chance to grab something flat and race each other down the dunes of Xiang Sha Wan Desert.


Language can be the biggest barrier so it’s always handy therefore to either carry a travel dictionary with you or download a translation app. It’s also a good shout to get Chinese-written business cards of any hotel or restaurant you want to go to so you can get directions easily.
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Good to know

  • Capital: Beijing
  • Currency: CNY
  • Time to destination: 10-hours and 15-minutes from London
  • Instagram Opportunity: The Terracotta Warriors

Best Time To Travel

Average Temperatures
Jan: -4°c   Feb: -2°c   Mar: 5°c  
Apr: 14°c   May: 20°c   Jun: 24°c  
Jul: 27°c   Aug: 25°c   Sep: 20°c  
Oct: 13°c   Nov: 5°c   Dec: -2°c  


China Articles

China in a nutshell

Adventure Awaits

  • Adventure is around every corner in this truly unique country, with opportunities for discovery and exploration up peak and down dale, on the land and under it.
  • Give your heart a kickstart with a leap of faith into the Qinglong Gorge. Just a quick train journey from Beijing, the stunning location is breathtaking with its emerald green waters and dizzying cliffs. Instead of simply admiring this scene, you’ll be strapping yourself to a bungee cord and plunging more than 70 metres from the top of the gorge. If you don’t fancy this death-defying stunt, there are also more laid-back activities like zip-lining and rock climbing adventures in the area for you to take part in.
  • One for the water babies, here’s your chance to get a glimpse of China’s very own Atlantis. Beneath the seemingly ripple-free water of Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang, lies the underwater kingdom known as the Lion City. Although its history isn’t quite as magically romantic as the mythical sea-cities of legend, it doesn’t make the sight or exploration any less awesome. The lake is a five-hour bus ride from Shanghai but it’s well worth the trip.
  • Hiking up Mount Everest is all very well, but what about having the most dangerous hiking trail in the world to list among your achievements? No more than a day’s trekking, you won’t need professional qualifications and equipment to take on this challenge, just sheer fearlessness and strong arms. Mount Huashan is a sacred spot that has inspired poetry and art for generations and now inspires adrenaline junkies worldwide to square up, take their life in their hands and scale it’s perilous sides.
Family Fun Guaranteed
  • Whether you want your kids to lap up a bit of culture, educate them on the world or simply let them loose in some of the world’s best theme parks, China is the place that has everything you’re looking for to make your family getaway one for the hall of fame.
  • Your first stop as a family in Shanghai has to be the Shanghai Disneyland Park. Located in Chuansha New Town of Pudong New Area, this is the second largest Disney theme park in the world. It packs state-of-the-art rides, thrills and spills alongside all your little one’s favourite characters, making it the ultimate destination for bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.
  • For an underwater adventure the whole family is going to love, head to Ocean Park Hong Kong which not only offers fun rides but also entertaining shows, educational tours and stunning scenery. Meet with dolphins and other flippered friends, hop aboard wild water rides and learn the names of the thousands of marine animals on display.
  • If you prefer a drier, land animal experience, Beijing offers you the chance of a lifetime with its Nanhaizi Milu Park Museum (locally known as Milu Park). Part ecological museum, part wildlife reserve, the area showcases a variety of animals in a range of habitats including swamps, grasslands, ponds and forests.

Soak Up the Culture

  • China is definitely the place to go if you want a real taste of culture. Preserving old world traditions in even its most advanced cities, the country is a fascinating mixture of new world ideas with traditional customs and heritage pride.
  • One tasty way to get to grips with the country’s cultural history is to have a steaming cuppa. No, we’re not joking! The tea ceremony is one of the most sacred and revered Chinese customs in the area’s culinary traditions. For a full deconstruction of the demonstration as well as several cups of the finest leaves, make a reservation at Beijing’s Confucian Teahouse for a bespoke experience.
  • As stereotypical as it gets, you can’t leave China without experiencing Kung Fu in some form or another. A Western umbrella term for Chinese martial arts, you can watch performances of the techniques by Shaolin-trained monks at the Red Theatre. For a more hands-on session, book a lesson with the Milun Kung Fu School.
  • For artsy adventurers, get stuck in with the history of Chinese Calligraphy. Considered the highest form of art in the country, the earliest writings can be traced back to 4000 BC – now that’s what you call ancient! There are several museums across the country detailing the rise of this practice but by far the most enjoyable way to learn about it is through the Hutong Calligraphy Class at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Beijing.
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