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With 118 islands under its belt, each of which boast mountainous beauty and stunning beaches, French Polynesia makes for a luxury holiday of epic proportions. A popular choice for honeymooning couples, one glance at this nirvana makes it easy to see why. From its inviting oceans which boast fifty shades of blue to the unrivalled five-star resorts complete with out-of-this-world service from an army of attentive staff, your every need is sure to be swiftly met in this corner of the world.

Covering more than two million square miles and made up of five archipelagos, the French Polynesian population is sparse, not even reaching 300,000. This ensures a secluded stay wherever you turn, however for a super private affair where the luxe factor is cranked up to maximum, head to Bora Bora. Here you’ll find gorgeous overwater villas and bungalows, spectacular views, and over the top indulgence by the bucket load… ideal for those marking a milestone. 

For a more laidback getaway, check out Tahiti. Home to both black and white beaches, the setting is dreamy, the people are friendly and the hotels are luxury through and through. Whether you’re after a typical Polynesian escape complete with bronzed dancers in grass skirts or a more adventurous trip that features hiking and a host of watersports, we bet you won’t be disappointed here.
We couldn’t talk about French Polynesia without mentioning its number one selling point: it’s gorgeous lagoons and the exotic marine life that lie below the waves. Fish, dolphins, rays, sharks and turtles all call this paradise home, so during your visit be sure to grab your snorkel and say hello. The crystal-clear waters and consistent waves also make for a good surf so don’t forget to pack your wetsuit. 

But what about the food? Traditional Polynesian food is simply delicious and after one mouthful we’re sure you’ll agree. Expect to be sampling raw fish with coconut milk, a lot of tuna and a host of other fruits from the ocean including sea urchins, giant clams and coconut crab. For dessert, enjoy a choice of tropical fruits such as papaya, mango, pineapple and grapefruit. Oh, and if you’re in Tahiti be sure to try ‘Poe’, a famous Polynesia dish made from mashed banana or pumpkin and starch that’s cooked in wrapped banana leaves inside a traditional Tahitian oven. 


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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC -10
  • Capital: Papeete
  • Must See: Magnificent coral reefs
  • In A Word: Beauitful

Best Time To Travel

Average Temperatures
Jan: 28°c   Feb: 28°c   Mar: 28°c  
Apr: 28°c   May: 27°c   Jun: 26°c  
Jul: 25°c   Aug: 25°c   Sep: 26°c  
Oct: 26°c   Nov: 27°c   Dec: 27°c  


French Polynesia Articles

French Polynesia in a nutshell

Life’s A Beach 
  • Bora Bora is home to brilliant beaches and a heavenly lagoon that’s an artistic palette of golden sands and turquoise waters. Colourful sealife are in abundance here with tropical fish darting around your feet as you paddle in paradise… be sure to pack your snorkel
  • Amazing beaches complete with a shark-feeding centre can be found in Moorea, a short ferry ride from Tahiti. Diving experiences can take you down as far as 50 metres so expect to see a range of marine life that you’ve never been close to before.  
  • Bored of picturesque golden sands? We find that hard to believe, but for a change of tempo, head to the volcanic black sands of the beaches of Tahiti. 

Tastes To Try
  • The Lagoon Restaurant at The St. Regis Hotel is classed as one of the best fine dining experiences in Bora Bora. Boasting a menu of Polynesian classics fused with French flavours, expect for your palate to be titillated from starter through to dessert… accompanied by some breath-taking views of course.
  • While in Bora Bora, Bloody Mary’s restaurant is an absolute must. A favourite amongst celebrities, this choice is full of character from the tree trunk bar to the sand floor that will ensure a memorable night is had by all – whether you’re an A List or a tourist. 
  • L’O à la Bouche is Tahiti’s top gourmet offering serving up fabulous traditional cuisine that’s hard to beat. Expect superb presentation and world-class customer service with every mouthful.

Adventure Awaits 
  • If you fancy exploring, Mount Otemanu in Bora Bora is the highest mountain on the whole island. Climb your way up to its shoulders for breath-taking views before taking a helicopter ride to reach the summit.
  • The Sacred Cave of Anau is a six-hour round trek with plenty of climbing for budding explorers. Once you reach the top, relish the magnificent views that very few have seen, and with the chance to dine al fresco here too, it’s a wonderful and unique date-experience.
  • Please note that all treks, hikes and climbs can only be done when the weather is dry. Please check with your excursion provider or hotel that it is safe to go adventuring on the day of the activity. 
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