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Luxury Honeymoon Destinations 2022 & 2023

When it comes to planning a wedding, you will work alongside an experienced wedding planner, so when planning your honeymoon it makes perfect sense to enlist the expertise of an expert personal travel manager. Our team of travel specialists at Winged Boots is on hand to guide you towards an array of luxurious honeymoon destinations, world-class honeymoon hotels and exclusive honeymoon offers

After all the stresses and strains of planning a wedding, the honeymoon is where the real fun begins. This is something to truly look forward to. A chance to celebrate your relationship and unwind as a newly married couple, as well as an opportunity to press pause on busy life schedules, reflect and look ahead to your future as a duo. 

In regard to hunting down the best honeymoon destinations available, you’ve come to the right place. Winged Boots understands that your post-nuptial holiday will set the scene for marital life for years to come, so it needs to start with a bang. Your honeymoon should be all about indulgences, spoiling yourselves and marking this occasion in the most unforgettable ways. Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it presents the perfect opportunity to tick wish list destinations or long lusted over experiences off your bucket lists and make memories that will last a lifetime - together. So, toss the rule book out the window and throw caution to the wind, because planning a honeymoon is all about you two, and you two alone. 

There is a honeymoon out there for everyone, a destination, a resort, and a wealth of exciting experiences that will tick every box for all married couples. Click here to be inspired by an array of things to do while you are away, with our collection of romantic honeymoon ideas

Just like your partner and the all-important dress, all you need to do is find your perfect match. Whether your idea of paradise is a tropical island escape surrounded by beautiful beaches or a wild safari adventure in spectacular South Africa, we've got you covered. 

Year after year the Indian Ocean proves to be a very popular honeymoon destination with our customers. With many dreaming of a serene escape soaking up the sunshine in the stunning Maldives and Seychelles or unwinding in the tropical paradise of Mauritius and Sri Lanka. These destinations promise stunning scenery, luxurious resorts with secluded villas and private pools, and of course, a wealth of sandy beaches and tranquil, turquoise waters. But who said romantic escapes had to include beach strolls and endless relaxation? Perhaps your ideal getaway is more along the lines of soaking up the vivid culture in India, adventuring through untouched tropical rainforests in Costa Rica or feeling the freedom of the open road on a great American roadtrip?


Find Your Dream Honeymoon Destination

Whatever your persuasion, having a dedicated personal travel manager on hand to help every step of the way is a huge bonus. Our team of travel experts can take care of everything, from sourcing inspirational ideas and planning detailed itineraries to organising door-to-door transfers and pre-booking spa treatments… all that will be left for you to do is pack your suitcase! 

Plus, if you are struggling to make up your mind on where to go, our personal travel managers are experts in luxury worldwide travel and are specialists at finding a dreamy destination to suit every duration, budget and wish list going. Perhaps you are planning a multi-centre trip visiting more than one destination? Or maybe you are busy saving for the big getaway and looking to plan a smaller mini-moon in the mean time? Just remember, there is no itinerary too big or too small for our personal travel managers. Discover more inspiration for multi-centre honeymoon packages here. 

Maldives Honeymoons

When you think of the Maldives we bet your mind instantly conjures up images of tiny islands surrounded by vast glittering waters of the most vivid shades of blue – and you wouldn’t be wrong. For beach-lovers and sun-worshipers alike, this is heaven. Here you will find a wide selection of five-star resorts, featuring quintessential overwater villas and beachfront retreats, tranquil spas, fine cuisine and heaps of barefoot luxury.

When you’re not lazing on soft sands, the ocean beckons and all resorts offer a wide array of motorised and non-motorised water sports. The Maldives is also home to some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling experiences and presents the chance to explore an enchanting underwater world brimming with dolphins, rays, turtles and sharks. 

Turkey Honeymoons

A romantic escape in Turkey can offer you the best of both. From cultural highlights, open-air markets and historical landmarks of cosmopolitan cities to incredible natural landscapes complete with towering green mountains and outstanding beaches; Prepare to be bowled over by the country’s vibrant charisma and incredible cuisine. Plus, no honeymoon would be complete without sampling the traditional wellness techniques and spa treatments on offer at an authentic Turkish hammam.  

Bali Honeymoons

A magical destination, renowned for its luscious scenery, ancient temples and peaceful ambience, a Balinese honeymoon can be as tranquil or as energetic as you wish. Activity hungry couples can indulge in a wide range of exciting excursions including exploring the tropical wilderness on a hiking adventure to the top of a volcano or heading to the coast and taking the plunge with a heart racing surfing experience. While those who are more chilled can opt to unwind together with a tasting of locally grown coffee, soaking up vitamin D on exquisite beach days or by seeking balance with a sunset yoga sessions.    

Hawaii Honeymoons

Spectacular vistas. Check. Picture-perfect beaches. Check. World-class hospitality. Check. The aloha spirit on the island of Hawaii is hard to resist. Expect awe-inspiring scenery with rich tropical vegetation and breathtaking waterfalls. 
By day, you can fill your time easily with a selection of snorkelling, surfing, sunbathing and island exploring. And by night sparking romance shouldn’t be a problem. Hawaii just so happens to be in one of the best dark sky locations in the world, offering an incredible glimpse at the glittering night sky. 

Greece Honeymoons

Imagine a country oozing in history, culture, cuisine, and natural beauty. For pairs who like to party and couples looking for total peace and serenity, a Greek honeymoon has something to offer all. Check out the mainland’s vivacious cities and picturesque coastline or set out to sea on an island-hopping adventure from Mykonos to Zakynthos. Wherever you end up, you’ll be sure to delight in a superb selection of world-class accommodation which harness the ancient wellness wisdom of the Mediterranean through incredible spa experiences and showstopping design principles.  


Honeymoon FAQs


Where to go on honeymoon?
The world is your oyster when it comes to planning a honeymoon and the decision on where to go is completely up to you and your partner. Our advice to make your honeymoon special would be to choose a destination you’ve never been to before but have always wanted to visit. 

How long should I go on honeymoon?
This is a great question, but one you should answer for yourself early in the planning process. For most people the length of your honeymoon is dictated by how much annual leave you have available at work and, of course, your total budget. The cost of a two-week escape in a long-haul destination might be enough for a longer stay or perhaps even a tour to several locations somewhere closer to home in Europe. However, it is important to note that whether you have 3 to 7 days put to one side, or you have saved up to 14 days or more, there are endless options out there to create the perfect escape. 

What are the most romantic destinations? 
When you think of romantic holidays, your mind might conjure up images of white sandy beaches and glittering oceans, but there are simply no rules when it comes to romance. City breaks can bring with them just as much glamour and allure, take Paris or Venice for example. But ultimately love with your husband or wife will shine wherever you are spending quality time together. A tour of Thailand or Bali is a great way to experience both the bright lights of the city, as well as the picture-perfect beaches and stunning remote islands. 

How can your guests contribute towards your honeymoon?
Asking your guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund is a great idea for a wedding gift. At Winged Boots, we provide travel vouchers that your guests can purchase to directly pay off some of your holiday costs. Speak to your personal travel manager for more information. 

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