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It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Hong Kong for a few months, weeks or days – the city will have you instantly hooked from the minute you set foot outside the airport. Old world temples exist side by side with science labs, and leaders in innovative technology adhere to traditional superstitions of spirituality.

If you wanted experience Far Eastern mysticism while still maintaining the creature comforts of the 21st century, you’ve come to the right place. So, get excited and read on, because you’re about to begin a lifelong love-affair with one of the most fascinating cities on earth, on the luxury holiday of your dreams.

Shopaholics will go wild for the mind-blowing spending opportunities provided by this vast metropolis. The variety is nothing short of dazzling. High-end designers, bespoke jewellers and glamourous boutiques line the city on one side while tech bazaars, vintage markets and street-side craft vendors pepper the urban scape. You definitely won’t have trouble finding souvenirs for your friends!

Foodies will be equally thrilled with the endless list of eateries to get their teeth into. The rich cultural heritage of the region ensures that the cuisine is nothing short of exceptional with Pan-Asian and European influences. Attracting the highest calibre of chefs from around the world, visitors can satiate any craving no matter how obscure your gourmet desires.

With so many people and such a new-age attitude, everything you can imagine is already on offer here with a legendary culinary scene, hundreds of Instagram-worthy spots, cultural icons for days and so much more. And the best bit about it all is that everything is within easy reach – even the ancient relics and shrines of the Chinese border are no more than a five-hour journey away. Despite the bewildering assortment of activities, Hong Kong is far from chaotic with traditions and customs helping to maintain a smooth order to every aspect of life here.


Save yourself the hassle of purchasing train tickets, fumbling for foreign coins or paying extortionate transaction fees with the Hong Kong equivalent of the Oyster Card. Here, the prepaid touch wallet is known as the Octopus Card and can be used anywhere from public transport and retail shops to hospital and food outlets. And remember – carry an umbrella at all times!
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Good to know

  • Currency: HKD
  • Time to destination: 12-hours from London
  • After Dark Destination: Sky100
  • In A Word: Geek-chic

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Jan: 16°c   Feb: 18°c   Mar: 20°c  
Apr: 24°c   May: 26°c   Jun: 28°c  
Jul: 29°c   Aug: 29°c   Sep: 27°c  
Oct: 26°c   Nov: 22°c   Dec: 17°c  


Hong Kong Articles

Hong Kong in a nutshell

Soak Up The Culture
  • No matter where you are in Hong Kong there are always things to see and do that will help you soak up a bit of Chinese culture. If you feel your eyes glazing over at the thought of staring at artefacts behind a sheet of glass and are thinking of moving on, stop! In this fabulous city, culture is an immersive and interactive experience that’s fun for everyone.
  • An absolute must for any first timers to the region, the Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha (also known as the Big Buddha) are cultural hotspots found on Lantau Island. It is the perfect place to get some unbelievable holiday snaps with the South China Sea and mountains as a backdrop. Better yet, the site features a 34-meter-tall bronze representation of the country’s spiritual icon, Buddha. The tallest statue of its kind in the world, the emblem is placed atop a three-tier altar that is also an exhibition hall.
  • Of course, no visit to the far east could be considered complete without at least one temple visit and if you can only visit one, it should be the Wong Tai Sin. Said to be the best in China for answering prayers, worshippers flock here to present their wishes, have their fortunes told and generally gaze in awe at the stunning building. There are plenty of market like stalls for souvenir purchasing and guides willing to give an in-depth tour of the establishment so you can make a real day of it.
  • There is one museum on our list but it’s no ordinary history show. The Hong Kong museum of Science has more than 500 exhibits, 70 percent of which are interactive! This means that you can try your hand at robotics, experience virtual reality, play around on various modes of transport and so much more!
After Dark Destinations
  • Nightlife in this island city is simply spectacular. From midnight squid fishing and light shows to evening operas and all-night eateries, your list of after dark destinations is sure to thrill. The best bars can be found in Lan Kwai Fong and the most on-trend nightclubs are located in SoHo. Throughout the city, there are also year-round events that take place almost every evening, ensuring all your entertainment cravings are met.
  • For an authentic Asian market experience, there is really only one place to go after dark, the Temple Street Night Market. When the sun goes down, the stalls come out, and all of a sudden, a quiet street turns into a festival. With a temple at the centre of it all, food, fashion, trinkets and a world of other goods glitter from every corner. They are haggled over, scrutinised, bought and sold with a cheerful air of festivity.
  • If you want an adrenaline-filled night on the town then you’re going to love the Wanchai Livelihood Museum's night-time ghost tour. See the city in a whole new, and seriously spooky, light. Join one of the walking tours that makes stops throughout the district, visiting the popular haunts of our otherworldly companions and feel goose bumps on your neck as the guide recounts their chilling histories in the darkness of the night.
  • Feeling lucky? From September through to June, join a throng of evening spectators at the Happy Valley Racecourse as they make a flutter on the horses. One of Hong Kong’s favourite pastimes, Wednesday night horse racing here is an experience of sophistication. Visitors seeking a luxe evening can hire a private champagne box to add extra comfort to their excursion.
Adventure Awaits
  • You’re stuffed with amazing food, you’ve shopped ‘til you dropped and you now know so much about Hong Kong’s culture that you could lead the tours yourself, so what’s next? A bit of an adventure, of course! Hong Kong’s reputation as a skyscraper-filled financial hub can be misleading – it’s actually full of extreme-sports opportunities and adrenaline-junkie activities. Paragliding, dragon boat racing, hiking and surfing are all just the start of it…
  • Want to learn some new tricks and look (reasonably) cool while doing it? Then you want to have a go at wakeboarding, the engine-powered, surfboard riding, thrill activity. Most of the wakeboarding schools can be found on the south side of the island in the Wong Chuk Hang region as it’s fronted by the Aberdeen Chanel.
  • Want to prove to your mates once and for all that you’re the best driver and race champion? Then you have to make the Sideways Driving Club a top priority on your to do list. With or without a license, you can now experience what it’s like to be a Formula 1 driver as this race centre offers 15 completed simulated driving experiences that include Porsches, V8 Supercars, BMWs and Formula 1 cars. This isn’t only a VR track though, it’s also a bar! So, when you’re done, winners can celebrate and losers commiserate with a nice, cold pint.
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