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While Spain very much lives up to its stereotypical caricature as a country of passionate people, enthusiastic foodies and colourful life tapestries, it’s also a country more incredibly diverse, soulful and intriguing than you can ever imagine. From its history and food to its landscape and culture, you’ll be surprised again and again by what’s on offer here. Living very much in the present, and with a joie de vivre that’s infectious, this is undoubtedly an incredible destination for a luxury holiday that will stay in your memory for all the right reasons.

With festivals and fiestas almost every other day and more UNESCO World Heritage sites than you can shake a stick at (including six whole cities) there is certainly an element to Spain that will have culture vultures champing at the bit. Families, art lovers and history buffs will relish the incredible array of attractions, museums and galleries on offer throughout the area, from its Roman relics and Muslim palaces to Baroque cathedrals and Modernist art displays. The country is practically a treasure chest of marvels! Madrid boasts works of Picasso, Dalí and Goya while Barcelona has been noted for its unique architecture and layout.

But it’s not all big cities and ancient remains, the natural landscape of Spain is also something awe-inspiring. The land, like its people, is intense, vibrant and colourful with sapphire lakes, emerald mountains and rolling fields of gold. Outdoor enthusiasts will go wild for the mountain ranges of Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees, the coves of the Atlantic northwest and the charming villages and forests of Old Spain.

One thing you can absolutely rely on during any visit to Spain is its unquestionable culinary prowess. A homing beacon to foodies the world over, there’s nothing quite like this country’s hedonistic approach to superb food, fine wine and good company. From tasty tapas in a local bar to celebrity-chef meals in Michelin-starred eateries, you’ll find a patriotic pride in food across the board.


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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC +1
  • Currency: EUR
  • Flying time to destination:
    2-hours and 30-minutes from London
  • In A Word: Fiery

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Jan: 7°c   Feb: 8°c   Mar: 11°c  
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Jul: 26°c   Aug: 26°c   Sep: 23°c  
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Spain Articles

Mainland Spain In A Nutshell

  • No matter what high-adrenaline sport you’re into, you’ll find no better location than the exciting resort of Andalucía. Take to the air or water and indulge your adventurous side. A particular favourite in this region is micro lighting. We recommend the flights that take you along the coast as the view is simply phenomenal.
  • Ziplining is also a popular past time for thrill-seekers in Spain. The most renowned spot for this activity is at Sanlúcar de Guadiana, which is home to the only cross-border zipline in the world, jumping the River Guadiana from Spain to Portugal.
  • For a more relaxed but by no means less thrilling action-packed adventure, hot air ballooning is a must. The stunning beauty of rural Spain makes rides in the sky an experience of serenity and supreme beauty that’s simply unforgettable.

  • A traditional dish with an international reputation, a must eat while in Spain is an authentic paella. A Valencian dish of rice, chorizo and seafood, this is perfect for a quick snack or belly-busting meal.
  • Otherwise known as the Spanish Omelette, Tortilla Espanola is a moreish omelette packed with ingredients like potatoes, tomatoes, chives and garlic, which is then fried and served cold. It’s ideal for a filling morning snack.
  • An eatery that you have to try while in Madrid is the Restaurante Alabaster. Recommended by Michelin, this suave dining destination has an extensive wine list as well as an impressive tasting menu.
Soak Up the Culture
  • One for the architects, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences) is a breath-takingly modern masterpiece of buildings designed by the renowned Santiago Calatrava. Attracting more than four million visitors each year, this Instagram hotspot is located in the old Turia riverbed and is a must for all visitors.
  • Home to the famous José Ribera, Xátiva is the perfect day trip for those looking to soak up some culture. Most well-known for its medieval castle, this charming area will capture hearts as well as your camera reel.
  • A UNESCO World Heritage site made of Roman and Arab relics everywhere you turn, Barrio del Carmen enchants, charms and entices visitors year after year. With buildings estimated to be more than seven centuries old, history lovers will get their glasses all steamed up over some of the attractions on offer here.
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