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A picturesque cluster of plunging waterfalls, delicate fjords and majestic mountains where the changing seasons are the backdrop to an Oscar-worthy scene, Norway is where explorers flock and relaxers retreat.

Norway is a natural amusement park. Disney’s Frozen based the town of Arandelle on the country’s dramatic landscape of magical proportions. Immeasurable beauty lies on the shimmering waters of more than 1,000 fjords sprinkled like stardust across the country appearing at the very top of many visitors’ bucket lists. The UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord is one of the most famous, branching its powerful arms out into several waterfalls.

Wellness comes second nature here, with the capital city, Oslo, pioneering sustainability in transport and activities, earning itself the accolade of “The European Green Capital of 2019.” Let your imagination reach up further north and you’ll find the Arctic Circle, where the natural phenomena of the midnight sun and the Northern Lights take it in turns to stun visitors, among the blankets of snow and fields of flowering fauna. 

Your Instagram feed will be on fire in this frozen wonderland once winter hits. Nigardsbreen glacier is a dream for excitable explorers while husky sledding, skiing and ice fishing are regular appearances on itineraries in the northern town of Kviknes. A hotel made entirely of snow and ice will be your humble abode as you recharge your batteries.

Head back to the city of Oslo and the calm and serenity that transcended your time in the beautiful nature will stay with you. In typical Scandinavian style, architecture is sleek and innovative, dining is traditional and minimalistic, and pastimes are stripped back and intelligent. Fishing towns dotted across the country like Bergen and Trondheim offer patchworks of colourful houses lining the water while the small village of Flåm can’t seem to keep its secrets of thundering waterfalls and breath-taking panoramas. Adventurers assemble, Norway is your playground. 

Winged Boots Wisdom

Norway is home to Europe’s northernmost point, aptly named North Cape. Go during the summer months and watch the sunset over the Barents Sea from a plateau 307 metres above sea level. There’s even an ice bar in the area, so grab a drink and experience the north the cool way.
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Good to know

  • Time difference: GMT +1
  • Capital: Oslo
  • Currency: NOK
  • Must See: Geirangerfjord

Best Time To Travel

Average Temperatures
Jan: -3°c   Feb: -3°c   Mar: 2°c  
Apr: 5°c   May: 12°c   Jun: 16°c  
Jul: 18°c   Aug: 16°c   Sep: 12°c  
Oct: 7°c   Nov: 2°c   Dec: -3°c  


Norway in a nutshell

Adventure Awaits 

•    Geiranger, the village at the head of the fjord, is a masterpiece of coloured houses lining the waters of the fishing port. Ascend and the Trollstigen mountain road cautiously navigates its way through the winding hills and luscious forests around the fjord.
•    Described as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world by Lonely Planet, the Flåm Railway is an expedition of dreams, weaving through Western Norway’s stunning scenery. In one hour, you’ll travel up to 867 metres above sea level passing turquoise waters and snow-capped peaks. 
•    If your inner adrenaline junkie is trying to make an appearance, upgrade hiking to bungee jumping or standing on the rock jutting over the fjord at Trolltunga. 

Tastes to Try

•    Fresh king crab is a delicacy of Norway and the northern residents in particular take to drilling deep down into the ice to retrieve this meaty dish. Look out for ice fishing opportunities where you can catch your own dinner. 
•    Norwegian lamb is renowned for its juicy and tender texture which comes from the untouched natural pastures that many of the animals graze on. If you’re travelling to the “land of the midnight sun” at Christmas, make sure to try Pinnekjøtt, racks of lamb cured in brine or sea salt, popular during the festive period. 

Family Fun Guaranteed
•    Encounter the gentle giants of the sea at Tromsø where whales are in abundance. Between November and January, the marine creatures can be spotted in the region’s fjords.
•    Want the children to learn some history while having bucket loads of fun? Enter The Viking Planet, a collection of interactive and immersive experiences, transporting you back in time to when these beastly warriors dominated Scandinavia. A VR cinema and a 270-degree film screen with ground-breaking captures, 4D chairs and a cinema soundtrack will dispel any myth that history is boring. 
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