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Zanzibar is a luxury holiday destination perfect for those wanting a mix of idyllic beaches and safari adventure. Housing fantastic tourist spots such as Cheetah Rock and Nungwi Beach, this is a great destination for couples and families wanting an amazing tropical holiday.
Just 28-miles from Tanzania via ferry, Zanzibar is made up of several islands with the two largest, Ugunja and Pemba, being the most popular. The capital, Zanzibar City, can be found in Ugunja and has a wide array to see and discover from the famous Prison Island to the historical Stone Town. Home to ruins brimming with historic stories to tell, the most popular point of interest is Palace Museum which houses a fantastic slavery exhibition. Culture aside, a short drive from the capital is Nakupenda Beach, a deserted island escape boasting crystal clear waters and pristine golden sands.
Zanzibar is well known for its spices, so a visit to Tangawizi Spice Farm is a must. Learn how spices are produced and cropped, with the chance to get hands on in the production room. If you would rather eat spicy food, the island is littered with various restaurants serving traditional African cuisine with extra heat. 6 Degrees South can be found in Stone Town for a great lunch after you have explored the ruins. If you have come during the two rain seasons – mid-March to late May and again in November – you probably won’t have to wait for a table. Dine on traditional African dishes as well as Western indulgences with an island kick atop the rooftop bar accompanied by live music. Is there anything more ideal?
This collection of harmonious islands truly caters for everyone. With watersports, hiking and the chance to get up close and personal with wildlife, we are sure you will be in your absolute element here.

Zanzibar is well known for its spice trade since the end of slavery. Commonly known as ‘The Spice Island,’ many local’s see them as vital to their work and home life. Expect cuisine at many of the restaurants to spice up your life. Hopefully you can take the heat.
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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC +3
  • Capital: Zanzibar City
  • Currency: TZS
  • Nearest Airport: Abeid Armani Karume International Airport

Best Time To Travel

Average Temperatures
Jan: 27°c   Feb: 28°c   Mar: 26°c  
Apr: 26°c   May: 25°c   Jun: 24°c  
Jul: 24°c   Aug: 25°c   Sep: 25°c  
Oct: 25°c   Nov: 26°c   Dec: 27°c  


Zanzibar In A Nutshell

Life’s A Beach
  • Nungwi Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. With iridescent blue waters, you will be swimming in paradise soon enough.
  • For those wanting more privacy, Nakupenda Beach, can be found near Stone Town. More of an island then a beach, it is very common to have the whole place to yourself. Your own sanctuary in paradise awaits.
  • Paje Beach can be found on the eastern side of Zanzibar, just an eight-minute drive from Dongwe. Commonly known as the best place for kitesurfing due to the high winds, if you are a water sports enthusiast, you will want to visit here during your stay.
Soak Up The Culture
  • If you’ve ever wanted to get close to a cheetah, head on over to Cheetah’s Rock, 30-minutes from the capital. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Zanzibar, you will learn everything about the majestic creatures and the importance of animal welfare and wildlife conservation. A must for animal lovers.
  • Stone Town is a great place to go, just a five-minute drive from Zanzibar City, to explore the ruins of ye olde Africa. Make sure you give Palace Museum a visit which tells you more about the slave history of the area.
Tastes To Try
  • Lukmaan Restaurant is one of the most popular eateries on the island serving fantastic cuisine ranging from traditional African food to more international fare with gorgeous curries. If you are in Zanzibar City, this is a great place to stop for lunch.
  • If you have ventured to Dar es Salaam, The Silk Route is great if you love Indian food. With a variety of spicy curries and kebabs, every dish has been used with local ingredients to add some traditional island flavour.
  • Taberia (The Post) can be found in the capital and offers fantastic island tapas perfect for a cosy catch up with loved ones.
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