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We know what you’re thinking, ‘surely Africa is the only place for a safari holiday?’ Well, while Africa is home to a large portion of the world’s best wilderness adventures, you’d be wrong if you thought it was the only place to go! Let us introduce you to a big wide world of safari experiences.

If you ever wanted to see hordes of cute koalas and feisty kangaroos, then why not indulge in a safari getaway in Australia? Queensland offers camel-back safaris while the Northern Territory presents more traditional driven and walking tours through the magnificent Kakadu National Park. As you’re so close, why not hop on over to New Zealand and take a peek at the Whale spotting expeditions in Kaikoura or Auckland’s bird sanctuary tours?

Head into the mysterious lands of the Far East and get up close and personal with some its unique wildlife. Visit China’s Chengdu province for a glimpse of its incredible panda population or the elusive golden monkeys. If you’re out and about in Japan why not stop by the Fuji Safari Park, where you can see super-sweet lion cubs and lightning-fast cheetahs, first hand. Mad for elephants? Thailand is packed with elephant sanctuaries, particularly in Chiang Mai.

Of course, just because it’s not the only safari destination on earth, Africa still can’t be left off the list. An area that caters to practically everybody, this incredible continent guarantees some of the most exceptional experiences of animal encounters in the world. South Africa is home to the unmissable Kruger National Park as well as the ultra-luxe private reserve Sabi Sands. But it’s not all about the south, Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, Botswana’s Duba and Zambia’s Zambezi Valley are equally magnificent spaces to enjoy some quality time in the wild.


Where possible, get yourself a private safari as these make for a great bonding experience for all travel groups and add that little touch of exclusivity to any luxury holiday.
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