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Straddling the boundary between Spain and the African coast, Gibraltar is a true natural wonder of the highest standard. Here, spectacular views are in abundance wherever you turn, making this the perfect luxury holiday destination for every kind of traveller.

Extraordinary beaches, lush greenery and Barbary Macaques are just a few of Mother Nature’s blessings found in Gibraltar. This is a place that’s just waiting to be explored, from the majestic caves to the incredible rock formations, perfect for the curious traveller.

With so much to see and do in Gibraltar, boredom is something that is most definitely not on the agenda. Known colloquially as ‘The Rock’, hiking to the high points of the region shouldn’t be missed out on. Lace up your walking boots, grab a bottle of water and be mesmerised by sights of Africa from up above, offering you multiple Instagram opportunities that are guaranteed to make your followers green with jealousy.

Speaking of the beauty of Africa, why not take a day trip to explore the brilliance of Morocco? The ferry ride takes just an hour and half from Gibraltar, and you’ll get to see all the incredible sights on the crystal-clear waters as you go. Embark on a guided tour or discover Morocco on your own two feet, either way, you’re guaranteed a day of pure magic and splendour.

Five-star hotels, delicious cuisine and everything in between can be found in wonderful Gibraltar, promising every guest an unforgettable experience from start to finish. Whether you’re on a family trip, enjoying your honeymoon or simply flying solo, Gibraltar is the perfect place to embark on the luxury holiday of a lifetime.


Due to being a British Overseas Territory, English is widely spoken in Gibraltar so visitors shouldn’t face the difficulty of a language barrier. However, Spanish and Llanito are also spoken here, so it doesn’t hurt to memorise a few convenient phrases before you depart, just in case.
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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC +1
  • Currency: GIP / GBP
  • Flying time to destination:
    3-hours from London
  • Nearest Airport: Gibraltar International Airport

Best Time To Travel

Average Temperatures
Jan: 14°c   Feb: 14°c   Mar: 15°c  
Apr: 17°c   May: 19°c   Jun: 22°c  
Jul: 24°c   Aug: 25°c   Sep: 24°c  
Oct: 20°c   Nov: 17°c   Dec: 15°c  


Gibraltar In A Nutshell

  • A magical experience for guests of every age, the Dolphin Safari is an exceptional way to spend a day in Gibraltar. Hop aboard a boat and take to the water to view an array of majestic bottlenose, striped and wild common dolphins that will truly mesmerise you from start to finish.
  • Nothing but fun and games are waiting to be had at Kings Bowl Gibraltar Bowling at the Queensway Leisure Centre. Friendly staff and even friendlier prices make this the perfect family excursion as you reveal your competitive side and have a bundle of laughs while you play. Loser buys the drinks!
Soak Up The Culture
  • The Rock of Gibraltar is something that definitely shouldn’t be missed out on. Hike to the top on foot or take a guided tour in a car and be greeted by mesmerising views of the stunning coastline. An abundance of the native monkeys can also be found here, but take caution as they can bite!
  • Perfect for the culture vultures in your party, be sure to spend an afternoon exploring the World War II Tunnels that are built into the lower part of The Rock of Gibraltar. An expert guide is a necessity here, brilliant for learning the purpose of the tunnels as well as the enriching history surrounding its construction.
  • For the ultimate romantic meal with your significant other, The Lounge Gastro Bar is the place to be. Found by the Queensway Quay, here you’ll indulge on the freshest of Mediterranean fare while enjoying incomparable sparkling views of the yachts gently floating on the marina. Definitely sample the calamari and the pork belly – it’s to die for!
  • Feel right at home with a meal at Bianca’s, located by the water and close to the Sunborn hotel. Serving fresh seafood and succulent grilled meats, this is the ideal spot for a delicious family meal for lunch or dinner.

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