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We know better than anyone that a dining experience can make or break a fabulous getaway, so why settle for sub-par grub when we have a world of gourmet delights to show you?

No matter your taste, we’re sure to find the perfect destination packed with all the flavours you love. Whether you crave a succulent steak, hanker after some fine French fare or are in the mood to experience some molecular gastronomy, we’re here to make sure all your foodie dreams come true.

If you love the mysterious palate of the Far East then why not trade up your Friday night Chinese for the real thing? Dive into the decadent delicacies of eateries serving dumplings, Peking roasted duck or traditional Chow Mein. Many of the best restaurants in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai can be found next to landmarks for super convenient dining and sightseeing trips in one.

For some soulful seafood, head to Japan and sample superb sushi or the highest grade of tuna in the world in Tokyo. If you want some authentic local bites that are as delicious as any fine-dining fare, Singapore offers some of the best hawker food in the world with humble food court vendors earning Michelin stars.

You might enjoy letting your taste buds travel closer to home with some European dishes, particularly from France or Italy, whose cuisines are famous around the globe for being exceptionally tasty. As cities reputed for their romantic atmospheres, you’ll find Paris and Rome the perfect destinations for a starry-eyed stay and a host of unforgettable meals.

If you can’t decide what to eat first, London and New York provide a little bit of everything to satisfy and delight even the most hardened connoisseurs with award-winning restaurants left, right and centre.


Always remember to inform your waiter if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences. If you find a menu serves nothing you are able to eat, any chef worth their salt will be happy to create an alternative dish so don’t be afraid to speak up and ask.
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