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Consistently topping lists of the most beautiful destinations in the world, the Maldives is a small and tightly-packed gift of turquoise water to paddle in, sheer sands to trickle through your fingers and miles of untouched horizons to gaze at. As you travel either on or over the water of the Indian Ocean, patchworks of tiny green islands greet you, giving you a sneak peak into what is coming once you enter your luxury over-water or beach villa.

Choose whether to simply soak up the rays and relax on a beautiful beach or take on some watersports in an exotic marine location. With almost 99 percent of the tropical nation inhabited by water, many of the sports here are focused on the wet stuff. Several of the major hotels boast their own dive centres or activity facility in house reefs, so embrace these for a well-managed water experience which takes in all the best locations safely.

However, the Maldives is so much more than sun, sand and sea. There’s out-of-this-world spa treatments to be had as well as trips which are sure to make the holiday hall of fame. The likes of a sunset cruise excursion or a private picnic on the sands are particular favourites.

Cultural tours are a growing part of the Maldivian experience too, and make for a fascinating way to learn about local life and heritage – as well as a spot of respite from the all-day sun-worshipping on the beautiful beach. From tasting the traditional home-cooked cuisine to even playing football or beach volleyball with the friendly locals, they’re just waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Dispelling the myth that it's a location dedicated just to honeymooners and couples, the Maldives offers sustainable practices where families can discover unforgettable memories. True paradise awaits…


You could be forgiven for not wanting to leave your resort once you first step foot onto paradise, but for those looking for a little something extra, try tropical whale and dolphin watching.
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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC +5
  • Currency: USD
  • Time to destination: 10-hours from London
  • Instagram Opportunity: Underwater Scenes

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Average Temperatures
Jan: 27°c   Feb: 28°c   Mar: 29°c  
Apr: 29°c   May: 28°c   Jun: 28°c  
Jul: 28°c   Aug: 28°c   Sep: 27°c  
Oct: 27°c   Nov: 27°c   Dec: 27°c  


Maldives Articles

The Maldives in A Nutshell

  • Despite only being a holiday destination for 40 years, the Maldives has some of the best beaches in the world. No two islands are the same but they all come with a guarantee of sheer beauty, delicious white sands and dreamy turquoise waters.
  • Must-see beaches include Fulhadoo which is unique in that it is quite a large area but only a small part is inhabited. The result? You get to explore to your heart’s content.
  • A unique strip of sand on the Finolhu Kanifushi island makes it possible to walk for a long time in the ocean and visit three other uninhabited islands.
  • The inspiration on the island doesn’t just come from the gorgeous views and weather. There are plenty of herbs here too, which are used to conjure up some beautiful and authentic flavours.
  • With the vast majority of the island being sea, it is no surprise that fish – and mainly tuna – is a strong part of local cuisine, while coconuts are also a big feature of many dishes.
  • Throughout the island, you'll find a mix of Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan and Oriental influences. Popular dishes include garudhiya (a fish broth served with rice, lime, chilli and onions) and mas huni (barbecued fish basted with chilli.)
Adventure Awaits
  • In such an exotic marine location, it is no surprise that virtually every watersport imaginable is catered for in the Maldives – making it perfect for the energetic and adventurous.
  • The combination of turquoise blue waters and environment of islands make the perfect mix for a natural watersports arena and all the resorts and tourist areas have a watersports centre of some kind. Choose to paddle around in a lagoon or be propelled several metres below the surface by underwater scooter. Other thrills include free diving, kite surfing, kneeboarding, parasailing, surfing and water skiing. You really are spoilt for choice in the Maldives.
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