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Don’t be fooled by the laissez-faire atmosphere and its reputation for leisure, Greece is a dynamic and vibrant location, bursting with life and culture, making it ideal for a luxury holiday to remember, whether you like to take it easy or live life in the fast lane.

If you’re looking for rest and recuperation, Greece can hardly be beaten, boasting a millennia-long history of wellness and fitness therapy, as well as a warm climate and picturesque landscape guaranteed to put even the most stressed of travellers at ease. From the ancient holy site of Epidauros, sacred to Asclepius the god of healing which is guaranteed to make you feel in touch with nature to modern spas and saunas which employ both ancient and modern techniques to harmonise your mind and body, Greece is a land of pure serenity and wellness.

For party animals and adrenaline junkies too, Greece is a treasure trove of opportunity, from the bars and casinos found on island resorts such as Mykonos, Limnos and Rhodes to the wealth of watersports available at any decent beach from Thessaloniki to Elounda, no holiday will ever be boring in Greece. Walking holidays here offer everything from stunning views from the country’s cliffs and hilltops to peaceful strolls through lush valleys such as Epta Piges and Phocis, with ancient monuments and charming villages at every turn.

Of course one of the most iconic features of Greece is its long and vibrant history, and this can best be explored in the City of the Violet Crown – Greece’s capital Athens. Climb Mount Lycabettus or the Acropolis and witness the whole city spread out below you as you explore the cultural gems to be found at the peaks, or take a meandering stroll around the ancient Agora, where a fully-restored stoa houses an archaeological museum, and the Temple of Hephaestus offers a chance to witness an almost totally complete ancient Greek temple.

Athens is a vibrant destination for all, with plenty of boutiques and restaurants to satisfy your shopping cravings and supply you with plenty of trinkets and souvenirs. The district of Monastiraki is the principle shopping area for commercial shoppers and curious tourists alike, with its winding streets packed full of charming cafés and independent shops. Other towns across the country offer equally vibrant streets and markets, from Thessaloniki’s Tsimiski Street to the seafront boutiques of Santorini, Mytilene and Kalamata.


Every island in Greece has a unique atmosphere, so some are perfect for family holidays while others are more suited to couples’ getaways or groups of friends looking to party. Talk to one of our expert travel advisors to decide which destination is the best one for you.
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  • Time difference: UTC +2
  • Capital: Athens
  • Currency: EUR
  • Instagram Opportunity: Epidauros Asclepeion

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Greece Articles

Greece In A Nutshell

  • Greek cuisine is a favourite the world over, with bold tastes and dizzying aromas making every meal a true feast for all the senses. For thousands of years the innovative chefs of this corner of Europe have used the bountiful resources around them to create a veritable palette of colour and flavour. While some dishes like moussaka or souvlaki are international favourites, Greece’s gastronomy offers far more than the few dishes that have made their way around the globe, so be sure to try something new and broaden your culinary horizons when you sit down to dinner.
  • A holiday is time to kick back and relax, and there’s no better way to do this than with a glass of some alcoholic beverage in hand. Greece has produced some of the most exquisite wines and spirits, from the powerful aniseed-flavoured ouzo to the fragrant Cretan brandy known as tsikoudia. Retsina Wine is a speciality, particularly in the region around Athens, and its sweet flavour comes from the pine resin traditionally used to seal the bottles. If you prefer a less intoxicating tipple, mint tea prepared with freshly-picked mint leaves is a particularly delicious and refreshing drink, as is portokalada – a sparkling drink made with squeezed orange juice.
  • If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you simply have to try some of the traditional pastries and desserts that Greece produces. Loukamades and diples are pieces of dough fried in a similar fashion to doughnuts, often served with honey and sesame seeds, while pasteli is an exquisite snack made with sesame seeds bound together with honey or fruit syrup. For absolute decadence, try ‘spoon sweets’ – small fruits such as grapes, apricots or cherries that are boiled and then served in their own sugary syrup.
Soak Up The Culture
  • Greece has been a heartland of culture for more than three millennia, with civilisations leaving their indelible mark from the ancient Mycenaeans to the Ottoman Empire. Every island, every village, every street has its own story to tell, and whether you’re a seasoned academic or simply have a passing interest, you’re sure to leave this iconic country enriched and enlightened. The jewel in Greece’s cultural crown is of course its capital, Athens, the City of the Violet Crown, where history and heritage are showcased to a degree you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.
  • For ancient ruins, Athens is of course an absolute must, with its iconic Acropolis and Parthenon renowned throughout the world, and a brand-new Acropolis Museum displaying artefacts from across the city’s 7000-year history. Other parts of the country are also packed full of cultural treasures, with the Asclepeion at Epidauros offering a tranquil and enchanting journey through one of ancient Greece’s most sacred sites, and the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion providing stunning views of the ocean on three sides.
  • Later history has also enriched Greece to an incredible degree, with monasteries, churches and castles dominating many of Greece’s towns and islands. On Rhodes, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes is a stunning medieval fortress that towers over Rhodes Town, and at Corinth a trek up to the fortress at Acrocorinth will provide astounding views from the Corinthian Gulf to the Aegean. In the Halkidiki, Vatopedi and Simonopetra monasteries are marvellous examples of Byzantine and Frankish architecture, while the former Venetian strongholds of Methoni, Chalcis and Corcyra are all picturesque chocolate-box towns that provide the perfect setting for a day of exploration followed by a laid-back evening meal.
  • Every bay, peninsula and island in Greece comes with its own beach, be it pebbled, shingled or sandy. Let’s face it, culture and food aside, everyone loves Greece for the acres and acres of rolling dunes and pristine shorelines – no Grecian holiday would be complete without a day spent lounging around listening to the sound of the waves lapping the golden sands. For the very best time spent in total leisure and serenity, head to the Aegean archipelagos of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, where Mykonos, Kos, Rhodes and Santorini, as well as countless others, offer you days upon days of relaxation in the sun as the azure sea lolls at your feet.
  • On the Greek mainland you can find just as many gorgeous beaches, and at the Costa Navarino on the Peloponnese a vibrant resort has recently sprung up to take advantage of the serene part of the coastline. On the opposite side of the peninsula, a 20-mile length of golden sand stretches around the Argolic Gulf from Kiveri to Drepano past the old Greek capital Nafplio. At Tolon, the beach is so smooth and the tide so minimal that it’s used as a major thoroughfare, and many hotels and restaurants can only be accessed from it.
  • If your idea of a holiday is more Ellen MacArthur than C J Parker, then Greece will not disappoint you, offering a vast array of watersports opportunities to keep you occupied throughout your stay. Though the Mediterranean’s minimal tides mean surfing is generally not on the cards, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing and water-skiing are all available from a number of beaches around the country, such as at Prasonisi in Rhodes, Tsilivi in Zakynthos, and Lagomandra in the Halkidiki.
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