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Rhodes has gone by many names over the millennia – the Island of the Sun, Island of the Knights, the Island of Roses – but these days it’s best known as one of the finest luxury holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, and for good reason. With golden sandy beaches thronging the coastline and lush verdant forests cloaking the island’s mountains and hill inland, Rhodes is a stunning location for a holiday whether you’re travelling with family or a loved one, and the typical Greek atmosphere of relaxation and leisure is as strong here as anywhere.

For fans of basking on the beach and soaking up the sun, there’s nowhere better – Rhodes boasts more than 30 stunning beaches ranging from the iconic Faliráki which is always packed with sun-worshippers to smaller secluded coves and inlets such as Fournou and Plimiri. Many of the island’s hotels can offer exclusive access to private sections of the blissful beaches, so if sunbathing is likely to be a major part of your holiday, talk to one of our travel advisers about resorts that offer this facility.

While not as well-known as its smaller cousins like Mykonos and Zakythos, Rhodes also boasts an impressive nightlife, active into the early hours year-round, and the town of Rodos in particular offers a wealth of bars and clubs to keep party animals entertained. The most popular spots with tourists are on the far northern cape adjacent to Elli Beach, where Casino Rodos has been an emblem of the island since opening in 1999. For a more intimate and authentically Greek night out, head into the medieval citadel to Platía Aríonos (Arion Square) where a number of locally-owned bars, clubs and lounges offer live music and cocktails and a truly unbeatable atmosphere.

History buffs will also love Rhodes thanks to its rich history dating back three millennia. At Rodos and Lindos, captivating acropolises pay testament to the ancient Greek presence on the island, with the Temple of Athena at Lindos being a particular gem. Medievalists too have a wealth of material to study, with the towering Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes taking a commanding position above Rodos and offering a fascinating day out whether you’re a keen historian or simply have a passing curiosity.

Food-wise, Rhodes is as rich as the rest of Greece, with a range of succulent seafood dishes and delectable desserts on offer. One local speciality is Pitaroudia – a tasty chickpea dumpling the size of your fist, flavoured with tomato, pepper and mint – it’s a refreshing and filling meal perfect for rounding off a day of sustained relaxation and leisure.


Just because you’re on holiday to Rhodes doesn’t mean you need to confine yourself to just that island. From the ports at Rodos, Kamiros and Lardos you can visit the nearby islands of Simi, Tilos and Chalki, as well as those further afield such as Santorini and Kos – ask our travel team about booking you catamaran or ferry tickets for days out to remember.
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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC +2
  • Capital: Rodos
  • Currency: EUR
  • Instagram Opportunity: Valley of The Butterflies

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Apr: 18°c   May: 23°c   Jun: 27°c  
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Rhodes In A Nutshell

Life’s A Beach

  • The Greek government’s tourism website lists 42 beaches on Rhodes, making it undoubtedly one of the best destinations to go if you’re looking to soak up some rays and relax to the sound of the waves lapping the coastline. One of the most popular beaches is Faliráki, in the north-east of the island. Accessible on foot from the picturesque villages of Ammoudes and Kallithea as well as the resort town of Faliráki, the beach offers gorgeous views over the Mediterranean to the horizon, and five kilometres of golden sands, fringed by luxurious hotels and exquisite cafés and restaurants.
  • For a more restful, serene seaside experience, Plimiri Beach in the south of the island is a tranquil paradise, offering around two kilometres of uninterrupted golden sand, several miles from the nearest town. It’s just you, the sun and the sea – what could be better?
  • If you’re of an adventurous nature, Prasonisi on the southern tip of Rhodes is a sporting centre of the Dodecanese, with windsurfing and kitesurfing being hot on the menu. 70 acres of rolling dunes are at your disposal, connecting Prasonisi Islet to the Rhodian mainland, creating the perfect spot for sunbathing, picnicking and watersports – many hotels on the island offer transfers to this hotspot, so make sure to talk to one of our travel advisers or your hotel concierge team to arrange a day trip.


Soak Up The Culture

  • For an evening of fun and merriment, head to the Luna Bar in Rodos, the main town of Rhodes, where the acclaimed ‘best burger in Rhodes’ can be found. Owned by Steve Spartalis and his family, the bar has been a staple of Rhodian culture since 1974, and its prime position just off Ixia Bay makes it the place to go after a long day lounging on the beach in the sun. In the heart of the ancient city is the glamourous and majestic Macao Lounge, where ambient lighting and live music will enhance any evening through the night until closing time at 4am. With a vibrant menu of herb-flavoured and fruity cocktails, it’s truly the place to go for a totally laid-back time with friends, and its location on Platía Aríonos places it at the centre of Rodos’ authentic Greek nightlife, surrounded by other clubs and bars open until the early hours.
  • To the ancients, Rhodes was the Island of the Sun, where the leisure never stopped and rich culture and partying continued through the night. Today it is no different. The prime spot to go for merriment and fun is the northern quarter of Rodos town, between the ancient citadel and Elli Beach. It’s a district packed full of casinos, clubs and bars that throng with life, and the glittering lights and the shining stars above sparkle in the crystalline waters of the Aegean, creating the perfect atmosphere.
  • There’s more to Rhodes than bars and beaches – millennia of culture and history have shaped a vibrant society that is endearing and enthralling, and the glorious natural surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for all activities. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Rhodes Town – a medieval citadel sat alongside an ancient acropolis, and stand in awe at the treasures and artefacts at the island’s archaeological museum. The town of Lindos on the east coast boasts an equally impressive acropolis with a partially-complete temple of Athena as well as medieval castle built by the Knights of St John who ruled the island for 250 years.


Family Fun Guaranteed

  • For a daytrip to remember, head to Petaloudes Valley – the Valley of the Butterflies. A picturesque forested valley, adorned with the trickling streams and waterfalls of the River Pelecanos, Petaloudes is a stunning location at the best of times, but from May to September it becomes home to thousands upon thousands of Rhodian Tiger Moths, whose bright orange pigment contrasts stunningly with the rich verdant nature of their surroundings. The beautiful creatures are attracted by the vibrant aroma of the zitia trees that abound in the forests, and the best time of day to visit is towards the evening, as the butterflies settle down to rest for the night, carpeting the tree trunks.
  • An iconic emblem of the island is the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes – the fortress that was the centre of the government of the Knights of St John from 1309 until 1544. Built during the 7th century by the Byzantines the citadel passed through many hands before being opened to the public as a museum in 1948. The palace offers an intriguing insight into the past of both Rhodes and the wider Mediterranean thanks to the fascinating on-site museum – it’s certainly a must-see sight that will captivate visitors of all ages.
  • Visit the Eden-like Epta Piges in the heart of the island – a fairy-tale network of meandering pathways and streams in a lush, cool valley. Seven springs spurt from the hillsides, culminating in a serene lake accessible through an atmospheric tunnel – children and adults alike will be enchanted by this gorgeous destination.
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