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The world is suddenly booming with high-calibre thrilling activities in even the most remote corners of the planet – we’re practically living in the golden age of adventure. With so much on offer, finding a destination for some adrenaline-fuelled getaways is easy… it’s choosing that’s the hard bit! Whether you want to go canyoning in the Azores, surfing in Mozambique or car rallying in Spain, we’re sure we can find you the exciting holiday of a lifetime.

A destination that’s proved a favourite time and time again for adventure trips, Africa offers a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly thrill rides, romantic excitement or a rush of adrenaline so strong you’ll be feeling the buzz for days, all travellers will be in their element. South Africa is particularly good for these kinds of activities, with plenty of national parks for safari-mad Brits as well as mountains and lakes where you can enjoy activities such as white-water rafting, rock-climbing and underground caving.

If canopy tours, ziplines over waterfalls and tropical forest treks sound more up your street, then Costa Rica in South America, the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean or Mauritius in the Indian Ocean are all one-stop shops for your adventure needs. Here, you’ll come face to face with incredible exotic animals, fly through the trees or go cliff jumping in mysterious secluded lagoons.

Do you want to do something totally unique? Head to either the Middle East or desert regions such as Morocco to indulge in some once-in-a-lifetime adventure opportunities such as sand-boarding, camel treks and even luxury desert camping. Or, for a more traditional thrill, the polar opposite terrains of snowy Switzerland, the French Alps or Colorado offer plenty of fast-paced delights like skiing, tobogganing and more.


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