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Destinations to Watch in 2024

  • Travel 101
  • By Natalie Baker
  • Published 27 December 2023
  • Revised 26 February 2024

A new year and a whole world of new travel possibilities stretches tantalisingly before us. But without the right insider information, it can be easy enough to fall into those familiar holiday traps; taking up your precious time off with less than exceptional experiences and trips that make you snooze more than swoon.

But fear not. We're here to dish out a hearty helping of Winged Boots Wisdom, filling you in on the destinations we anticipate will take the travel market by storm over the next 12 months - ensuring that you can be among the first few to discover somewhere new, or simply revisit a familiar favourite in a new light.

Join us as we run through the most exciting, memorable, and utterly unbeatable destinations that should be on your radar over the next 12 months.

South America: where culture comes alive

Whether you fancy being swept away by the soul-stirring Samba music of Brazil, meeting Costa Rica’s myriad creatures while staying in a luxury rainforest retreat, or sunning yourself on the pristine (and often overlooked) beaches of Colombia, South America is a land of varied vistas, stunning scenery, exciting cities, and more culture and gastronomical adventures that you can shake a maraca at.

In the coming year, we expect to see an uptick in all kinds of holidays to South America, with Peru emerging as a top pick for intrepid travellers in search of something new. For a truly unique break that harnesses the spirit of exploration without sacrificing anything in the way of comfort, the Andean Explorer, A Belmond Train, represents a new pinnacle in high-end train travel; traversing some of the most spectacular scenery in the Peruvian Andes while offering seamless services and beautiful surroundings. There is an increasing number of truly magnificent luxury experiences in South America, so take your pick and get on your way. ¡Ándale! ​

Still not adventurous enough for you? Well then, how about the gorgeous Galápagos Islands? As the place where Charles Darwin conducted much of the research for On The Origin of Species, it's no surprise that this remote collection of islands is home to a phenomenal array of wildlife - many of which aren't found anywhere else on the planet. An island-hopping expedition around the Galápagos is a true nature lover's dream, while beautiful beaches and unique climate make it a sunseeker's paradise too. From the most populous island, Santa Cruz, to the uninhabited Martian landscape of Plaza Sur; a range of heart-stealing wonders await.

Africa: where wildlife is just the beginning

Heed the irresistible call of the wild on the safari experience of a lifetime in South Africa, where you’ll be ticking off the ‘Big Five’ as well as your bucket list items while staying in some of the savanna's most prestigious lodges. Believe us when we say that finding yourself surrounded by unspoilt nature and a clutch of incredible animals usually reserved for TV marks the travel experience of a lifetime, and should be firmly on your holiday radar in 2024. It's a privileged escape resonating with an unparalleled sense of serenity and adventure. 

See what our team got up to on their safari adventure

Alternatively, swap 4x4s for swimsuits and snorkels on the paradisical islands of the Seychelles or Mauritius. Can’t decide? Combine both elements on our Safari to Serenity tour, which takes you from the wilds of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve to the icing sugar sands of Mauritius and the ultra-luxe One&Only Le Saint Géran: an exclusive beachfront hang-out for celebs of the highest order. Known for their lushly rainforested inland areas dense with wildlife and the otherworldly white sand beaches that frame them, these Indian Ocean diamonds blend beauty with warm hospitality; and exclusivity with a range of exciting activities, making them the choice for a tropical island getaway with a difference.

Then there is the magnetic allure of Cape Town, a city known for its vibrant cosmopolitanism, eclectic cultural offerings, bewitching Table Mountain vistas, and an amazing array of beaches. On your trip to Africa, natural wonders truly are only the start.

Planning your next journey ?

Our expertise, worldwide connections, and the way we do things with a relentless drive means whatever your travels needs are, we can make it happen for you whenever, however, wherever and every time.

Asia: where ceaseless energy meets spiritualism

Known the world over for its melting pot of distinct cultures and flavours, Asia beckons with its mix of bustling cities and beautiful beaches.

Experience the magnetic pull of Malaysia, where lush landscapes meet shimmery skyscrapers, lose yourself in the ancient splendour of Angkor Wat – the crowning jewel in the history of Cambodia – or see first-hand why Bali is a perennial favourite. Whether it's the lively bustle of authentic markets brimming with fragrant fresh ingredients or the quietly moving serenity of meticulously maintained temples: Asia offers a captivating juxtaposition of old and new; of time-honoured tradition and heritage with a wholehearted embrace of modernity.

One particular Asian nation that embodies this sentiment perfectly is Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun. We're tipping this unique and utterly mesmerising destination as one of the most popular for 2024 in our rundown of upcoming travel trends, particularly when it comes to longer stays that encompass the full breadth of experience that Japan offers. Explore technicoloured cities illuminated in neon or recentre the soul at sacred sites, all while connecting with Japanese culture and indulging in its mouthwatering cuisine. This coming year and beyond, the wonders of Japan will never cease to amaze and enthral us.

Ready to go big? Follow in the footsteps of concierge Claire Baker and take on several of Asia’s highlights in one fell swoop.

From the show-stopping splendour of South Africa's wilds, where Mother Nature showcases some of her finest work, to the vibrant exuberance that animates the streets of South American cities and the ever-present excitement of Asia, a world of travel possibilities awaits. 

If these destinations, or anything else, has sparked your 2024 wanderlust, get in touch with our expert team of personal travel managers by calling 0203 318 5983 or submitting an online enquiry today and let's see what 2024 has in store for you.

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