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The most private hotels in the world

  • Travel 101
  • By Lisa Nightingale
  • Published 23 February 2023
  • Revised 09 March 2023

Hush now. It’s time for some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced modern life – courtesy of the most luxurious private hotels in the world

These are the places perfect if you're a holiday-goer who loves nothing more than relaxing around a quiet pool, sipping a freshly-made Mojito, and getting lost in a good book. Spend your days in the soothing seclusion of your luxury villa, away from other guests and caught up in the glory of your own little piece of paradise. 

Whether you’re loved-up newlyweds looking for a romantic retreat or a seasoned traveller simply needing a remote corner of the world to unwind, these out-of-the-way gems offer a slow pace of life and tranquility to help you switch off and find some inner peace. 

So, what is the most private hotel in the world? Here’s our full rundown of the top picks. 

North Island, Seychelles

Let’s start our list of the most private hotels in the world with the super-isolated North Island, Seychelles. It might be pricey, but it’s also the absolute crème de la crème of remote resorts. The simple fact you exclusively arrive by helicopter says it all.

You’ll have a choice of 11 premium-style beachfront villas, all of which take prime spots on the private island setting. Do you hear that? Yep, that’s right – nothing but silence and the gently crashing waves of the Indian Ocean.

This place is also super popular with A-list celebs, so you can expect impeccable service and first-class amenities – all whilst living your best, barefoot, life, of course.

North Island, Seychelles

North Island, Seychelles

Little Palm Island Resort and Spa, Florida

Feeling that paradise island escape? Here’s another one for you – Florida’s Little Palm Island Resort & Spa. Taking up its own small but mighty four-acre island, this resort has a selection of 30 ocean-view suites, all of which are nestled nicely amongst the scenic landscape of lush tropical foliage and chirping exotic birds.

This is a top pick for a back-to-basics hideaway. Guests are encouraged to turn off their phones and truly take in the serenity of their surroundings – you won’t even find a TV in the room. But hey, who needs one when you’re surrounded by this much natural beauty? 

Little Palm Island Resort and Spa

Little Palm Island Resort and Spa
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Stillpoint Lodge, Alaska

Next up on our list of the best private hotels in the world is Alaska’s Stillpoint Lodge in the ultra-secluded Halibut Cove of Kachemak Bay State Park.

Only accessible by a 20-minute boat ride, this place takes privacy to the next level. Its beautiful setting on the edge of Alaska’s wilderness means you can’t get much quieter than this. It’s all in the name – a stay here is still, calm, and undisturbed. 

You’ll get your own mountain-view cabin amongst the forestry and have a whole bunch of action-packed excursions to add to your personal itinerary, including bear-watching, hiking, kayaking, and fishing. This one’s perfect for nature-loving adventurers!

Stillpoint Lodge

Stillpoint Lodge

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, Maldives

The very nature of the Maldives evokes peaceful seclusion, especially at Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villa. You’ll be treated to your own over-water residence boasting a private pool and a sun terrace to soak up some rays and admire never-ending views of vast crystal-blue ocean.

In fact, this entire resort is a paradise playground for sun-seekers – spend your days lounging on a swinging hammock or strolling barefoot along a private stretch of beach. These kinds of blissful moments away from reality are important for the soul.

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Switzerland

Next up is Switzerland’s picturesque Grand Hotel Kronenhof nestled nicely in the quiet and quaint village of Pontresina. It’s the perfect pick for snow-loving holiday-goers who could take or leave the sun. 

Come wintertime, this spectacular five-star hotel transforms into a fairyland of snow-capped mountains with a plethora of festive leisure activities to keep you entertained, especially at the nearby ski slopes. Plus, the hotel’s grand, stately atmosphere means you’ll wander the halls feeling like royalty. This is privacy at its most elegant. 

Grand Hotel Kronenhof

Grand Hotel Kronenhof

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat, South Africa

South Africa’s Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat offers just 16 suites and covers a whopping 7,000 hectares, so you can pretty much guarantee a sense of quiet remoteness here. In fact, you’ll only share the wide-open resort with a maximum of 32 guests at a time.

This place is all about promoting well-being, so make sure you wake up every day with a willing spirit to fill your days with exciting cultural and outdoor adventures, like visiting the reserves’ protected ancient rock sites or hiking through the well-marked scenic trails.

Best of all, you’re encouraged to also enjoy a few lazier days by taking a dip in your private pool or indulging in a bespoke massage at the wellness spa. Don’t mind if we do.

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat

Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa, Chile

Last up on our list of the most private hotels in the world is Chile’s Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa. This eco-friendly desert oasis is the perfect place for combining your sense of adventure with a need to relax. You get the best of both worlds here.

Spend your days horseback riding or hiking the local Licancabur Volcano – then head back to the hotel for a late afternoon full body massage at the spa. Any holiday-goer seeking privacy will relish in the hotel’s sanctuary-like vibes.

The peace comes most at dusk, when you sit down for dinner at Atacama – one of three gourmet restaurants boasting floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking vast sand dunes and clear starry skies.

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa

The most private hotels in the world FAQs

Why is quiet alone time so important? 
We’re pretty sure you enjoy your own company, given that you’re here reading this blog on the most private hotels in the world – and you’re actually right to enjoy solitude once in a while.

In fact, personal space comes with a wide range of health benefits including having the time and opportunity to de-stress, re-energize, recharge your social battery, and work on your own self-expression without the disturbance of other people’s influences.

As if you needed any more convincing to book an ultra-private hotel like those on this list!

What is the quietest holiday destination in the world?
There are so many peaceful holiday destinations that offer privacy – the key is to find the hidden gems and book the quietest hotels.

Some of the best holiday destinations with the most remote hotels and least amount of fellow tourists include places like the mountainous Iceland countryside, the tropical rainforest parks of Sri Lanka, and of course – our top pick of Seychelles’ private islands.

Take privacy to the next level even while you dine with our top recommended private dining rooms around the world. 

Has something tickled your fancy? Want to book a luxury holiday to one of the picks on this list of the best private hotels in the world? If so, speak to one of our travel managers today. They’ll match you with the perfect accommodation that suits your most important needs and desires. 

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