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Discover where celebrities stay in Miami

  • Travel 101
  • By Kiri Gordon
  • Published 05 August 2022
  • Revised 29 April 2024

Miami is no stranger to A-listers. Whether they’re attending a red-carpet event, performing at one of the most exclusive clubs in the city, or just looking to take some time off their big tour or filming and fully relax - Miami is a star-studded city for movie stars, musicians, and athletes alike. 

They flaunt to Miami for all the same reasons you do: the sun, sea, sand, and the electric nightlife. But where do the Hollywood elite stay when hitting up ‘Magic City?’ Get ready to follow in the footsteps of the rich and famous as we delve into where celebrities stay Miami edition…

Famous faces at The Setai, Miami Beach

Previously spotted A-list residents: Lenny Kravitz, Jay Z, Cat Power, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Hilary Duff and more.

Many celebrities and famous faces have graced the elegant suites of The Setai, Miami Beach. Lenny Kravitz actually designed a studio that is housed within the hotel, which itself has welcome stars including Jay Z, Cat Power, and Chris Brown who have all recorded here. 

Big name performers such as Jennifer Hudson and Hilary Duff have also performed at the resort’s New Year's Eve party. Whilst celebrity guests like Britney Spears, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Gisele and U2 have all been spotted mingling at the hotel too.

It’s no wonder celebs flock to this five-star paradise. The suites alone make for the perfect spacious base for them and their entourage to relax and party in upmost style, meaning it is great for those looking for a luxury travel option for groups. Boasting a prime location on the beachfront and close by to local attractions, it’s an unparalleled luxurious hotel in the heart of the city.

Book your star-studded stay and find the best luxury Miami holidays for you with Winged Boots.

The Setai, Miami Beach

The Setai, Miami Beach

Celebrity spotting at Delano South Beach Hotel

Previously spotted A-list residents: Lenny Kravitz, Sean Paul, Jamie Foxx, Wyclef, George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey and more.

The hotel's nightclub, The Florida Room at Delano South Beach Hotel, was another masterpiece designed by Lenny Kravitz and has seen a plethora of performers take the stage. Musical legends like Kravitz himself, Sean Paul, Jamie Foxx, Ludacris, Wyclef, and Grace Jones have entertained the crowds here. 

There have also been several super famous guests who have stayed at the Delano, including crooners George Clooney and Matthew McConaughey, as well as film royalty Sandra Bullock. Funny man Chris Rock has laid his head at the resort, as has pop icon Beyonce. And you know, if you stay at the Rose Bar long enough, you’ll likely bump into one of the players on the Miami Heat. 

Located in the heart of South Beach, this luxurious hotel has everything you need for the most luxurious stay. With the most amazing extravagant rooms to house your guests in style and comfort, as well as the most tranquil pools with lounges that give you the most breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Delano South Beach Hotel

Delano South Beach Hotel
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Pop stars at Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Previously spotted A-list residents: Chace Crawford, Kevin Connolly, Gwyneth Paltrow, J.Lo, Maria Sharapova and more.

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach has had the biggest stars in the world performing at the resort, the most notable being Lady Gaga, who performed at a New Year’s Eve poolside concert and saw celebrities like Chace Crawford, Kevin Connolly, J.C Chasez and Hayden Panettiere in attendance. 

The re-opening party saw stars like the Kardashians, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Hudson let their hair down late into the night. While guests such as Sean Combs, Nick Lachey, Maria Sharapova, and J.Lo have also stayed at this picture-perfect resort.

Its secluded location makes this the perfect place for celebrities to relax in style, therefore should be considered if you are managing a celebrity's travel to Miami. The onsite nightclub has welcomed many famous faces over the years and the impressive selection of 10 swimming pools (that’s right) and a sumptuous spa make it the perfect place to chill or party in style. 

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

The rich and famous at The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne

Previously spotted A-list residents: Britney Spears, J.Lo, Johnny Knoxville, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey.

Pop princess Britney Spears has stayed at The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscane, as has pop diva J.Lo with her ex Marc Anthony. And it’s no wonder, since the attentive staff provide their guests with exceptional five-star service, including butlers who spritz the stars with Evian sunscreen as they lay by the glittering pool! These guests include Jackass star Johnny Knoxville and pop stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, back in the Newlyweds days. 

Located on the golden sands of the Miami Beach coast, this resort is an idyllic paradise. Guest can sit back and relax on a daybed and soak up the sun, relax in the refreshing spa or get fit with a game of tennis. This hotel is the epitome of elegance with suites that will sleep your entire party for the most relaxing and luxurious stay in Miami.

The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne

The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne

Baywatch vibes at W South Beach

Previously spotted A-list residents: LeBron James, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, Pamela Anderson.

The star-studded resort  W South Beach is no stranger to a celebrity face. LeBron James has partied at the hotel along with his basketball teammates, while film royalty Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise have also stayed here whilst filming Knight and Day. Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, and Baywatch legend Pamela Anderson have also frequented this popular five-star pad. 

It’s all about luxe living at this resort. The suites are spacious and opulent, with wrap-around balconies for watching the stunning Miami sunset, while the poolside is pure luxury with inviting waters that lead down to the golden sands of the coast. 

W South Beach

W South Beach

Discover where celebrities stay in Miami FAQs

Which musicians have performed in Miami? 

Miami is a haven for celebrity performers. From Lady Gaga to Lenny Kravitz, it’s a favourite amongst the greats. Delano South Beach is a firm favourite for performers, as is The Setai, Miami Beach which has seen the likes of Jennifer Hudson taking the stage. 

Which hotels do celebrities like to party at in Miami? 

Singers like Christina Aguilera have been seen partying at The Setai, Miami Beach, while the Kardashians and Lady Gaga have been seen partying at Fontainebleau. Discover the most fashionable hotels in Miami. 

Where am I likely to see celebrities in Miami?

You’ll likely see celebrities in The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, and W South Beach, as well as the Delano South Beach Hotel. 

When looking for the best celebrity hotels in Miami, you just need to follow the luxury. Luxury and celebrity go hand in hand in Miami, whether it’s the most sumptuous suites with balcony views that overlook the stunning Atlantic Ocean, hotels that have the most exclusive nightclubs or the ones with the most invigorating spas. 

The rich and famous love Miami for the high-end living, whether that’s the designer shops, the private seaplanes or the chartered yachts with DJs keeping them entertained all afternoon. Whatever you need from your next holiday, discover our top luxury hotels in Miami, today.

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