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As legendary as its namesake, Shangri-La exudes all the serenity, sophistication and beauty you would expect from a leading light in luxury accommodation. Inspired by author James Hilton’s vision of paradise, the 95 world-renowned hotels and resorts associated with the Shangri-La group have dazzled the world with sublime service and infinite style since the company’s opening in 1971. Its mission is to create a community of environmentally and socially responsible individuals working together with selflessness, humility, courtesy and respect to bring customers the very best experience.
With an abundance of brands and clubs to their name, Shangri-La has a residence for every guest type, occasion and destination. Their ‘Traders Hotels’ are the ultimate stopping point for any business mogul in town with impeccable Asian hospitality and a professional atmosphere of work, rest and play. The ‘Kerry Hotels’ on the other hand are vibrant accommodations designed for young guests looking to get something unique and exciting out of their stay.  Other brands include ‘Hotel Jen’ which is an Asia-specific chain, Shangri-La Hotels and Shangri-La Resorts – so you can guarantee you’ll find something to meet your needs this holiday… and every holiday to come!
For those who enjoy the VIP experience, Shangri-La also offers a members-only club experience with the Aberdeen Marina Club and the Xili Golf and Country Club. First opened in the 80s, the Aberdeen Marina Club is an exclusive community where members and their guests can luxuriate, surrounded by superb facilities, gourmet restaurants and impeccable levels of service. The Xili Golf and Country Club, on the other hand, is located amidst the stunning scenery of the Nam Shan countryside in Shenzhen. With a magnificent course at your disposal each and every day, you’ll find this a luxury haven for golf enthusiasts.  
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