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22 fun facts we bet you didn't know about Dubai

  • Published 05 March 2018

Thought you knew all there was to know about Dubai? Well think again because we bet that our roundup of fun facts is sure to teach you a thing or two about the gold-loving emirate. From world records to construction figures, swot up on your Dubai facts in preparation for your next trip.

1. Dubai is home to the tallest skyscraper in the world. Burj Khalifa measures 830m from ground to tip and boasts more than 160 stories and seven world records. Find out more here.

2. Manmade Palm Jumeirah spans 600 hectares of land and is made from all-natural materials. It took 10.5 million dump trucks worth of sand to create Palm Jumeirah which equates to 94 million cubic metres of sand. Discover more fun facts on the making of Palm Jumeirah here.

3. Due to its constant development, a quarter of the world’s cranes are located in Dubai.

5. Tourists can now apply for a licence to fly their drones around landmarks in Dubai. After registering online, tourists will receive a certificate that is subject to an in-house validation of their skills. Discover more here.

6. Camel racing is a popular pastime in the UAE and robots have now replaced riders.

7. Despite attracting a wealth of Michelin-star and celebrity chefs, Dubai doesn't have a Michelin-star guide. However its army of delicious restaurants still offer Michelin-worthy food. Check out some of our favourites here.

8. Dubai's police force drive supercars such as a Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador and an Aston Martin One-77. 

9. Standing at an impressive 75 floors, The Gevora Hotel in Dubai is the world’s tallest hotel. Comprising 528 rooms, it is 356 metres tall which is 50 metres taller than The Shard in London and 56 metres taller than Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

10. In Dubai, vending machines dispense so much more than chocolate bars and cans of fizzy drinks. From laptops to gold bars and even false eyelashes, shopping is truly redefined here. To discover more, click here.

11. The Burj Khalifa is so tall that those living on the higher levels have to wait approximately two minutes longer for the sun to set before they can break fast during Ramadan.

12. Dubai’s population is 9.89 million and represents at least 11 different nationalities

13. Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world after London, Paris and Bangkok.

14. The Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system and it was choreographed by the masterminds behind The Bellagio’s dancing water show in Las Vegas. Find out more here.

15. The Lost Chambers Aquarium located in Atlantis, The Palm is home to more than 65,000 marine animals and offers a host of interactive experiences. To find out more facts about Atlantis The Palm, click here.

16. The Burj Al Arab’s interiors boasts 1,790 square metres of 24-carat gold leaf – that’s the equivalent to seven full-sized tennis courts!

17. Dubai is developing a new skyscraper named 'The Tower' that’s inspired by the mythical hanging gardens of Babylon and will be taller than the current tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Discover more here.

18. Architectural firm Dynamic Group has announced that it plans to build a shape-shifting, rotating skyscraper in Dubai by 2020. Made up of 80 storeys, the building’s separate rotating floors will be attached to a central column and will also generate its own energy through 79 wind turbines placed between each floor. 

19. Dubai is always at the forefront of innovation and that is further emphasized with the city's new 3D Printing Strategy. The city aims to exploit 3D technology and says that by 2030 25% of its buildings will be 3D printed.

20.Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2km long waterway which winds its way from the creek through Business Bay. A top romantic spot, the canal includes a mechanical waterfall as well as five pedestrian bridges that offer great vantage points. Discover more here.

21.  The recent 30-day Dubai Fitness Challenge saw 15 world records broke including the fastest time to sort 30 coloured balls with one hand and the largest wheelchair race. 

22. Talking of breaking records, once complete the Ain Dubai observation wheel is set to become the largest and highest in the world, taking Las Vegas’ Highroller’s crown.

Has all this talk of Dubai got you dreaming of a city escape? Click here to discover a wealth of hand-picked hotels, itineraries and things to do or click here to get in touch with one of our personal travel managers.

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