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Foggy hills, Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is the ideal luxury holiday destination for travellers wanting a stay full of culture. Where else can you wander through the federal prison of Alcatraz and admire the TransAmerica pyramid building in one day?
Hotels in San Fran are distinctly colonial and brimming with elegance and glamour. Make sure you book one near to the cable cars so you can easily access the bustling streets and attractions that make The Golden City simply magical.
Sights such as the art-deco Coit Tower, Golden Gate Park and Bridge, and Fisherman’s Wharf are all musts for every visitor waning a true San Francisco experience. If you’ve fallen in love with the architecture, a drive through the row of Victorian houses known as the Painted Ladies is a must. Alternatively, families will enjoy seeing the sea lions at Pier 39 or paddling in the sea at Baker Beach.
Once you’ve finished exploring for the day, it’s time to make a pit stop for lunch or dinner. With more than 3,000 restaurants, we’ll be shocked if you can’t find anywhere to satisfy your appetite. With seafood in abundance, those with a love of tuna, crab and lobster will be in their element. Alternatively, head to Chinatown for a splash of Asian cuisine that’s sure to tantalise your taste buds.
Joe’s Special is something that many eateries have on the menu, too. Originally coined in 1932 at New Joe’s restaurant, the dish was created using the last ingredients in the kitchen. Test your waiter to find out what’s in yours.
Alcatraz is one of the top landmarks of San Francisco. To avoid disappointment, make sure to reserve your ticket as soon as possible as seats onboard the ferry from Pier 33 go fast. Also note that many ferry and cruise companies go around Alcatraz Island, but there’s only one (Alcatraz Cruises) that goes to the site.
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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC -8
  • Flying time to destination:
    11-hours from London
  • Nearest Airport: San Francisco International Airport
  • Instagram Opportunity: The Golden Gate Bridge

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San Francisco Articles

San Francisco in a nutshell

Soak Up The Culture
  • It wouldn’t be a trip to San Francisco without taking in the phenomenal view of the The Golden Gate Bridge. A mesmerising sight that greets many locals and visitors alike, the structure weighs a whopping 894,500 tonnes. Make sure you head to Golden Gate Park after, a six-minute drive away, and soak up the lush greenery via Segway.
  • With its iconic lighthouse and rich cultural history, Alcatraz is many holiday makers must. Wander through the first US built fort island which is sure to be immerse every member of the party in rich history. Make sure to reserve your tickets in advance as they go quickly.
  • A popular neighbourhood in San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf is a beachside town complete with a buzzing atmosphere. Easily accessible thanks to the Powell-Hyde cable cars running through, you’ll be thoroughly entertained with a plethora of restaurants, shops and attractions to explore.

  •  Put simply, Chinatown is very similar to its equivalent in Soho, just a heck of a lot bigger! With fantastic oriental dishes and restaurants to devour, this is one of the most visited places in the whole of San Fran, especially when its lunch or dinner time.
  •  Classic French dishes can be found when dining at Restaurant Gary Danko, which can be found near Hyde Street Pier. Fresh ingredients are used throughout and the eatery has become ever-popular in recent years thanks to its Michelin star and abundance of awards.
  •  Scoma’s has been serving fantastic seafood since 1965, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Easily one of the most popular and well-loved restaurants in the whole of San Francisco, you will be welcomed with a menu boasting its famous clam chowder and even cold-smoked salmon crudo. It’s somewhere that locals and visitors keep coming back to, and we know you will be as well.

  •  Pier 39 is quite simply a must for families. With an abundance of fine dining, exquisite shopping and even a sea lion show at the aquarium, you will be entertained here for hours.
  •  Ocean Beach is the largest beach in The Golden City and fantastic for kids and adults alike. Close to the Golden Gate Park, this is ideal should you want a bit of sea air and a sunbathe. Windsurfing and kiteboarding are also available, as well as San Francisco Zoo being close by too.
  •  What better way to see the sights than by having a Cable Car Ride? A popular mode of transport for locals, even just getting to your destination is a memory in itself. Sprawling views of the city and lush greenery such as the Yerba Buena Park will be cemented in your mind permanently. For easy access to the cable cars, make sure you stay close to Nob Hill.

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