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When the evenings draw in so quickly and the weather outside is abysmal, it is typical to spend more time in front of the television, binging on your favourite shows. This year, however, feels slightly different. 

We have all had so much more time at home than we would usually experience, that we have already caught up on the latest binge-worthy drama series on Netflix. We have watched and re-watched all the Marvel classics on Disney+ and now find ourselves running out of new films to entertain us on Now TV. Fear not, Winged Boots has you covered! Waste no more time watching re-runs of old overwatched classics, it is time to get inspired, spark some wanderlust in your soul and get planning some new adventures for 2021.  

Here are our top 10 travel inspiring programmes to watch right now - in no particular order because we couldn’t agree on a favourite!

1. Restaurants on the Edge

@restaurantsontheedge instagram
6.8/10 IMDB 

A classic feel-good make-over show with a difference, that involves two of our favourite things - food and spectacular views! The team of experts, a restaurateur, a designer, and a chef, travel over two series around the globe visiting restaurants on the brink of closing down. With their wealth of knowledge, the specialists maximise the local culture, native flavours and the restaurants natural surroundings, to completely overall and revive the eateries, making them into new success stories. This show will open your eyes to the natural wonders on your own doorstep and allow you to appreciate some of the little things we see and eat on a day-to-day basis. Restaurants on the Edge has motivated our new year resolutions to opt for the path-less-travelled and indulge more often in regional delicacies and local cooking as we travel in the year to come. 

2. Down To Earth

@zacefron instagram
8.7/10 IMBD

Similarly to Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle docuseries ‘The Goop Lab’ this is a fun mini-series, perfect for those with an open mind regarding healthy and eco-friendly practices. Actor Zac Efron is accompanied by wellness expert Darin Olien, as he travels the world from Iceland to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico to Sardinia. The pair tour the globe, having fun and trying new and exciting experiences, whilst also learning more about sustainable methods that would help us all live more in tune with the earth, whether that is when travelling, growing food or producing energy. In episode one the pair get a close look at Iceland’s renewable energy efforts and take in the country’s impressive natural wonders, before having fun baking rye bread by volcanic springs, designing chocolate bars and sampling Michelin-starred reindeer tartare. 

Iceland has some amazing bespoke experiences on offer, like nowhere else on earth, as well as some incredible accommodation destinations that certainly have the wow-factor. Click here to get inspired when planning your trip to this exciting destination with our wish list of hotels and insta-worthy itineraries. 

3. Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai

@adamthomas21 instagram
6.5/10 IMDB 

Follow three lovable northern lads, along with their dad Dougie, as they embark on an investigative journey to learn more about their Indian heritage. Growing up far removed from Mumbai in Manchester in Northern England, Ryan, Adam and Scott Thomas, know very little about their family’s Indian roots. In fact, the trio have never even visited the country before! ITV follow the lads as they make this journey together as a family. We go along with the sights they see, the culture they dip into and the interesting facts they learn about their relatives along the way. This is a fascinating watch for the sentimental among us, those of us who love anecdotes of family trees, and ancestry backstories, or simply for those who enjoy a new and interesting views of an intriguing culture that is far from our own.  

4. Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

@fatherwhitehall instagram
7.7/10 IMBD

Here are four short series’ jam-packed with comedy gold to catch up on. If you haven’t already tried this one, it is sure to bring some light relief to any household and get you itching to start travelling again. Each series is based around a different area in the world, from the typical gap year route of Thailand to Cambodia, to Eastern Europe, America and Australia. It is certainly full of the weird and wonderful aspects of these locations as the comic duo of Jack and his father, Michael Whitehall, encounter a whole host of silly and definitely awkward situations on their travels. The best part about this show is it reveals things we didn’t know about the destinations before, the slightly bizarre and often creepy aspect that lay just under the surface for regular visiting tourists. Jack tempts his unadventurous father into circumstances he would certainly rather avoid. This programme had us wanting to let our hair down and get travelling to new places with our friends and family, and more importantly making those essential and often hilarious memories of our own as soon as possible. 

It is about time to make up for a lost year of travel, get out your map and start planning a refreshed and exciting route of your own – minus the back packs and unpleasant lodgings! Take a look at our luxurious Thailand properties and gander over the touring itineraries as you muse where to next.  

5. Dark Tourist

@davidfarrier instgram
7.5/10 IMDB

With eight episodes to indulge in, don’t be turned off by the title of this show. The tourism featured, isn’t worryingly morbid in the traditional sense of the word, ‘dark’. In fact, dark tourism is a growing trend in the travel world, and the phrase actually refers to visiting cool and interesting places that have a significant links to chapters in history. So, for example, visiting the catacombs while you are in Paris, a pharaohs tomb while in Egypt or being sure to drop by the 9/11 memorial when in New York. In this unique and extraordinary series, journalist David Farrier steps away from the well-trodden path and introduces us to new and unusual places to add to our horizons. From a haunted forest in Japan to a forbidden city in Cyprus, this is one for the culture vultures out there, those of you who you who can’t help but get fully immersed in local history and folklore when you visit a new destination.

6. World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji

@beargrylls instagram
Amazon Video

For the adventure hungry viewers out there, The World’s Toughest Race is the ultimate team survival competition, presented by Bear Grylls. Perfectly timed, the release of this adventure TV programme landed on Amazon Video earlier in 2020 during one of the many stages of lockdown when escapism was needed in abundance – a boy it didn’t let us down! The series had us entirely gripped as the story followed 66 teams from 30 countries on a non-stop race across the wild and spectacular terrain of Fiji. Exotic locations are guaranteed as teams navigate across the country using only a map and compass, utilising many hardened skills from paddle boarding and rock climbing to mountain biking and white-water rafting. Teams must include members of both sex and will be automatically disqualified if they lose a team member along the route – cue edge of your seat viewing, as only the toughest survive this gruelling challenge! This programme certainly satisfied our desire for all things tropical and we are already eagerly awaiting the next race planned for filming in Patagonia in 2021. 

Just watching the show is enough to tire anyone out, grab your own taste of the exotic with a holiday to French Polynesia, surrounded by tropical greenery, white sands and water sports of every variety.   

7. Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

@barneywalsh instagram
7.2/10 IMDB

Breaking Dad is a light-hearted travel show, with family favourite Bradley Walsh and his son. Since turning 21, Barney Walsh has longed to travel the world, however unlike his son, Bradley would rather stay at home – but Barney brings him along for the ride anyway! This is a great show to remind us all that it is never too late to start working your way down a bucket list that you have never got round to tackling. And better yet, if you think you must wait until the kids are fully grown and have flown the nest, this might just change your mind, as it shows the significant value of travelling and making joint memories of a lifetime together. Breaking Dad comprises two micro series making it perfect for easy viewing…or binging on a dreary Sunday! The show presents an entertaining look at America and some of its lesser-visited destinations such as Arizona, Kentucky and Vermont. 

8. Gordon, Gino and Fred - Road Trip

@grodongram instagram
8.6/10 IMDB

The banter between these three is what makes this programme sheer gold. There are two short series to gorge your way through, plus a brand new Christmas special from Lapland which aired on 16th December 2020 and is available to view on the ITV Hub. The programme takes us on a thoroughly enjoyable journey following Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix on a fun road trip in a shared camper van. The trio visit some incredible places on their journey and in the second series they focus on America, visiting Mexico, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Texas. Obviously encountering some unavoidable and hilarious hiccups along the way, the two chefs and First Dates’ maître d' taste some enticing food that’ll leave you drooling from the sofa.

Discover the possibilities for a deluxe tour of Mexico yourself, and get your travel senses tingling with a look at some of the fantastic properties we highly recommend are worth a visiting.  

9. Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby

@galettigram instagram
7.7/10 IMDB

Ever heard the phrase try before you buy? Well, this intriguing behind the scenes look at some of the world’s most incredible hotels is the closest you’ll get to previewing a luxury resort without having to spend a penny! Presenters Giles Coren and Monica Galetti go behind closed doors and roll up their sleeves to get involved, working alongside the staff at these incredible locations. This show provides a new level of appreciation for the work that goes into producing such smoothly run and unreal hotel experiences all around the world. But more importantly, it will have you itching to get involved yourself. Whether the pair are serving dinner in lederhosen, collecting seaweed for a Scottish kitchen or sharing their breakfast with a family of giraffes, this programme is guaranteed to have you salivating to book some world class experiences of your own in 2021. There are three series full of fascinating and awe-inspiring travel goodies to catch up on here, which should bring you easily into the new year, complete with your own thrilling travel to-do list to get started on.  

10. Chef's Table

@chefstablenetflix instagram
8.6/10 IMBD

We’re finishing our roundup on a whopper of a show; Chef’s Table. What feeds our enthusiasm for travel more than food? This series genuinely gets our tummies rumbling. Chef's Table goes inside the lives and the kitchens of some of the world's most renowned international chefs. Each episode focuses on a single chef and takes a unique look at their lives, talents and passions. They share some deeply personal stories, the motivations behind their cooking journeys as well as more about their unique styles of food creation that have cemented them as distinguished within their field. There are a mouth-watering six series to work your way through, and not a moment will leave you feeling bored. See the world of the kitchen through the eyes of a perfectionist, learn about unusual Russian cuisine and change the way you think, grow, and devour your food. Be prepared for anything, from the extraordinary to the downright unbelievable! I guarantee you will be hooked on this from the very beginning, we just hope Netflix continue to produce more of this magic – as we pencil down the names of restaurants that have us salivating!  

Don’t forget, if we have left you feeling inspired to plan your holiday of a lifetime - you can get in touch with one of our personal travel managers anytime. Our team are fully fledged experts at creating bespoke travel plans. So, whatever your weird quirk or most outlandish request, we can assist and find a way for it to slot into your next dream getaway perfectly. Dream big and let us handle the rest! 
Rachel Lane

Rachel Lane is a Content Writer