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Luxury Holidays Nice

Maintaining much of its old-world glamour as well as a chic modern appeal, the urban yet peaceful Côte d’Azur, Nice offers a haven for sunseekers and an exciting prospect for high-rollers looking for a good time. Bewitching continental visitors since the 1900s, this destination is a must for anyone looking for a luxury holiday in the French Riviera.
For those wanting to soak up the city’s illustrious nightlife, there’s nowhere better than Vieux Nice (Old Town). Considered the area’s headquarters for evening activities, you can either choose to have a refined night of drinks by the water’s edge or get a little wilder with some of the high-end nightclubs on offer at the Promenade des Anglais.
For a relaxing next-day pursuit after a spectacular night out, shopping is a must on any Nice agenda. Not only does the city offer the very best in bespoke and boutique retail outlets but its markets are something famed throughout France. Particularly famous is its heavenly-smelling morning flower market at Cours Saleya. Other fabulous little street stalls can be found at Carré d’Or, Avenue de Suède and Rue Paradis.
A must for historians the world over, the classy city of culture offers a plethora of museums on everything from art to human palaeontology so you can enjoy a different exhibition viewing every day of the week. While most museums charge an entry fee of €10, if you’re really into the idea of visiting them all, a seven-day pass is available for €20 – talk about value for money!
Speaking of art museums, anyone with even a mild interest in the works of Matisse, Picasso or Chagall should make Nice a spot to hit on their bucket list. With museums, galleries and iconic landmarks either dedicated to the artists or of their own creation are peppered throughout the destination. Particularly recommended is Matisse’s self-proclaimed masterpiece The Rosary Chapel.
A little cultural difference you might need to know about the French is that when someone offers you something, saying ‘merci’ (thank you) indicates refusal instead of acceptance, whereas ‘oui, s’il vous plait’ is the generally accepted term for ‘yes, thanks’.

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Good to know

  • Time difference: UCT +1
  • Currency: EUR
  • Time to destination: 2-hours from London
  • After Dark Destination: LA TERRASSE at Le Meridien

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Jan: 9°c   Feb: 11°c   Mar: 13°c  
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Jul: 25°c   Aug: 24°c   Sep: 22°c  
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Nice Articles

Nice in a nutshell

Life’s a Beach
  • A must for those travelling with little ones, Ruhl Beach not only offers the very best of sun, sand and sea but also a swimming pool complete with lifeguard for those not so keen on waves and tides.
  • One of the best private beaches in Nice, Castel is absolutely worth the investment. At the very tip of the Provencal promenade, this secluded little bolt-hole is away from the hustle and bustle with a calm atmosphere and idyllic sands.
  • Another public beach you’re sure to love is La Reserve. Close to the centre of Nice this place is popular with locals and visitors alike.

  • If you like pizza then you’re going to want to try Pissaladière. Considered to be the original European pizza, this tasty dish comprises a flat tart with a focaccia-like base topped with caramelised onions, anchovies and olives.
  • You want fine dining? You got it! The ultimate luxury eatery in Nice, Le Chantecler at the Hotel Negresco is a two-Michelin-starred spot featuring traditional French gastronomy to blow your socks off.
  • Try something a little different today with a stop at the spectacular Keisuke Matsushima. Another Michelin-starred venue, here your palate will be treated to a fusion of French and Japanese flavours such as pistachio foie gras and caramelised pigeon breasts served with a wasabi sauce.

Soak up the Culture
  • Looking for the perfect photo opportunity and cultural experience? Then a stop at the Russian Cathedral on Avenue Nicolas II is the perfect choice for you. Considered to be the most stunning orthodox church outside of Russia, this highly popular monument is a must. Remember the dress code: no shorts, mini-skirts, exposed shoulders or uncovered heads!
  • The perfect way to see it all in one fell swoop, Le Open Tour bus service is the ideal monument rollercoaster. A hop-on hop-off transport, you can spend either one or (for an extra charge) two days flitting about the city’s top sights.
  • Remember what we said about this being a city of art? Well it is, and if you don’t believe us, make a stop at Musée Matisse to see what all the fuss is about. Displaying a superb collection of art as well as heirlooms and historical exhibits on the artist, this little museum is an excellent introduction to the life and times of Matisse.

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