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The most sustainable luxury hotels in Mauritius


Visiting the Indian Ocean is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone. But one of the main concerns for this majestic part of the world is ensuring that it can be as beautiful and serene as it is today, forever. This is why sustainable travel is of the utmost importance in Mauritius

So when looking for a Mauritius eco-friendly resort, you won't have to search hard to find one. 

Whether you stay in a five-star resort on the beach or an eco-lodge in the forest, you will find a plethora of eco-initiatives that contribute to the sustainable future of this Eden-like destination. 

Mauritius is famous for its endless stretches of white-powdery sand beaches and the postcard-perfect cerulean lagoons. Not to mention the captivating sceneries of lush forests, valleys, mountains and tranquil waterfalls. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into heaven. 

In this list, we will reveal some of the most incredible places to stay in Mauritius that are eco-friendly too. Plus you can find luxury Mauritius holidays today and book your ticket to paradise. 

Bubble Lodge Bois Cheri

We had to start the list with Bubble Lodge, as this eco-lodge in Mauritius is incredibly unique. 

The transparent domes are nestled in amongst a bountiful tea plantation where guests will enjoy a peaceful stay, gazing at the stars in a zen atmosphere. 

The lodges were built with the environment at their core, with French designer Pierre Stephanie Dumas ensuring they have an incredibly low environmental impact. The design is rustic, with nature as the main theme. 

Outside of the lodge, guests can enjoy various activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, hiking and tea-tasting. 

Discover our best eco luxury tours in Mauritius to make the most of your tropical adventure. 

Bubble Lodge Bois Cheri

Bubble Lodge Bois Cheri

LUX* Grand Baie

LUX* Grand Baie is one of the most stunning and modern resorts in Mauritius. It's located on the beachfront and boasts an impressive array of activities and an excellent dining concept. 

Here you are guaranteed to love the chic and contemporary design concepts from your sumptuous suite or your glittering private pool. And with so much luxury and exuberance, you may wonder how they manage to stay sustainable - but they go above and beyond to remain eco-friendly. Here are some of their initiatives: 

●    Keen on Green initiative: The restaurants serve creative vegan, vegetarian and raw dishes. All produce is sourced sustainably 
●    Reducing food waste: They have partnered with NGO Foodwise to raise awareness of food waste 
●    Kids Club education: All activities are focussed on the five pillars Eat Well, Move, Care, Feel and Create
●    The boutique: The curated selection at the boutique only uses eco-fabrics like Alicia Swim, Robb & Luly and Nuala
●    Lighting and temperature: The entire resort is LED-lit with Smart Switching Energy Management where they optimise the air conditioning and energy use
●    Nordaq water systems are implemented throughout the resort 
●    Carbon neutral stays are available for a small contribution towards UNFCCC
●    The fitness centre has the latest energy-savvy Technogym made with recyclable parts 

LUX* Grand Baie

LUX* Grand Baie
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Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort

Sustainability is at the heart of Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort. Of course, you’ll still be treated to the exceptional levels of luxury and hospitality that you’d expect, but it’s done in a way that keeps the planet protected. 

The resort has been awarded a Green Key Label thanks to its extensive work on its eco-conscious practices. They are committed to recycling, protecting their biodiversity, saving energy and partnering with NGOs. 

Here are some of the most sustainable actions they’ve taken: 

●    Reduce plastic consumption: They have their own water bottling plant that has reduced plastic consumption by 3.8 tonnes
●    Improving waste management: The have onsite sorting centres for recycled cooking oils, rainwater collection and wastewater treatment 
●    Protecting nature: No toxic chemicals are used to protect the nature that surrounds it 
●    Collaboration with the Reef Conservation NGO to protect the lagoon
●    Education: There are several programmes to educate people, especially the younger generation

Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort

Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort

Long Beach Sun Resort

What do you get when you mix five-star luxury with and sustainability? It’s Long Beach Sun Resort

This magnificent resort is gracefully nestled on the sun-kissed beaches and offers world-class facilities, the most elegant suites, exceptional cuisine and an array of sea and land activities. 

Long Beach Sun Resort is truly majestic, so what about their sustainability initiatives? 

Here are some of their most eco-friendly practices: 

●    Actively promoting the growth and education of endemic plants. The hotel spans 60 hectares of tropical terrain, where guests can learn about the different types of tree species
●    They have a herb garden. This is to help promote the growth of the endemic plants 
●    Guests can ‘adopt a tree’ - particularly great for honeymooners; they can plant a tree and watch their love grow
●    Plastic straws are banned from the hotel 
●    A top-notch recycling plan 
●    The hotel was reconstructed with eco-friendly materials
●    They are actively involved in marine conservation, such as the tropical lagoon and coral reef
●    They use 700m2 of thermal sensor panels for solar energy 

Long Beach Sun Resort

Long Beach Sun Resort

Le Jadis Beach Resort & Wellness

Breath-taking Le Jadis Beach Resort & Wellness is a pure oasis with the most sensational wellness features available. The suites are like something from a magazine and the food looks too good to eat. Guests enjoy the utmost serenity and luxury here. 

Here are some of the sustainable activities they have carried out: 

●    The in-house desalination plant means they extract seawater from the ocean, which goes towards their bottling system. This has drastically improved the hotel's water consumption
●    Eco-friendly pool sanitation: with so many pools, lagoon pools and a whopping 34 infinity pools, they ensure that they are naturally sanitised to be eco-friendly and gentle on the skin
●    Solar water heating: Each room is fitted with solar panels for water heating 
●    Greywater irrigation: They use resort wastewater to irrigate the plants. This lowers the demand for public water, reducing the wastewater entering sewers
●    The resort's landscaping is evolved around the indigenous plants and compost
●    They have a natural herb garden with a beautiful array of herbs

Le Jadis Beach Resort & Wellness

Le Jadis Beach Resort & Wellness

Sustainable travel to Mauritius doesn’t have to compromise on luxury. So, let our personal travel managers help you discover this paradise destination and live your ultimate luxe life in the most eco-conscious way.  

See our luxury Mauritius package holidays today! 

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