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The most sustainable luxury hotels In Las Vegas

  • Travel 101
  • By Kiri Gordon
  • Published 24 November 2022

When you think of Las Vegas, you may not immediately think of ‘sustainability’, but the truth is, many hotels and businesses have made huge strides when it comes to going green. 

From minimising waste to conserving energy, many of the luxury resorts have been working hard on doing better for the environment and the future of the planet. With travellers being ever more conscious of carbon emissions and water usage, these luxury eco hotels in Las Vegas prove that the smallest change can make a big difference.

Book a luxury eco hotel in Las Vegas that’s stylish and sustainable. 

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

When staying at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, you’ll not only be treated to a plethora of water-based activities, but you’ll be pleased to learn the hotel is making an effort to support the green initiative. 

The restaurant features a desert-sustainable menu that includes ingredients sourced locally and regionally, including Nevada beef, Pahrump honey and Tahoe cheese.

You can choose to stay at the Panoramic Two-Bedroom King Suite or the Conference Suite, which has its own wet bar and oversized living area.

Here are some of the steps the hotel has taken for a greener stay:

  • A variety of herbs are grown in an on-site greenhouse
  • It has a wide selection of organically produced sustainable wine, Champagne and biodynamic wine
  • Corks from thousands of wine bottles are reused and recycled
  • The catering department has designed 100% sustainable menus — including alcoholic beverage
  • Leftover food from meal functions is sent to Las Vegas Livestock and Three Square Food Bank
  • All Convention Center water stations use compostable drinking cups
  • Oyster shells are returned to the ocean to repopulate oyster beds
  • All indoor meal functions use china and glassware. Plastic is not used unless requested by the guest 
  • Compostable products are available
  • Boxes used for box lunches are made from 100% recycled craft cardboard
  • Converted guest room thermostats to energy-efficient, programmable models 

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay

The Aria Resort and Casino

A stay at The Aria Resort and Casino is not only luxurious but also focused on sustainability. It boasts 17 food and drink places that serve a selection of international cuisine; it also boasts a spa and fitness centre and has access to a sun-soaked golf course.

It’s the perfect place to host your eco holiday in Las Vegas, as it’s proudly crowned the first complex in Nevada to receive a five Green Keys rating.

Here are some more of the steps Aria Hotel has taken to be environmentally conscious: 

  • Has earned six distinct Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certifications from the U.S. Green Building Council
  • Use of wood products from responsibly managed forests
  • High-efficiency water use, both inside the building and outdoors
  • Alternative fuel options for limousines
  • State-of-the-art 8.2 MW central plant with a combined heat and power system that captures excess heat to warm domestic hot water for hotel use
  • Trained and educated thousands of construction workers, designers, and vendors about sustainable construction practices

The Aria Resort and Casino

The Aria Resort and Casino
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Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase clear views of the City or Strip. It’s home to The Premier Presidential Three-Bedroom Suite, which offers the ultimate luxury experience with three large bedrooms, an eight-person dining room and a private fitness room.

The hotel is keen to provide “a conscious approach to hospitality that helps provide a better guest experience and a healthier planet.”

Here are some of the eco-friendly initiatives you will find at the Waldorf Astoria:

  • Use of the LightStay system of measurement, which is a policy of sustainability to reduce the output of waste and CO2 
  • Promoting energy and water efficiency. 
  • It’s smoke-free, which benefits the planet as well as the health of its guests 
  • Moreover, the hotel is also certified gold with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

Bellagio Las Vegas

Sustainability is now a strategic priority for Bellagio, and it has made many conscious efforts to do its bit. This luxury complex has all the exquisite amenities you’d expect from a five-star hotel, including a swimming pool, six bars, and a lavish casino – proving you don’t have to scrimp on quality to go sustainable.

Here are some of the eco-friendly steps Bellagio has taken:

  • Bellagio has changed over 1.5 million lights to energy-efficient LEDs 
  • It has been awarded five Green Keys from Green Key Global Hotel and Meetings Programs 
  • The world-famous fountains are fed with water from plentiful wells onsite using a circular water infrastructure
  • Separating recyclables behind the scenes and having a robust food waste program that diverts food scraps to a local pig farm
  • Unserved event food from Bellagio is donated to Three Square Food Bank and distributed among communities in need

Bellagio Las Vegas

Bellagio Las Vegas

The Venetian

The Venetian hotel exudes classic European luxury with a sprinkling of Las Vegas magic. It is also invested in eco-friendly operations in Las Vegas, including waste reduction, resource conservation, and the use of sustainable materials.

All its green practices are intended to directly benefit their guests. Plus, 100% of suite lighting leverages the latest LED technology.

Here are some of the things the hotel has done to be more eco-efficient:

  • One of the largest rooftop solar-thermal systems in the US that provides hot water for all swimming pools, spas, and a portion of the tower
  • One of the highest recycling rates in Nevada
  • Its nano-water filtration system allows the hotel to stay off the water grid for all horticulture needs

The Venetian

The Venetian

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

For an eco holiday, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas offers many luxe amenities while also committing to a host of sustainability initiatives to produce as little waste as possible. It was even given the NV Energy’s first Lifetime Leaders in Sustainability award in 2018.

If you stay at the Terrace Studio Fountain View, you’ll be treated to a king-size bed, double vanity bathroom and Sub-Zero mini-bar. It also has an 1100-square-foot viewing terrace where you can marvel over the Bellagio fountain show – minus the crowds.

Here are some of the things the Cosmopolitan hotel has done to be more eco-efficient:

  • All the food that doesn’t get eaten is donated to Las Vegas Rescue Mission, feeding hundreds of homeless people each day
  • Got rid of individual plastic water bottles in favour of reusable options and on-site water stations
  • The paper used in all conference rooms is made from recycled material
  • Using LampTracker to determine the best ways to recycle batteries, lamps, bulbs and other items that contain mercury
  • Sorts all the rubbish and separates anything recyclable

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Las Vegas sustainability FAQs

What are the most sustainable hotels in Las Vegas?

Bellagio has won five Green Keys from Green Key Global Hotel and Meetings Programs, while Waldorf Astoria has been certified gold with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. 

What hotels are donating their food waste in Las Vegas?

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas donates all uneaten food to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, feeding hundreds of homeless people daily. Mandalay Bay sends all leftover food to the Las Vegas Livestock and Three Square Food Bank.

Which Las Vegas hotels are best at recycling? 

Mandalay Bay Hotel avoids using plastic unless requested by the guest; they have compostable products available, and all boxes used for box lunches are made from 100% recycled cardboard.

We all love to travel in the lap of luxury, but we live in a time when it’s essential to think about the carbon footprint we leave behind.

Thankfully, even Sin City has made an angelic effort to do more for the environment. Here, luxury and consciousness are not mutually exclusive, and there is an array of fabulous luxe hotels that will not only cater to your comfort but will do their best for the environment too. 

So, when you’re searching for luxury holidays in Las Vegas, please keep these hotels in mind.

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