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The best places to get engaged in Seychelles

  • Travel 101
  • By Harry Jenner
  • Published 30 August 2022
  • Revised 15 February 2023

Are you looking to get engaged in Seychelles? Great choice. Popping the question on a romantic trip to luxury Seychelles will work fantastically – you’ve just got to choose the right moment and plan ahead. 

Whether you get down on one knee at an idyllic picnic atop a mountain or during a special meal at the resort’s best restaurant, rest assured there are plenty of opportunities to pop the question in the most romantic way possible. Best of all, the scenic natural beauty of Seychelles’ private islands makes this destination the perfect setting for your special moment – what a place to start your new beginnings as a soon-to-be-married couple! 

Getting engaged is an important milestone, so make it count. We say book a stay at one of the finest resorts and plan a one-of-a-kind proposal your partner can’t help but say yes to.

We have a few ideas to get the ball rolling…

While exploring your own paradise island at the North Island, Seychelles

There’s simply no other resort like North Island, Seychelles. With just 10 villas in the whole resort, it is great for a private proposal. 

You can choose any spot on the isle and be guaranteed no crowds of onlookers. A perfect time to pop the question is on a hike around the island – there are so many breath-taking viewpoints to act as the picture-perfect backdrop, too. Your ‘we’re engaged selfie’ will certainly be one for the books. 

The Villa North Island is one of the resort’s residences and is perfectly built for couples – so if you want to propose in the comfort of your villa, this is the one you want. Speak to the concierge desk and they can arrange a three-course in-villa dinner to be sent straight to your accommodation. 

North Island, Seychelles

North Island, Seychelles

Over a candlelit dinner at LXR Mango House

Planning to get engaged in Seychelles over a romantic dinner? One of the top resorts for stylish and chic restaurants is LXR Mango House. It’s your best bet if you dream of getting down on one knee at the dinner table.

There are a few suitable restaurants here, but we think Azido makes the most romantic place for a proposal. With its elevated beachfront setting overlooking the horizon of the Indian Ocean, it’ll be hard to find a more picturesque spot. Hide the ring in your pocket and find the right time during your meal to do it – whether it be at the start because you can’t hide your nerves or at the very end during your shared dessert. It’s down to you. 

Whenever or however you plan to do it, rest assured the restaurant staff will be waiting to congratulate you and bring a bottle of champagne over to the table for you to celebrate with. 

LXR Mango House

LXR Mango House
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On the beach at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, Desroches Island

If your partner is happiest at the beach, what better place to propose than on soft sands with the ocean waves lapping at your feet?

The good news is that Seychelles has countless beach spots to choose from, especially if you stay at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, Desroches Island. With over 14km of private golden sands, this is a resort simply made for beach-dwelling and sun-lounging. 

Why not choose a gorgeous day and hire a private cabana to relax on together? Or if you’re feeling a little edgy waiting for the right moment, we say order a strong cocktail for some Dutch courage and simply bite the bullet. The longer you wait, the more you’ll work yourself up about it.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, Desroches Island

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, Desroches Island

With a well-planned surprise at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Next on our list of the best places to get engaged in Seychelles is another Four Seasons branded resort, the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles. Here you can get the help of a dedicated event planning team to make your dream come to fruition in the best way possible.

Whether you know exactly how you want it or need a few inspired ideas, the expert team here will make unique suggestions and put plans into place. After all, they know all the best, romantic spots around the resort and can ensure everything runs smoothly. And don’t worry about anything being let slip, they’ll keep it a secret the whole time. 

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Whilst diving at Constance Ephelia Resort

Are you a couple of thrill-seekers? If so, one of the best places to get engaged in Seychelles is underwater during a once-in-a-lifetime diving experience. For this, Constance Ephelia Resort has everything you need to pull it off.

As you’re swimming through the crystal-clear waters, you’ll come face to face with all sorts of exciting marine life, like eels, catfish, and lobster – what a unique setting for one of the biggest moments of your life. Before the big day, head to the Dive School to book your slot and let the instructors know your plans beforehand.

You wouldn’t be the first person with underwater proposal plans, so they’ll know the coolest spots to venture to and the best way to ask the question when, well, saying the question aloud isn’t an option. 

Constance Ephelia Resort

Constance Ephelia Resort

The best places to get engaged in Seychelles FAQs

Can your resort help with proposal planning?
Absolutely. Resort staff will be more than happy to help with your proposal plans. Just let them know your dream ideas and they’ll make suggestions and assist with whatever they can – whether it’s setting up a surprise candle-lit dinner in your villa or chilling a bottle of champagne on ice ready for you to toast to new beginnings.

Where can you buy engagement rings in Seychelles?
If your proposal plans are spontaneous, rest assured there are a few different places you can get engagement rings in Seychelles. Your best bet is Swarovski in Victoria on the main island of Mahé.

The other option you have is checking out the various antique stores and street markets for handmade jewellery authentically crafted by talented locals – these beautiful, more affordable trinkets can act as a sentimental alternative ring until you head back home and buy the real thing.  

So, you’ve found the one? Congratulations are in order! Now it’s time to plan the ultimate proposal for your romantic Seychelles getaway. Best of all, there are lots of perfect spots to pop the question – in the privacy of your villa, on a paradise beach, or on date night over a three-course meal. 

Want to make your holiday extra special? How about one of our romantic Seychelles luxury tours? We have a variety of 14-night packages, all including full schedules of pre-planned accommodation, flights, and exciting excursions.

Be sure to discover our latest Seychelles luxury holiday packages where you’ll find the latest offers for five-star hotels and resorts – and remember, just because you’re sparing a few extra coins doesn’t mean we’ll skip on the luxury. These packages are premium enough for your proposal plans, don’t worry about that. 

And if you're thinking about your honeymoon... we've got some ideas for that too.

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