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The 5 most expensive hotels in Bali

  • Travel 101
  • By Harry Jenner
  • Published 08 February 2023
  • Revised 17 February 2023

Although Bali may be a cheaper holiday destination compared to other places around the world, it’s still on the expensive side if you fork out for that quintessential five-star resort experience. In fact, Bali is now the most expensive holiday destination across Indonesia, so rest assured there are plenty of luxury hotels to take your pick from.

Bali luxury hotels are pretty special, too. We’re talking high-end premium resorts with large and spacious suites, world-class restaurants to dine in, and a wide selection of R&R options to keep you entertained throughout your stay. 

So, what is the most expensive hotel in Bali? 

Let’s take a closer look at our top picks, starting with the most expensive – because why not? 

Bvlgari Resort Bali

First on our list is Bvlgari Resort Bali, known to all as one of the most expensive hotels in the whole of Bali – but we think it’s totally worth splashing out for if you’re after a top-end experience, outstanding hospitality, and luxury accommodation. 

The entire resort is rich in decadent decor and boasts all-around good vibes, starting with the warm and friendly welcoming you receive as soon as you arrive. It's the ultimate VIP treatment. 

After checking in you’ll be escorted to one of the many deluxe suites and villas, the best of which we think is the humongous 38,642ft2 five-bedroom villa complete with all sorts of luxuries like butler service, your very own two-tier swimming pool, and an in-villa elevator (that’s when you know you’re staying somewhere fancy!)

Prices here currently start at £2,970 per person for seven-nights. For a longer stay, pay from £4,060 for 10-nights or £5,510 for 14-nights. All flights included.

Bvlgari Resort Bali

Bvlgari Resort Bali

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

Most Four Seasons hotels come with a large price tag, but ultimately, you’re paying for the premium upscale experience that this brand does oh so well – and the same goes for Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. Your holiday here won't disappoint. 

For the ultimate stay, we recommend booking the 23,799ft2 Four-Bedroom Residence Villa. With its homely vibes and ample space, this is the perfect place to host large family holidays and parties celebrating special occasions.

On offer there's a luxurious living area, a library, a high-tech entertainment centre, and a fully-equipped kitchen if you fancy whipping up a home-cooked banquet for the rest of the family. You’re also just steps away from Jimbaran Beach, perfect for beach days spent splashing in the Indian Ocean and soaking up Bali’s glorious tropical sun. 

Prices here currently start at £2,380 per person for seven-nights. For a longer stay, pay from £3,210 for 10-nights or £4,325 for 14-nights. All flights included.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay
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Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort

Next on our list of Bali luxury hotels is Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort. You’re paying for the ultimate sense of tranquillity here – every corner of the resort has been specially designed to evoke inner peace and serenity. So, if you’re looking to relax like you’ve never relaxed before, this is the place for you. 

Just make sure you book a traditional Balinese massage, best enjoyed either in the comfort of your villa or on the spa’s beach veranda with nothing but the sound of gently crashing waves drifting you off to paradise.

For lunch, head to the Tamarind Restaurant, the resort’s wellness-oriented eatery specialising in light and healthy meals washed down with a delicious herbal drink. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! We promise you’ll head back home feeling rejuvenated from the inside out. 

Prices here currently start at £2,210 per person for seven-nights. For a longer stay, pay from £2,970 for 10-nights or £3,985 for 14-nights. All flights included.

Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort

Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort


Designed to the style and architecture of a traditional Bali village, Amandari is the perfect place to stay when you want to feel at one with the aesthetics of Bali culture, just with a five-star edge. 

The villas and suites on offer boast cosy thatched roofs, typical Bali furnishings, and high-quality marble decor – plus you get the added convenience and luxury of modern amenities like your own private infinity pool, a fully-stocked mini-bar, and WiFi so you can tell everyone back home just how lavishly you’re living.

They simply won’t believe where you’re staying, especially if you send them panoramic shots of the views seen from your private courtyard terrace – depending on what room you stay in, you’ll wake up every day to sensational vistas of the Ayung River or impressive cascading rice paddies. Bali’s luxury hotels don’t come much more special than this. 

Prices here currently start at £2,165 per person for seven-nights. For a longer stay, pay from £2,910 for 10-nights or £3,900 for 14-nights. All flights included.



COMO Shambhala Estate

Last on our list is COMO Shambhala Estate, a five-star spa retreat perfect for couples or solo travellers wanting to escape the worries and woes of life back home by indulging in some extravagant TLC.

It’s the world-class R&R options that make this resort such an expensive place to stay.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when planning your itinerary for the week, whether you’re there to find your zen with a revitalising spa treatment or sweat out some toxins with a spot of yoga, or a workout in the state-of-the-art fitness centre.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, make sure you explore the surrounding rainforests with a blood-pumping cycling tour or river rafting along the Ayung River. 

However you spend your time here, rest assured the resort’s two magnificent restaurants will ensure there’s plenty of fanciful and nutritious food served on your plates each evening to re-energize you ready for tomorrow’s next adventure. 

Prices here currently start at £2,020 per person for seven-nights. For a longer stay, pay from £2,700 for 10-nights or £3,605 for 14-nights. All flights included.

COMO Shambhala Estate

COMO Shambhala Estate

The most expensive hotels in Bali FAQs

What is the currency of Bali?
The only currency used in Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah, the official currency of Indonesia. The symbol is Rp.

Should you carry cash or cards in Bali?
We recommend using both cash and card for your trip to Bali. Whilst most resorts, restaurants, and attractions accept card payments (Visa or Mastercard), it’s also best to carry cash when you’re exploring more remote places, especially if you’re buying goods from local markets or street vendors. 

Is Bali more expensive than Thailand?
Based on our experiences here at Winged Boots, we tend to think Bali usually works out cheaper than Thailand – but really it all just depends on where you’re staying and how you like to spend your money. Although you’ll be paying a premium price for five-star resorts in both destinations, generally things tend to be slightly cheaper in Bali, especially with day-to-day things like food, drinks, and transportation.

If you fancy a stay in the most expensive hotel in Bali (who doesn’t?), feel free to get in touch with one of our helpful and friendly travel managers. They’re experts in planning all types of luxury Bali holidays.

Just remember, Bali has some of the finest luxury hotels around the world, so take a good look through your options before making a decision. Depending on your budget, there’s always someplace perfect out there waiting for your arrival. 

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