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The 4 most sustainable luxury hotels in Antigua

  • Travel 101
  • By Kiri Gordon
  • Published 28 February 2023
  • Revised 09 March 2023

In this article, we are going to explore the best eco hotels in Antigua. The ones who have implemented environmental practices and also offer wellness and health packages that promote a healthy lifestyle on holiday. Many resorts use locally-grown organic produce in restaurants and many other eco-friendly facilities. 

Travelling sustainability has become increasingly important to people when picking a holiday. So, it’s never been more important for hotels to focus on their conscious efforts. We reveal the four best luxury eco-hotels in Antigua. 

Discover Antigua's top luxury eco hotels today and travel with consciousness to the Caribbean. 

Dedicated to peace and tranquillity at Hermitage Bay

Hermitage Bay is dedicated to promoting everything natural from the lush green landscape to organic cuisine in the restaurant. 

Here are some of the principles for sustainability it has outlined for eco-friendly growth:

●    Managing all natural resources and non-renewable products
●    Ensuring that environmental considerations are integrated into decision making
●    Using the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle method to address waste management
●    Minimising the production of waste with the support of suppliers and stakeholders
●    Including social and environmental initiatives for community development
●    Providing healthy meals at the restaurant
●    Implementing programmes to reduce the carbon footprint of the hotel
●    Conserving natural ecosystems and habitats surrounding the property
●    Providing environmental awareness training
●    Employing individuals from the community to promote economic and social growth
●    Supporting the local community by only purchasing local goods and services

Staying in luxury doesn't mean you can't travel sustainably. Hermitage Bay has a mission to be a hallmark facility for sustainable tourism in Antigua whilst always meeting the highest standards for hospitality. 

Hermitage Bay

Hermitage Bay

Natural beauty at Jumby Bay Island

The luxurious Jumby Bay Island is wholly committed to its sustainability efforts. In fact, it's carried out several initiatives in order to preserve the environment and the indigenous species around it. This includes the Hawksbill turtle, the White Egret and the Persian black-headed sheep.

Its recycling programme has made them the largest recycler of bottles and cans in Antigua. It also makes plenty of extra efforts to reuse all byproducts of island life. Sewage water is purified and stored in a central tank for plant irrigation. Also, garden cuttings are reused for compositing. 

The Hawksbill Turtle Project is the longest-running funded project of its kind. The programme is the study of endangered species and ensures their survival and recovery.

The stunning beaches are a haven for nesting Hawksbill looking for isolation on this secluded private island. This is why projects like this are so important.

There is also a wildlife sanctuary where the black-headed Persian sheep are free to roam and graze on over 300 acres of natural land. The waterfowl sanctuary is also here, where you can find a rare mix of tropical birds like whistling ducks, hummingbirds and Blue Pelicans. 

Jumby Bay Island

Jumby Bay Island
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Environmentally conscious at Blue Waters Resort & Spa

Over the years, Blue Waters Resort & Spa has made plenty of eco-friendly choices to improve its sustainability. It has adopted many sustainability programmes from food safety, quality, and environmental management systems. Being an environmentally conscious facility is at the heart of Blue Waters's mission. 

It regularly educates the staff members on environmental consciousness and collaborate with local eco-initiatives.

It also provides jobs for the local community and helps contribute to the economy's growth by always purchasing produce locally and supporting the sustainability of Antigua's tourism. 

Blue Waters Resort & Spa

Blue Waters Resort & Spa

Going green at Carlisle Bay

When staying at the beautiful Carlisle Bay, it is all about sustainability and style rolled into one. The resort is dedicated to going green and has been for some time. In fact, it banned plastic bags way before many of the other Caribbean countries did.

One of the latest initiatives is banning Styrofoam. It doesn't use it in any resort facilities. Single-use plastics are also entirely banned and all takeaway food for the beach is given in biodegradable containers.

Environmental practices are essential to the resort, just as important as the cosmopolitan service style and luxury ambience. Whilst the 82-suite resort is chic and elevated; it is still completely eco-friendly. 

Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay

The most sustainable hotels in Antigua FAQs

What are the most sustainable hotels in Antigua?

Hermitage Bay has one of the most comprehensive sustainability programmes on the islands. Jumby Bay is all about preservation, with many sanctuaries to explore. 

What sustainable attractions are in Antigua?

Being a natural beauty spot, Antigua has many sustainable attractions. From hiking up the mountains to exploring the marine life and lounging on the beach. 

Stay sustainably in Antigua and discover some of the greenest hotels on the island with Winged Boots. From preserving the ecosystems and endangered species to ensuring guests are reusing and recycling. luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand here. 

See our best luxury Antigua holidays today and book a trip to this slice of paradise. 

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