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New travel trend: Renew your honeymoon

  • Honeymoons
  • By Rachel Lane
  • Published 27 April 2022
  • Revised 05 April 2022

Sure, you’ve heard of renewing your wedding vows but have you noticed the remarkable rise of honeymoon renewals too? This is without doubt the hottest travel trend we have spotted amongst our customers in 2022.

After the last couple of years adjusting to life with Covid, in and out of lockdowns, working from home and what felt like endless travel restrictions, it is clear to see why we’ve been dreaming of booking a holiday to get away from it all.

But why the sharp increase in honeymoon renewals, instead of a general boost for all types of holidays? We delve deeper into the surrounding reasons why more and more couples are looking to live out their honeymoon dreams all over again.

Life without regrets

Perhaps you always daydreamed of an African safari with your better half, but at the time you got married it was way above your budget. Or, maybe you’ve been married a long time and simply want to inject some romance back into your relationship and reconnect as a couple by renewing your honeymoon experience.

One enormous blessing for everyone that came from living through a pandemic, was the gift of appreciation for our loved ones and our freedoms. Combine that with our incentive to make up for lost time and our newfound desire to live life to the full without regrets and you have the perfect timing for seizing the moment to put things right, including all those travel regrets.

Now, travel is back on the menu, there is simply no denying the desire for most to get out there and see the world. We are witnessing couples of all ages grabbing the opportunity to upgrade their first honeymoon experience. Adding more adventure, more destinations, more experiences, more relaxation and simply making the big decision to enjoy the honeymoon they’ve always wanted.

If you’ve got some ideas of how you would like to upgrade your first honeymoon experience, it is time to talk to our team of personal travel managers who are experts in luxury travel and are able to  create a bespoke travel experience for you and your significant other. Click here to enquire today.

Testing times

If you’ve experienced a honeymoon that turned out disastrous through either a series of travel nightmares, poorly timed mishaps or bad weather, its quite possible that you’ve lived with the unhappiness surrounding this experience, hoping that one day you will get the opportunity to do it over again. Perhaps the honeymoon you always wanted simply never happened because have been dealing with financial hardship?

When testing times are placed upon you, it is often the importance of your nearest and dearest that comes to the forefront of your mind. Couple that with the memories of a not-so-picture-perfect escape and it is easy to see why married couples of all ages are longing to press the reset button, reignite happy memories and travel to dream destinations together in 2022.

Choosing to work with Winged Boots is a great way to organise your next big meaningful escape. This way you will work with a dedicated personal travel manager who is not only available 24/7 on the lead up to your holiday, but throughout your trip and upon your return home to help alleviate and iron out any unexpected travel interruptions or mishaps along the way. Click here to enquire today.


Planning your next journey ?

Our expertise, worldwide connections, and the way we do things with a relentless drive means whatever your travels needs are, we can make it happen for you whenever, however, wherever and every time.

Cancelled celebrations

Part and parcel with cancelled birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings in 2020 and 2021 came cancelled travel plans. According to data collected by Exploding Topics, over the past two years, Google searches for ‘honeymoon cancelled’ shot up by 180%, as people were forced to make last minute changes to their plans, choose a new destination or abort their escape all together. And in September 2020, recorded that 80% of newlyweds would be forced to postpone their honeymoons to a different time or place. Over the course of two years, some couples have postponed once, some multiple times, but in essence if you moved your getaway to 2022 or 2023 the time has finally arrived for you to enjoy your dream escape. 

Throwing the rule book out the window

When the world stood still for nearly two years, life still happened. And if there is one thing in life that is guaranteed, it is its unpredictable nature. We are powerless to how life often pans out, the obstacles or highlights it places in our line-up. So, in the same way when weddings and honeymoons were cancelled or postponed, life for these couples didn’t pause for a second. As a consequence, more and more people are now waving goodbye to the traditional order of beginning a relationship, getting married, buying a house then starting a family. As a result, they are faced with the unusual situation of taking the kids on honeymoon? Or more likely choosing to do it twice, firstly with the young family and again when the children are older, just Mum and Dad.

We are also noticing changes in the patterns of how people are choosing to spend their money, opting for smaller intimate wedding celebrations and saving their funds for more exciting travel opportunities, including multiple destination or multiple escapes altogether. Rule number one when it comes to honeymoons is there are no rules!

Whether you are looking to organise honeymoon number 1, 2 or 3 even, our team of expert travel managers have more than 10 years’ experience working in the luxury travel market and are well versed in creating a wide range of itineraries from family-friendly holidays to romantic couples’ breaks. Click here to enquire today

Our honeymoon renewal competition

Because of the remarkable trend we have noticed this year with a sharp rise in honeymoon renewals, we are offering one lucky couple the opportunity to win a honeymoon renewal worth £15,000. Our Managing Director, David Ox, explains:

"We want to offer one couple the opportunity to have the holiday of a lifetime,” says David Ox, Winged Boots’ managing director. “So many honeymoons have had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, therefore we want to offer couples the chance to have the ultimate romantic escape.

"However, our competition isn’t just for those affected by Covid-19. We also want to provide happily married couples the chance to renew their honeymoon, with a 10-night break to Raffles Maldives. If your honeymoon wasn’t the perfect romantic escape you had dreamed of for whatever reason, we want to hear your story and offer you the chance to relive your first holiday as Mr and Mrs with this fantastic prize.” 

So, if you are wishing you could upgrade your previous honeymoon experience to a 10-night stay at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo. Now is your chance to grab this incredible opportunity that includes full board dining, return international flights from the UK as well as return domestic flight and speedboat transfers to and from Malé airport. Plus, we will even throw in £1,000 spending money! Enter our luxury Maldives competition today.

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