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You’ve worked tirelessly day and night in the gym, eating clean and chugging protein shakes like there’s no tomorrow to get that summer body – but once you get it, how do you maintain it? Reaching your end goal is all fun and games until you get to your holiday destination. You’re convinced that you’ll wake up early every day to fit in a workout but between one too many cocktails at the hotel bar and the knock-out effect from laying in the sunshine, somehow you sleep through your alarm. That’s where Winged Boots come in. We’ve got a handful of tips and tricks that make squeezing in your workout a breeze, turning the world into your playground as we fit exercise around your holiday – not the other way around. Ready, set, sweat!

Pack Light

How many times have you packed your gym gear in a hope that you’ll work out on holiday? We thought so. A checklist will ensure you pack enough gym clothing and there are other small gadgets you can bring along to assist in your regime that are lightweight and will take up minimal space in your suitcase. A skipping rope is ideal, known as one of the best forms of cardio you can do its main draw is that it’s mobile enough that you can do it anywhere. Resistance exercise bands should also be your go-to and there are multiple ways in which they can be used in a full body workout including making squats and lunges more intense and improving upper body strength with tricep and bicep curls.

Your Workout Starts At The Airport

We understand the struggle. Your 8am long-haul flight means you’re already exhausted after the criminally early start and the blind panic from thinking you’ve forgotten the passports halfway down the M25. Between that and the long queues at security, the first thing you look for is a restaurant to indulge in a hearty breakfast and a mimosa (or three) but we encourage you to be mindful. Swap the full English for a healthy, low-carb alternative and trade the alcohol for water, herbal tea or juice. We know what you’re thinking – I’m on holiday! Well, technically not yet. A nutritious beginning to your adventures will encourage you to start as you mean to go on, making those indulgent meals you have while you’re abroad all the more worth it. Oh, and you know those moving walkways that transport you to your departure gate with a simple glide? Get the steps in by walking alongside them instead – the extra weight from the luggage will increase your heart rate and you’ll begin your holiday with a glow that’s completely au naturel. 

Flying High

Although you’ve probably heard the aeroplane safety talk a thousand times, most of us usually forget that they encourage passengers to walk around the cabin in order to stretch your legs and keep circulation flowing. It’s all too easy to put on the complimentary eye mask and catch up on your sleep or watch the latest blockbuster while eating duty-free snacks, but taking a few laps of the aircraft will do wonders for your body. What’s more, keeping active even helps to stave off the jetlag. Queuing for the restroom? Do some squats in the aisle! Trust us, fellow passengers will be too tired to stare. Stay strict when the drinks cart comes around too – again, no alcohol as it’s a diuretic and will lead you to be dehydrated and heightened jetlag. Check out our top tips to avoid post-flight fatigue here. 

Long Waits and Body Weight

Heading to the likes of Disneyland? The beaming sunshine and the mile-long queues are enough to make you want to give up, go back to your hotel and relax by the pool but find the motivation within you to do small exercises while you’re waiting around. Standing calf raises are effective when stationary but if there’s a bench around, why not try some triceps dips? This body weight exercise requires no equipment and is the ideal way to strengthen your arms on holiday. If you’re feeling brave, find a spot of grass and do some sit-ups, push-ups and planks or work your glutes with some donkey kicks and squats.

Oh, and if you need to kill time in your hotel room after losing the coin toss of who goes in the shower first then grab your phone or tablet and follow a simple 10-minute workout on YouTube that requires little to no equipment. Grab a towel or a fluffy dressing gown so you don’t injure your knees during floor exercises and get ready to feel the burn!

Life's A Beach

If you’re on a luxurious beach holiday, use the sands and the sea as the perfect opportunity to work out – who needs a gym anyway? In between topping up your tan and reading the latest Oprah-recommended novel, take to the ocean and tread water for as long as you can, an exercise that burns up to 600 calories an hour. Also, HIIT and body weight exercises are perfect for the beach as the sands pose an extra challenge compared to solid ground. Try mountain climbers, side planks and tricep dips with leg raises that increase muscle tone and improve strength. Oh, and if you’re lounging by the pool, instead of floating on an inflatable and sipping a cocktail, get your laps in – an activity that’s best for first thing in the morning before breakfast in order to avoid the crowds.

Delete The Uber App

It might be a simple one but pounding the pavements instead of jumping into a cab is a fantastic way to slip in some extra calorie burning on your travels. Aim for roughly 20,000 steps each day and there’s no need for a pedometer or a Fitbit – most smartphones are conveniently equipped with a step counter that resets every 24-hours so all you have to do is keep your device in your pocket or bag. Walking can be thirsty work especially in a hot country so ensure you always have a bottle of water handy – remember, you should be drinking a litre of water for every 50 pounds that you weigh which also helps eliminate extra body fat. It’s a win-win!  

Indulgence in Moderation

We’ve all heard that famous saying “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” and on holiday, it’s so easy to convince ourselves that the calories simply don’t count. Indulging while you’re abroad is the norm so don’t feel guilty when you order multiple pina coladas by the pool – just be prepared to work for it. It also helps to make small swaps that may not seem like a big deal but can make a difference. For example, if you can’t live without your premium spirits at the hotel bar, swap your full-fat mixers to the diet versions or even soda water – all of the fizz and none of the calories. If you’re going all-inclusive you might think you’re a lost cause but hotels always offer ‘light’ versions of meals that taste just as delicious. Don’t get us wrong – treating yourself is equally as important. Attempt to limit yourself to one cheat meal each day and opt to have it in the evening in order to feel like you’ve truly earned it. Failing that, swap your daily ice cream cone for local fruit… you’ll probably find it even more satisfying.

Make Use of The Facilities

Truly, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned sweat session in the hotel gym before you start your day. No matter where you are in the world, most establishments will have fitness facilities that make working out on holiday as simple as can be. From state-of-the-art gyms and tennis courts to early morning yoga on the beach and Pilates classes, we guarantee there’ll be no issues when it comes to fitting in an exercise routine or two. Oh, and look out for hotels that offer personal training sessions – finding motivation is a lot easier when there’s someone to push you.


The Best Hotel Gyms Around The World

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park
Coco Bodu Hithi

When your hotel has a state-of-the-art, fully equipped fitness centre, working out becomes more of an experience than a challenge. From the panoramic views to the relaxing post-workout treatments, these stunning gyms make sweating on holiday worth it. Take a look at some of our top choices for an all-rounded resort regime:

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii

The fitness facilities at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai have to be seen to be believed. The open-air strength and cardio gyms are just the beginning as this hotel also boasts a 24-foot rock climbing wall, a basketball court, a 25-metre lap pool and a dedicated Pilates centre.

La Momounia, Morocco

A psychedelic experience awaits you at La Momounia's gym in Marrakech, a stylish venue that’s designed in striking cobalt blues and offers views of the hotel’s beautiful 20-acre garden. Alongside the top-of-the-line equipment and machines, you’ll find two ping-pong tables which are brilliant for getting competitive while still breaking a sweat.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London

Don’t fancy going too far from home? Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in the heart of London offers a gym membership that gives you unlimited access to the hotel’s spa and what’s more, world-class personal trainer Ruben Tabares operates from this gym. One of the best in the business, Tabares was on the Great Britain athletics squad alongside Mo Farah – impressive, right?

Vivanta By Taj, Sri Lanka

Vivanta By Taj in Sri Lanka is one of the most picturesque gyms on the planet, designed to instil serenity and relaxation before and after your workout. The rustling palm trees and the lush tropical gardens work together to create a magnificent postcard image so beautiful that it’s likely to distract you from exercising.

Coco Bodu Hithi, The Maldives

The Maldives is known for its stunning overwater villas and buildings and the gym at Coco Bodu Hithi is no exception. Enclosed in a thatched hut floating on stilts in the middle of the sea, expect flawless views of the pastel green waters from the floor-to-ceiling windows while you’re working out.

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