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Got the t-shirt: La Perle by Dragone

  • Music & Culture
  • By Lauren Godfrey
  • Published 16 December 2017
  • Revised 28 February 2024
  • Published 16 December 2017
  • Revised 28 February 2024

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, La Perle by Dragone aims to stretch your imagination, amaze your senses and entertain from start to end. Located in Al Habtoor City in Downtown Dubai, this immersive production combines the talents of 65 world-class artists with ground-breaking technology and one man’s vision to transform Dubai’s entertainment scene. The man in question is Franco Dragone, well known as one of the world’s most sought-after artistic directors. Renowned for changing the face of live entertainment and inventing his own genre of theatre, Dragone has numerous successful shows under his belt which all boast rave reviews from critics worldwide.
The mission behind La Perle is simple: “Emotions are universal, but stories are local and we carefully fuse the world’s human talents, artistic disciplines and technical innovations to bring these stories alive.” says Dragone. “An experience like no other, La Perle sets a new milestone in world-class entertainment with a show so spectacular that we had to build a theatre around it,” he added. Talking of the theatre, it’s a spectacle in its own right. The tailormade aqua-theatre seats 1,300, and has just 14 rows which span 270 degrees of the circular stage. Each seat offers a new perspective but all hold the 12-metre deep pool at the centre.

To delve deeper into Al Habtoor Group’s latest entertainment venture, we sent Lauren Godfrey, marketing manager, over to see what all the fuss was about.

An experience like no other, La Perle sets a new milestone in world-class entertainment

The Review

A fusion of vertigo-inducing acrobatic stunts, motorbike tricks and world-class special effects, this show captivated me from start to finish. But let me go back to the beginning…

After entering the theatre, ticket in hand, I instantly felt a certain energy – a buzz if you like – of excitement… and I could tell that this same anticipation for something extraordinary was infectious. One sweep around the foyer I could see a varied mix of guests, yet each had one thing in common – a coy look of eagerness, enthusiasm and a dash of wide-eyed wonderment for what Dubai had marketed as a ‘one-of-a-kind live masterpiece’ and a ‘new era of entertainment’. Promising to ‘transport audiences into another world’ my expectations were extremely high for La Perle, and thankfully from the first chime of the specially composed music, I was hooked.

Following the story of La Perle wasn’t easy, however unlike most other shows, for La Perle, the plot is a minor detail to the grand performance. The best way I can describe the storyline is like visual poetry. It can be interpreted in many ways, with no distinct right or wrong. The general understanding was that a girl was being chased and that two objects, a pearl and a doll, were much sought after by other characters… but like I previously mentioned, the outdated storyline is trivial. It’s how the story is carried out that I’d come to see.

My stress levels skyrocketed at multiple intervals during the 90-minute production. In an instant, my amazement for the production and special effects washed away as I witnessed a man without a visible harness leap and glide across a giant spinning wheel –  but it was this constant change in emotion that had me enchanted from the get go.

Other highlights included a bonkers motorbike trick which involved five bikers expertly whizzing around a metal sphere cage suspended around 20-metres in the air… need I say anymore? Every second was perfectly planned, every one of the world-class performers were synchronised in time with one another and the music, it was a spectacle for the senses that, if I’m honest, I didn’t want to end.

The stage alone is worth a ticket. It’s flooded by 2.7-million litres of water, (after one spectacular rain scene) and the performers splash and dance around before it is drained in less than a minute. An array of props are lowered from the ceiling at multiple intervals to provide the next scene of extraordinary stunts, oh, and how could I forget to mention the 12-metre deep pool in the middle that sees one performer daringly dive into from 25-metres?

Perhaps the most unusual part of Dragone’s vision is the acceptance of mobile phones. Free-WiFi is available throughout the venue and the recording of scenes is encouraged. I’ll admit, I did upload a spectacular moment onto my Instagram story during the performance however my advice is to leave your phone in your pocket (or handbag) during the performance. This way you don’t risk missing a single second.

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