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Flying high with Eddie Hearn

  • Inspiration
  • By Lauren Godfrey
  • Published 30 December 2017
  • Revised 31 May 2022
  • Published 30 December 2017
  • Revised 31 May 2022

In an exclusive interview for volume one of Winged Boots, The Lifestyle Brochure Eddie Hearn discusses his favourite travel destinations, hotels and what it’s like working with world heavyweight Anthony Joshua. 

Eddie Hearn’s twitter bio perfectly sums up the boxing promotor; ‘family first… business a close second’, and after 20-minutes talking to the managing director of Matchroom Sport, it’s clear that travel clocks in at third. “Working takes up a lot of my year but in my spare moments I like to spend time with my family, get away on holiday, see some sun, play sport and hit the gym,” Hearn explains. But where does a sports promoter fly to to blow off some steam away from the office? We found out…

I am very confident on booking my travel through Winged Boots

Eddie on… boxing and AJ

“He’s a real pro. We started out with Joshua at the beginning of his career. He won the Olympic Gold in London 2012 so he already had a big platform and from there we did everything perfectly together. He’s very bright, he has a lot of input and he’s the perfect sportsman. He’s a great role model, he says all the right things, he looks a million dollars and he can really fight. We’re only 20 fights in but we’ve made big waves in the world of boxing and we’re looking to pick up all the belts in 2018.”

Eddie on… annual family getaways

“After spending 13 to 14 years on the spin at Constance Prince Maurice in Mauritius, for the past three years we’ve been visiting Jumby Bay in Antigua. It’s discreet, has a great kids’ club and some good restaurants. The staff are excellent and it has a stunning beach. It’s very popular in the household.”

Eddie on… his favourite hotels

“In London, my favourite hotel is The Corinthia and in New York my favourite hotel is the The Dominick Hotel simply for the fact that it has a pool and my kids love it in there. I’m also very fond of Shutters on the Beach in LA and Constance Prince Maurice is a lovely hotel in Mauritius.

Eddie on… desert island survival

“If I were to be stranded on a desert island, I’d like to be with my kids. Actually, I’d have to say my wife and kids and if I have to choose one I’d say my wife because otherwise I’ll get told off. But if I were alone, I’d just need my phone really – it never leaves my hand. As long as I have my phone and a charger – the charger is just as essential as the phone – then I think I’d be ok.”

Eddie on… Winged Boots

“Winged Boots has a passion for travel and providing good quality resorts. Personally, I find that the Winged Boots team spends your money like it is their own, they appreciate quality and deliver value regardless of your wealth. I might call up David and enquire about a new hotel that everyone’s talking about, and I always get an honest response. If he doesn’t think that my family and I will like it, they’ll tell me and it’s this honesty and personal service that keeps me coming back. 
“If you are travelling only a few times a year, you need to make it count and book through someone you can rely on which is why I am very confident on booking my travel through Winged Boots.”

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