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A Comprehensive Guide to Organising Travel for Production Location Recces

  • Travel 101
  • By Natalie Baker
  • Published 06 February 2024
  • Revised 12 March 2024

For travel show production companies and film crews, organising production location recce trips is a vital step in bringing captivating stories to life. These trips involve scouting potential filming locations, assessing logistical considerations, and laying the groundwork for successful shoots. With the help of a production travel agency specialising in media and film travel, such as Winged Boots, the process can be streamlined to ensure a seamless experience for all involved.

Understanding the Importance of Film Production Location Recce Trips

Production location recce trips serve as the foundation for successful shoots, providing an opportunity to assess the suitability of various locations, evaluate potential challenges, and fine-tune creative concepts. These trips allow production teams to gain firsthand insight into each location's ambience, lighting conditions, and logistical requirements, helping to inform critical decisions and streamline the filming process. As a travel agency that specialises in film and media travel management, we can advise you based on your specific requirements; helping you to find the right location to suit your needs and facilitate production by securing flights, accommodation, and on-the-ground services.

The Role of a Production Travel Agency

As a production travel agency specialising in film and media, we are well versed in creating and coordinating production location recce trips, possessing the necessary expertise, industry connections, and logistical know-how to orchestrate seamless travel experiences tailored to the unique needs of production crews. From arranging transportation and accommodations to securing permits and facilitating on-site logistics, a production travel agency acts as a dedicated partner throughout the planning and execution process.

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Tailored Travel Solutions for Production Crews

One of the key benefits of working with a production travel agency is access to tailored travel solutions designed specifically for production crews. These solutions may include personalised itineraries, VIP transportation services, and accommodations tailored to the unique requirements of film and media professionals. Whether scouting remote landscapes or exploring bustling urban centres, as a production travel agency, we ensure that every aspect of the journey is meticulously planned and executed.

Navigating Logistics and Permits

Navigating logistics and securing permits are integral components of organising production location trips. As a production travel agency, we possess industry contacts for external agencies who can help you navigate complex permit requirements, liaise with local authorities, and ensure compliance with regulations. By outsourcing these logistical details, production crews can focus on scouting locations and capturing the creative vision without being bogged down by administrative hurdles.

Seamless Coordination and Support for your Film Travel Needs

Throughout the duration of your film production trip, we aim to provide seamless coordination and support to production crews. From coordinating transportation between locations to providing on-site assistance and concierge services, we will liaise with teams on the ground to ensure that every aspect of the trip runs smoothly. This level of support allows production crews to focus on their creative objectives while enjoying a stress-free and productive travel experience. 

Learn more about our Luxury Concierge Team and the services they offer here.

Catering to Luxury Travel Preferences

For casts and production crews accustomed to luxury travel standards, a production travel agency specialises in curating bespoke travel experiences that cater to even the most exacting of standards. From exclusive accommodations and gourmet dining options to VIP access to cultural landmarks and attractions, Winged Boots ensures that every aspect of the trip reflects the luxury and sophistication befitting of industry professionals.

Meticulous planning, attention to detail, and expertise are all key aspects of film and media travel. By partnering with a production travel agency specialising in film production travel and working with your dedicated personal travel manager in these niche requirements, production crews can elevate their travel experiences, streamline logistical challenges, and focus on bringing their creative visions to life. 

We would love the opportunity to help you plan your next TV and film production. Please email us directly on or submit an online enquiry here

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1. What services does a production travel agency offer for film production travel? Our team of personal travel managers caters to media and film travel professionals, offering comprehensive services tailored to the unique requirements of travel show production companies and film crews. Our services include arranging transportation, securing accommodations, coordinating flights, and providing support throughout your stay on location.

2. How does working with a personal travel manager benefit film production travel? Working with a dedicated personal travel manager streamlines the planning and execution of film production travel as they will work closely with you to curate a trip based on your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for production crews. 

3. What sets Winged Boots personal travel managers apart from traditional travel agencies? Unlike traditional travel agencies, Winged Boots personal travel managers are experts in meeting the unique needs of groups and individuals, including travel show production companies and film crews. We understand the intricacies of film production travel, and our industry expertise and network of contacts ensure that every aspect of the trip is tailored to the demands of media and film travel.

4. How does Winged Boots ensure the comfort and convenience of cast and production crews during travel? We prioritise the comfort and convenience of cast and production crews throughout the travel experience: from the initial consultation phase until you arrive back home. From arranging luxury accommodations and VIP transportation to providing personalised concierge services, we ensure that production crews can focus on their creative objectives without logistical headaches.

5. Can Winged Boots accommodate last-minute changes or emergencies during film production travel? Flexibility and responsiveness are core principles at Winged Boots. We understand that unexpected changes and emergencies can arise during travel, especially with film production travel, and we are equipped to handle them with efficiency and professionalism. Our dedicated team is on hand to address any issues and ensure that production crews have peace of mind throughout their travels.

6. How can we enhance the overall experience of film production travel? Our team goes above and beyond to enhance the overall experience of film production travel. From curating bespoke itineraries and arranging exclusive experiences to providing insider access to cultural landmarks and attractions, we create memorable and enriching travel experiences that inspire creativity and foster collaboration among production crews.

More of your film and production travel queries are answered by us.

From film production recce trips to media travel arrangements, as a specialist production travel agency, we take the hassle out of travel arrangements and will tailor your trip from airport to location and back again to suit your needs.

Our dedicated team of personal film production travel managers specialise in making your travel wishes and requirements a reality. Contact them today on 0203 318 6077 or submit an online enquiry and sit back while they liaise with the world's most reputable private jet charter companies.

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