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The heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia is the country’s most south-eastern region and is the perfect holiday destination. Between some of the loveliest beaches in Europe, a sublime climate, intriguing towns and food to die for, you’ll feel like you’ve reached luxury paradise on earth.

Got a penchant for seaside locales and beach bars? Then you’re definitely going to love everything Puglia has to offer. Boasting more than 490 miles of glorious coastline, you’ll be spending almost all your leisure time on the Adriatic shores, the Straits of Otranto or the sandy stretches of the Ionian Sea, so you’ll never be far from an idyllic spot. And the best bit? The warm Mediterranean climate is ideal for working up a tan.

If you want to do some cultural sightseeing and urban activities, there are plenty of lovely port towns to fascinate and beguile. The larger vicinities include Foggia, Bari and the regional capital, Brindisi, which medieval old centres and plenty of opportunities to indulge your shopping desires. The centre of Alberobello is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its stunning constructions. For small-town charm, why not head to the white buildings of Ostuni or the sea-facing Otranto? Each place offers a character of its own and are ideal for a Puglia culture adventure.

If all this wasn’t enough to convince you to call us up and book your tickets immediately, we know the food will. Some of the best of Italy’s classic foods come from Puglia, with many regional favourites originating in the gorgeous Salento. Its cuisine tends to be simple and delicious, relying on fresh and local produce for its phenomenal taste. The region is ample in sensational homegrown ingredients such as chickpeas, olives, olive oil, tomatoes and fresh seafood.


Here in the sunny south, things tend to wind down at around noon as everyone settles in for a relaxing afternoon nap or sunbathe. With shops and restaurants not reopening until around four o’clock, we recommend planning your trips into town for either the early morning or evening.
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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC +1
  • Capital: Bari
  • Currency: EUR
  • Flying time to destination:
    3-hours from London

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Average Temperatures
Jan: 10°c   Feb: 11°c   Mar: 13°c  
Apr: 16°c   May: 19°c   Jun: 23°c  
Jul: 25°c   Aug: 26°c   Sep: 21°c  
Oct: 17°c   Nov: 13°c   Dec: 10°c  


Puglia Articles

Puglia In A Nutshell

  • Try a taste of home cooking with the rural yet sophisticated Masseria Il Frantoio near Ostuni. Providing an experience that goes beyond a simple meal, here you’ll eat home-grown ingredients, served in a plant-fringed courtyard.
  • For some retro tastes of old Italy, Lo Scalo is an ideal venue. A hit since its opening more than 40 years ago. Enjoy grilled meats, fried seafood and some five-star veggies in a waterside eatery you’ll never forget.
  • Experience flavours of the deep like you’ve never experienced before. Laltro Baffo is set in the Centro Storico of Otranto, a medieval town centre and is frequented in summer by the Italian elite who want a fresh taste of the sea.
  • Visit the city of Castellana where you’ll find a thrilling complex of underground passages and natural corridors inside pitch-black caverns. Admire spectacular features like the glittering stalactites and stalagmites as well as the breathtaking ‘white cave’.
  • Whether you’re a riding pro or an absolute beginner, guided horseback tours are a must for any would-be adventurers. With a breed of horse distinct to the region, known as the Murgese horse, you’ll explore gorgeous routes that cover vineyards, farms and surrounding countryside. If you have little ones in tow, carriages can also be arranged for family-friendly trips.
  • Are you ready boots, start walking! Strap on your best footwear and take to the road with a stunning coastal walk of the surrounding Otranto. Covering nearly 8 miles, this breath-taking meander will take you through some of Puglia’s most stunning regions.
  • For a family-friendly trip to the seaside, look no further than the gorgeous Baia delle Zagare in Gargano. Surrounded by stunning local flora and carpeted with a mile-long stretch of soft white sand, nearby rock formations make for perfect rockpool discovery stations while gentle tides make safe swimming a breeze.
  • For a more romantic atmosphere, San Pietro in Maruggio is a protected beach that has all the amenities you’re after – such as a beach bar and sun loungers – with none of the crowds. Revel in the exclusivity of nothing but you, the golden sands and the cerulean waves.
  • For an authentic Italian experience, Pescoluse, Leuca is frequented by locals more than tourists and is the ideal spot for soaking up the atmosphere. With offshore sand banks resembling tiny islands, shallow waters perfect for casual swimming and views you’ll never forget, this is an idyllic shore.
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