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Just off the south-western coast of Italy lies the secluded island of Capri. Out of the way of the stresses of life, this place is the polar opposite of other popular Italian getaways like Rome and Florence, and is designed for leaving all your worries behind. Serene and tranquil, here you can enjoy the peace of an intimate island which can be traversed in minutes, stunning scenery, and a low population of friendly locals and high-end holiday makers. The equal mix of traditional old-town environments and second-to-none service from the resorts make for an incredible experience of pure leisure.
Being a small island, there are only a handful of hotels truly worth your attention when booking your luxury holiday. The narrow choice emphasises the intimacy of the island, and isn’t a downside as these hotels are amongst the most acclaimed in the world thanks to a myriad of Michelin-stars and awards. Their reputations are total reassurance that your holiday will be one to remember. Don’t be surprised if you brush shoulders with some high-profile faces too, as the elements of seclusion, a phenomenal environment, and high-end service make for a holiday that attracts the world’s elite.
You’ll find plenty to do in this haven, and when you’re not appreciating the incredible views, you could be speed-boating around the island, relaxing on a pristine beach such as Lido del Faro, or taking five in a world-class spa. Experience pure beauty, from the caves and blue waters of Grotta Azzurra, to the traditional old town of Anacapri. Drink cocktails, sail the waters surrounding, and shop ‘till you drop at the boutique shopping district. At Capri you’ll enjoy the holiday experience that celebrities indulge in, so if it’s good enough for the stars, you can bet it’s good enough for you.

There has never been a definitive link to other words from which ‘Capri’ derives. However, in Greek ‘Kapros’ means ‘wild boar’, and the Latin ‘Capreae’ means ‘goats’. Plentiful wild boar fossils have been found here over the years, and historical evidence shows that the Romans used to refer to it as ‘the goat island’, which eludes to Capri’s etymology.
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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC +1
  • Currency: EUR
  • Flying time to destination:
    2-hours and 40-minutes from London
  • Instagram Opportunity: Grotta Azzurra

Best Time To Travel

Average Temperatures
Jan: 12°c   Feb: 12°c   Mar: 14°c  
Apr: 17°c   May: 22°c   Jun: 25°c  
Jul: 28°c   Aug: 28°c   Sep: 25°c  
Oct: 21°c   Nov: 16°c   Dec: 12°c  


Capri Articles

Capri In A Nutshell

  • Each one of Capri’s beaches is stunningly unique, with many having protruding rocks towering above the waters from the shores. 
  • Marina Grande is just as its name suggests, very grand indeed, and its port is great for watching superyachts hoist to shore. What’s more, the beach clubs such as Le Ondine and Lo Smeraldo provide a great chill-out atmosphere as well as world-class cocktails. Child-friendly and boasting disabled access, this inclusive beach is fun for all. 
  • Faraglioni beach has one of the most scenic environments to swim in. Accessed by a narrow trail due to its deep waters which need to be dived into or descended from a ladder, this one is recommended for adults-only. The beach club there provides a transit service back to Marina Piccola. 
  • Capri is blessed with an incredible environment that is bursting with opportunities for adventure thanks to its privileged setting. 
  • Grotta Azzura is a sea cave in the north west of the island that is oozing with serenity, a true sightseeing spot for holiday makers. Swim or sail up in the crystal-clear caves, and explore the curious gorge of Blue Grotto. 
  • Many resorts around Capri take advantage of the awe-inspiring sea surrounding, and offer speedboat excursions where you can explore at speed. Hire one for a day or simply organise a water transit from A to B. 
Soak Up The Culture 
  • The old town of Anacapri is a historic hotbed of culture, with old architecture in every structure being typical of that of the previous Roman and Greek inhabitants. 
  • Mount Salaro is the peak of Capri, where you can experience panoramic views of the land and the vast ocean from the highest point on the island. 
  • Capri is so beautiful that tours of the island via land or sea are in abundance, so the numerous walking and boat tours should be good reason to check out this glorious paradise. 
  • Via Camarelle is the boutique shopping district. High-end shopping is big in Capri’s current culture, and this region will offer the best experience for it. 

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