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In the south west of France between the lovely town of Nice and the Italian border is the gorgeous village of Èze. Traditional and wholesome, this destination is one that stays close to its routes culturally and aesthetically, with the added touch of luxury hotel resorts sprinkled around the region. The flavour of this location shines with an undeniable beauty, manifested in venerable architecture, mouth-watering authentic cuisine, and powerful scenes of the French Riviera. Factor in the memorable experiences you’ll have thanks to the resorts’ leisure activities and you have a strong contender for a possible holiday destination.

Several resorts around this quaint region are well worth the look in, as they champion second-to-none service, phenomenal food, and great leisure activities that take advantage of the unique setting. Some allow you to sail the coast on a yacht as you relax, drink in hand, to the vistas of azure waters, Mediterranean sunlight, and beautiful cliffs, as well as gorgeous coves and crisp sands. Others let you drive a convertible supercar to and from the Italian border, so you can take your dream motor for a spin around the old-style streets of the village. Alternatively, you can dine al fresco on expansive terraces with privileged ocean views. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the early 1900’s enjoying this incredible destination.

France offers an array of holiday types, from cosmopolitan city breaks typical of Paris, to the ski getaways writhe in the Alps. Unlike the destinations mentioned, Èze is your sizzling heat vacation, burning with phenomenal sun-soaked vistas and rich history which create plentiful opportunities to have memorable experiences. It’s the perfect mix of holiday offerings, as you have Mediterranean culinary influences, continental culture, and incredibly exotic scenes of the French Riviera to absorb as you eat, drink and be merry throughout your heat-addled holiday.


Èze is a humble and archaic village placed on top of an extravagant hilltop. Having a great vantage point over the Med, it’s been sorely fought over in military ops. This provides the grand culture, but these days its inhabitants recognise its better purpose as a luxury holiday destination.


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Good to know

  • Time difference: UTC +1
  • Currency: EUR
  • Time to destination: 2-hours from London
  • Nearest Airport: Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

Best Time To Travel

Average Temperatures
Jan: 9°c   Feb: 10°c   Mar: 12°c  
Apr: 15°c   May: 18°c   Jun: 22°c  
Jul: 24°c   Aug: 25°c   Sep: 22°c  
Oct: 18°c   Nov: 14°c   Dec: 11°c  


Èze In A Nutshell

Life’s A Beach

  • Plage d'Èze is Èze village’s main beach. It’s a long stretch of golden sands underneath the town which looms on the hill-top overhead. With the crystal-clear waters of the French Riviera afoot, it’s safe to say that picturesque is an understatement.
  • Several points of access pave your way to the beach. Head there direct from the train station nearby, from a tunnel from Marie next to the post office, or from a walkway on the western side of the beach.
  • During your lazy beach-side day you can dine in a choice of two restaurants, Anjuna Plage, and Papaya Beach. Both offer incredible local cuisine with a privileged ocean view.


Tastes to Try

  • Chateau Eza Restaurant is a luxury Savoyard restaurant on the top of Èze town’s hill-top, serving lavish local cuisines using local produce. Dine in the class of a glass-edged room with a retractable roof so you can soak in the heat as you eat your meal on the sunniest of days throughout your getaway.
  • Just over a mile away is Eden Plage Mala Beach Club. Here you have a brilliantly exciting beach-bar vibe while you enjoy some excellent culinary dishes under the shade of parasols and canopied loungers. Colourful and atmospheric, this is a fun day out as well as great gastronomic experience.


Soak Up The Culture

  • Walking around the hill-top village of Èze is a great pass-time, as you could spend hours simply marvelling at the archaic architecture of the buildings atop of the mound.
  • The collection of gardens on the hill-top village are truly a sight to see, as you wouldn’t expect such tropical foliage on the hill among the old-style buildings. Within the gardens are the ruins of a medieval castle, and a great spot for enjoying supreme views of the rooftops and coastline below.
  • The Church of Èze is a lavish sight for theists and non-theists alike, as the architectural and artistic design are incredible. This religious establishment certainly has a well-deserved spot in this serene town, simply for its unparalleled beauty.

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