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See the cherry blossoms in Japan

The sakura, otherwise known as cherry blossom, is steeped in tradition throughout Japan. It is the national flower and the symbol of a fresh start and new beginnings. The arrival of the cherry blossom is slightly different every year and lasts only a week or two, but the blooms generally burst to life between late March and early May, filling ornamental parks across Japan with cascading shades of pink.

Celebrating the blooms with friends and family is a traditional way to usher in spring and reflect on the fleeting nature of life. Referred to as Hanami which loosely translates as "flower viewing," families and friends schedule time under the blossoms and share elaborate picnics together over long hours throughout the day and into the night. This is a hugely loved national pastime where even local restaurants and cafes will deliver food to your gathering under the cascade of flowers, so why not get involved yourself?

Although the cherry blossom can be seen across the country including urban areas like Tokyo, Maruyama Park in Kyoto is one of the most popular places to discover cherry blossoms in all their glory. Kyoto at this time of year gets very busy as people flock to witness the sheer mass of beautiful blooms in one place.

Winged Boots Wisdom

The best time to travel in order to enjoy the cherry blossom for yourself is in April. Although nature is never guaranteed and the flowers can appear any time in the early part of the year, the blooms generally start in the south of the island where the climate is milder and creep northwards. April is the best bet to plan travel. At this time, you should be able to venture where you need to within the country to see this incredible sight for yourself. 

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  • In/Out: Outdoors
  • Duration: 1 day+
  • Traveller Type: Adults, Couples, Families
  • Best for: Nature, Adventure, Cultural, Food & Wine, Sightseeing, Nature
  • Address: Maruyama Park, Maruyamacho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto 605-0071, Japan

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  • Address: Maruyama Park, Maruyamacho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto 605-0071, Japan