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Inside Dubai's most fashionable hotel

  • Published 09 April 2019

Known for its consistently minimal styling and muted colour palette, when you place an Armani hotel in the glamour of Dubai, you get this… 

Giorgio Armani has come a long way from his introduction of menswear pieces in 1975, where he transformed rigid suits and lined blazers into gentle curvature and soft materials. He has now established himself firmly in the world of haute couture, dressing A-listers in his signature understated colour palette of soft blue, brown, grey and beige combined with the unexpectedly tapered power silhouette. Now the philosophy of the iconic fashion house is sophisticated tones and relaxed fits, and this transcends into the Armani Hotel Dubai. Let wanderlust take over as life’s stresses disappear on your tour through the most fashionable hotel in Dubai.

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The décor throughout embodies the quintessential simplicity of the Armani brand. Think sleek lines, bare walls and jet-black floors so shiny that a reflection of every pointed stiletto to clap against it is radiated up. Rooms ooze a collection of minimal features and plush furnishings, placed intricately amongst the right angles of glowing lamps and coffee tables with thick bibles of Giorgio Armani on top. Stroll down the corridor, walls panelled with deep wood where room doors merge into the surrounds, contrasted with a streak of white light from the ceiling above. Once inside the rooms, whether a Classic Room or Premiere Suite, the contemporary interiors are the epitome of Italian luxury. With bespoke Armani furniture and custom-created fabrics, every detail is seen to, ensuring the signature elegance is felt from the moment you begin your stay. Draped beds, lavish rugs and statement drinks cabinets exude a unique and modern design, like a compelling chess board of chrome. And who could forget the wardrobe? A suitable home for chic residents, the expansive space continues the understated feel of the architecture and décor, inviting that linen blazer and crepe dress to hang in style.

Remember, as fashion never sleeps, the classic style isn’t limited to where you’ll rest your head. Dining options mirror the sleek design of the fashion house, with furnishing colours kept simple and adornments kept to a minimum: the Armani Hotel Dubai is a haven of unassuming glamour in a world of extravagance and splendour. Where interiors are outlandish and décor is bewildering, this hotel arrives with an air of pulled-back opulence. In the Armani Ristorante low hanging shades from the sky-high ceilings light the dusky tones of the tableware and shining gold ice buckets. In the private room of this signature restaurant, three rows of yellow liquid-filled bottles are placed in a circle on the wall around the table, a creative art feature we bet you’ve never seen before.

Head down to Armani Privé, the premium nightlife venue, where monochrome murals of illumination and a glossy tiled dancefloor entice the most stylish of partyers to be transported to a world of exquisite euphoria. Early hours in the club, designed by Giorgio Armani himself, will see you dancing to the vibrant beats of both resident and visiting international artists and DJs. The morning after and there is not a stress that the spa cannot melt away, with the tranquil settings of the recognisable hues and seamlessly designed furniture. Pure white towels are embroidered with the Armani name in delicate silver thread, a reminder of the exclusivity running through the hotel and its amenities. Speaking of exclusivity, every guest is assigned a personal lifestyle manager, because in the world of high fashion, generic concierge will not do. Situated within the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, views of downtown Dubai are unfathomable until you experience them with scenes of supercars and couture-clad socialites a regular occurrence from your hotel room window.  

Where interiors are outlandish and décor is bewildering, this hotel arrives with an air of pulled-back opulence

For the lovers of high fashion, there is no better reason to stay at this hotel other than the fact that Giorgio Armani oversaw every detail himself, down to the rule that only two colours are allowed in any one flower arrangement. Clean lines throughout will leave you feeling continuously rejuvenated, from the arrow shaped pool to the perfectly-placed stack of coffee table books inviting you to indulge in some fashion education. If you’re feeling inspired to make the pristine floors of the Armani Hotel Dubai your runway, give one of our personal travel managers a call on 0203 816 0985 or enquire here. As Giorgio Armani designed the hotel, we design your bespoke getaway down to your every want and need, because exclusivity in travel is what we do.

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