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We are happy to announce that Emirates has just launched a premium economy cabin on its newest Airbus A380. The aircraft had its final fit out completed at the end of December 2020 and is expected to be flying with the fleet in January 2021. Famed for always providing a high quality and luxurious service, these new specifications raise the bar to the next level, even for Emirates! 

"The Emirates A380 is already one of the most sought-after travel experiences in the skies, and now we've made it even better," said Sir Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline.

What does Premium Economy look like?

Located at the front of the plane, on the main deck of the double-decker Airbus, sits a new dedicated cabin with 56 premium economy seats laid out in a 2-4-2 correlation. Compared with standard economy seating, the seats pitch (which indicates the amount of leg room available) is boosted from 32-34 inches to up to 40 inches, and the width has spread from 18 inches to 19.5 inches. Also, all premium economy seats now boast a huge 8-inch reclining function for absolute optimum comfort when flying. 

Imitating the look and design elements of the beloved business class model - with luxurious cream leather seating, stylish stitching detail and wooden panel finishes - the premium economy class will now also possess in-seat charging points and side tables for improved functionality. We can confidently anticipate that this new grade of seat will appeal to many customers who are looking for a ‘more than’ economy experience. “Our First, Business and Economy experiences reset industry standards when they were introduced, and we are confident that our Premium Economy will also make its mark as a distinct premium offering,” Clark said.

When and where can we fly in this new class?

Five other A380 aircrafts are scheduled to follow suit with these new specifications throughout 2021 and 2022, as well as several Boeing 777X planes that are due to join the fleet in 2023. Talk of further possible retro fit outs to existing planes within the fleet has been mentioned, and since we can easily expect a successful welcome of this new class of seating, we can anticipate more updates on this shortly. 

It is yet to be confirmed exactly which routes the new planes will be flying on and it is suspected that to begin with the newest A380 will be likely placed on various routes around the world to give as many customers as possible the chance to experience Emirates’ latest offerings. Other noticeable upgrades will include a 6-way adjustable ergonomically designed headrest, calf and footrest in economy as well as a 13.3-inch TV screen, which is the largest standard in its class. The famous first-class shower spa has been decked out with upgraded modern fittings and refreshed design and the first-class bar has also been spruced up with a fresh colour scheme. 

We have ourselves something to look forward to!

It may take some time until we can directly book seats in the premium economy cabin, as the airline will likely wait until there are feasible numbers of these seats available in their supply. Until then, spaces will be offered as a complimentary upgrade to certain customers – our fingers are firmly crossed! And while we wait, we can say with huge confidence that with each flight taken with Emirates you will be offered the same outstanding quality of service and upmost excellence in all its other classes. 

 "While others cut back, Emirates is working hard to restore the products and services that we've had to suspend or adjust due to pandemic precautions and introduce new offerings and enhancements. True to our fly better promise, Emirates continues to invest to offer our customers the best possible experience.", said Sir Tim Clark. 
Rachel Lane

Rachel Lane is a Content Writer


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