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18 reasons why your recruitment company needs a travel incentive

  • Business
  • By Natalie Baker
  • Published 12 March 2024

In the dynamic world of recruitment, staying ahead of the competition is key to success. As a high-level recruitment company, you understand the importance of nurturing your top performers and motivating your team to excel. One powerful tool at your disposal is an enticing employee travel reward scheme, a strategic investment that yields impressive returns.

In fact, according to the Incentive Research Foundation, properly designed incentive travel programs increase sales productivity by 18% and produce an ROI of 112%.

Here are 18 compelling reasons why your recruitment company needs an employee travel incentive, and why partnering with Winged Boots – a luxury travel management company with ample expertise in planning corporate travel – is the smart choice.

Reward Excellence: Recognise and reward outstanding performance within your team. A travel incentive is a tangible way to acknowledge hard work and dedication.
Boost Morale: Nothing boosts morale quite like the promise of an exciting travel experience. It motivates your team to achieve their goals and fosters a positive work environment.
Attract Top Talent: Position your recruitment company as an employer of choice by offering enticing employee travel incentives. Top candidates are drawn to companies that prioritise employee satisfaction and wellbeing.
Increase Productivity: A well-designed travel incentive program ignites productivity by setting clear goals and offering compelling rewards for achieving them.
Foster Team Bonding: Travel experiences create lasting bonds among team members, fostering collaboration and teamwork long after the trip has ended.
Inspire Innovation: Exposure to new cultures, landscapes, and experiences sparks creativity and innovation within your team.

Sentinels Room at Hotel Cap Rocat Mallorca

Sentinels Room at Hotel Cap Rocat Mallorca

Enhance Employee Retention: Investing in travel incentives as part of your company's employee reward scheme demonstrates your commitment to employee growth and satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates.
Promote Work-Life Balance: Encourage a healthy work-life balance by providing opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation through travel incentives.
Drive Performance: A well-planned incentive trip can drive performance by incentivising specific targets and rewarding top performers.
Networking Opportunities: Incentive trips provide valuable networking opportunities, allowing your team to connect with industry peers and forge new relationships.
Show Appreciation: Express gratitude to your team for their hard work and dedication with a luxurious travel experience they'll never forget.
Create Lasting Memories: Travel experiences create memories that last a lifetime, strengthening loyalty and commitment among your team members.

Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental in Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental in Abu Dhabi
Planning your next journey ?

Our expertise, worldwide connections, and the way we do things with a relentless drive means whatever your travels needs are, we can make it happen for you whenever, however, wherever and every time.

Demonstrate Company Values: Investing in employee wellbeing and growth aligns with your company's values and reinforces its commitment to excellence.
Differentiate Your Brand: Stand out in a competitive market by offering unique and memorable travel incentives that set your recruitment company apart.
Motivate Leadership Development: Incentive trips provide opportunities for leadership development and personal growth, empowering your team members to take on new challenges.
Celebrate Milestones: Use travel incentives as part of your employee reward scheme to celebrate key milestones, such as long service awards and exceptional service achievements.
Drive Employee Engagement: Engage your team members in the company's mission and vision by involving them in the planning and execution of incentive trips.
Invest in Success: A travel incentive program is an investment in the success and growth of your recruitment company, yielding long-term benefits for both your team and your business.

New York City at Sunset

New York City at Sunset

In today's competitive landscape, investing in a travel incentive program is a strategic decision that can elevate your recruitment company to new heights of success while also being a fun way to boost morale at work.

With Winged Boots as your luxury travel management partner, you can create bespoke incentive trips that inspire, motivate, and reward your team, driving performance and fostering a culture of excellence. Take the first step towards a brighter future for your recruitment company with an employee reward scheme from the corporate arm of Winged Boots.

Furthermore, with Winged Boots, you'll enjoy a stress-free approach to business travel arrangements, with a dedicated personal travel manager to meet all your needs. Our access to industry rates and strong relationships with luxury hotels and travel partners worldwide ensure that you receive the best possible service: from flights to accommodation and even in-destination concierge services.

The benefits of travel as part of your employee reward scheme are manifold - as are the reasons to book it with Winged Boots. Organise your incentive travel here or call our personal travel experts on 0203 318 6045.

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