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11 facts you didn't know about chocolate from around the world

  • Published 04 July 2019

Is there any food as delectable as chocolate? Renowned the world over for its creamy texture and crave-hitting flavour, this sweet shop favourite turned cupboard essential has people from continent to country hooked. But did you know this delicious treat has a history as well-travelled as a Winged Boots customer? Take a look at our rundown of the worldwide chocolate facts we bet you didn’t know.

1.    The cacao bean is native to Mexico and both Central and South America, where it’s believed the inhabitants of the areas cultivated the bean back in 1250 BC.

2.    Marie Antoinette and everyone at the Palace of Versailles in France believed hot chocolate was an aphrodisiac.

3.    Spanish friars took chocolate to various monasteries after the sweet treat was introduced to Europe, helping to spread the love around the continent.

4.    And it turns out Europeans are now the biggest eaters of chocolate, with the average Brit, Swiss or German eating approximately 11kg of chocolate a year. 

5.    A pair of British inventors created solid chocolate back in 1847, calling it “eating chocolate”, by mixing cocoa butter, sugar and chocolate liquor.

6.    Milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland in 1875, after eight years of Daniel Peter trying to make the recipe work. 

7.    The first ever chocolate bar was made in England by Cadbury in 1842.

8.    Almost 70% of the world’s cacao is now grown in Africa, with The Ivory Coast being the largest single producer.

9.    Chocolate milk was invented in the early 1700s in Jamaica by Irish botanist Sir Hans Sloane, after he couldn’t stomach plain milk.

10.    Brussels Airport is the biggest seller of chocolate in the world, and shops there sell more than 800 tonnes of chocolate every year.

11.    There is a chocolate hotel in St Lucia created by none other than Hotel Chocolat, where the restaurant menus are infused with the rich flavour in nearly every dish. Discover more about it here

Boucan Hotel & Restaurant in St Lucia

All this chocolate must have your mouth watering, but what better way to taste the rainbow of varieties and bite down on the range of shapes and sizes of this indulgent treat than around the world? Visit Africa to immerse yourself in the current home of the cacao bean or if you want to witness the journey of chocolate yourself head to Europe, where destinations like Switzerland and Belgium have developed their obsession over time. Call 0203 816 0985 or enquire here to start discovering how you could enjoy a taste test of the world. 

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