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Experience a wildlife safari at sunset

Wildlife may be the last thing on your mind while enjoying Sweden’s laid-back lifestyle and beautiful countryside, but with this four-hour safari you’ll escape the busy streets of Stockholm to encounter the country’s native wild animals in their natural habitats.  

As the sun starts to fall into the horizon, you’ll travel in your private transfer as the city lights blur into rural landscape with thick and towering forest brushing up against both sides of the track. Just a short drive from the capital, your complimentary sightseeing tour of red-roofed cottages and rainbow-coloured birds should make the time fly. While driving along, you and your local guide will begin to track wild boar, hares, deer and elk.

Once you’ve arrived in the dense countryside, you’ll enjoy a Midsummer meal of traditional Swedish delights at an outdoor camp as you get more of an insight into the area and its native flora. Make sure you pack your walking boots as finally you’ll take a 15-minute forest hike to check out some ancient Viking rune stones with intricate carvings to marvel at during your well-earned pit stop – all while keeping your eyes and ears peeled to get close-ups of the wildlife.                                                                                                                     

These animals are much more likely to come out the shadows at night, so not only will you see a stunning sunset but have a higher chance of spotting one of these wonderful creatures, too. 

Venue Details

  • In/Out: Outdoors
  • Duration: 4 hrs
  • Traveller Type: Adults, Couples
  • Best for: Nature, Adventure, Sightseeing
  • Address: Stockholm, Sweden

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  • Private return transfers from your hotel can be arranged

    Private return transfers from your hotel can be arranged

  • Address: Stockholm, Sweden