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Sophie Azeem

Operations Executive
I've worked for Winged Boots since March 2016 in the operations team issuing tickets, answering customer service enquiries, and loading bookings onto our system to ensure all of our customer's holidays run smoothly and the booking process runs efficiently. I love to travel and enjoy experiencing new cultures and cuisine... that's what visiting a new country is all about, right?

My hand luggage essentials are… lipstick, sunglasses and my travel wallet

The first song on my travel playlist is… something upbeat, generally a house tune or a bit of old-school garage

Poolside I’m sipping on… Strawberry Daquiri slushies

After dark, I like to… explore the nightlife

Number one on my bucket list is… Bora Bora

My next holiday is to… Ibiza


•    Hold luggage or carry-on? Hold – I like to travel with my entire wardrobe

•    City break or beach retreat?
100 percent beach retreat – I live for the sun and sand

•    Fine dining or rooftop bar?
Can’t I have both?

•    Family fun or a few days with the girls?
Few days with my friends every time.

•    Night out or evening in?
Night out

•    Detox or drinks?
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Sophie Azeem

Places Sophie Azeem has visited

South Africa

I have a huge passion for animals and it would be my dream to spend a night in the same surroundings as the big cats and giraffes! Elephants have always fascinated me too.

New York City

I’ve never been to the west side of the world but if I were to venture this way, NYC would be my first stop. I’m a big foodie and would like to dig into an assortment of goodies.


I’ve been to Dubai three times and it has to be one of my favourite places. The luxurious feeling that engulfs you as soon as you touchdown on the tarmac... I can’t wait to visit for a fourth time.

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