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Charley Curwood

Personal Travel Executive
After being an apprentice travel agent, I’m now a personal travel executive at Winged Boots. I love to help people find the perfect hotel and destination to suit them, and I like to think I know a thing or two about Europe. Most of the time you can catch me on a plane to somewhere new and exciting. In turn, this means I have a fantastic wealth of knowledge to share with my customers that’s always growing.
At the airport, you’ll find me…
 at the bar

My hand luggage essentials are… headphones

The first song on my travel playlist is… Some Might Say by Oasis 

Poolside I’m sipping on… beer

My desert island item is… my phone

Number one on my bucket list is… an Ashes cricket tour of Australia


•    Window seat or aisle seat? Aisle

•    Hold luggage or carry-on? Hold
•    Family fun or a few days with the lads/girls? Few days with the lads

•    Night out or evening in? Night out

•    Sun or snow? Sun

•    Hike or bike? Bike
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Charley Curwood

Places Charley Curwood has visited


Boston is a city that goes under the radar of many but it really shouldn’t! Not much is better than sitting in Boston Common with the sun shining.


Cannes is exactly how you would expect it to be and some! Glitz, glamour, sun and sea!

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