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The most sustainable luxury hotels in New York

  • Inspiration
  • By Kiri Gordon
  • Published 16 June 2022
  • Revised 14 February 2023

New York is upping its game when it comes to sustainability, and the hotel scene is no exception. Whilst the older, classic hotels are making a conscious effort to redefine their sustainability missions, new hotels are being built with eco-conscious design in mind. 

In this article, we will explore some of the best luxury hotels that have made a considerable effort on their sustainability journey, so you can stay at an eco-friendly hotel in New York that has a positive impact not only on your visit, but the city and the planet too. These featured hotels have proved that you can still enjoy the high-end luxury you deserve, and be sustainable too. 

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"We love our world and want to protect it” - The Mark

One of the most eco-friendly hotels in New York is The Mark. Whilst it simply oozes exuberance and grandeur, this hotel is entirely dedicated to sustainability and has taken many measures to ensure an eco-stay. The most notable initiative has to be its eco-friendly transportation, the bespoke pedicabs and bikes. Guests can avoid taxis and cars and hop on a pedicab to explore the sights or whizz through the traffic on their bikes to explore Central Park and immerse themselves in nature. 

Here are some of the eco-friendly steps The Mark has taken:

●    Pedicabs and bikes for all guests 
●    Heated towel racks to encourage re-use of towels 
●    All rooms have reminder cards to encourage guests to opt-out of daily linen and towel-washing services 
●    All rooms have intelligent thermostats fitted 
●    Energy-saving hot water systems 
●    The restaurant uses only local produce and has more than 15 vegan and 60 vegetarian options 
●    The winter ice rink uses synthetic alternative to ice 

Hailed as New York’s most lavish hotel for the rich and famous in Manhattan’s most sought-after neighbourhood, a stay at the Mark Hotel is the epitome of high-end glamour. And even better, has easy access to everything New York has to offer on its doorstep. Lavishing guests in old-world glamour mixed with experimental design and top-quality hospitality. This sustainable hotel is the ultimate bucket-list hotel for your stay.

Prices start from £2,025 per person for three-nights, £3,085 per person for five-nights and £4,140 per person for seven-nights, including flights. 

The Mark

 The Mark

Stay at the gold certified ‘Green Initiative’ at Crosby Street Hotel

Nestled down a cobbled street in SoHo, you’ll find the Crosby Street Hotel. The property has a Rooftop Kitchen Garden that grows blueberries, flowers, herbs, tomatoes and watermelons to use in the restaurant. It also has a chicken coup with residents that produces fresh eggs daily. The stand-out eco-design they’ve created, however, is the green roof - which helps lower heating and cooling costs and reduces stormwater. 

Here are some more of the steps Crosby Street Hotel has taken to be environmentally conscious: 

●    Maximising open space to promise biodiversity 
●    Reducing water usage 
●    Recycling and using recycling material in the hotel 
●    Used regional materials to build the hotel 
●    Uses eco-friendly cleaning products
●    Chicken coup for own eggs 
●    Garden to grow own produce 
●    Green roof

You can explore the floral gardens during your stay, but there’s so much more. Catch a movie at the private cinema and film club or perhaps explore the sculpture garden. It’s the perfect way to kick back with a bespoke cocktail after a long day exploring the city. You can also work up a sweat in the state-of-art fitness centre before retiring to your deluxe room or suite, offering the most stunning city views. 

Prices start from £1,800 per person for three-nights, £2,705 per person for five-nights or £3,610 per person for seven-nights, including flights. 

Crosby Street Hotel

Crosby Street Hotel
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“Sustainable luxury, it’s the right thing to do” - The Peninsula New York

The Peninsula New York has stated that sustainability philosophies are at the very core of its hotels. The brand believes that just because it’s luxury and high-end doesn’t mean it should be wasteful, and everything they provide should be delivered sustainably and responsibly to benefit the guests, hotel, and the planet. 

Here are some of the eco-friendly initiatives you will find at the Peninsula New York:

●    Food digestor to repurpose waste sent to landfill
●    Community volunteering and donations 
●    Wellness programmes for guests
●    Reducing water usage 

Standing tall on Fifth Avenue and 55th Street Manhattan, it’s the perfect spot for exploring the Big Apple. This hotel is synonymous with luxury and has been awarded some of the highest accolades in the hospitality industry, such as the Forbes Five Star Rating and the AAA Five Diamond Award, which isn’t surprising thanks to its grandeur and glamorous style. It drips with royalty and opulence, which immerses you as soon as you step foot inside.. 

Prices start from £1,150 per person for three-nights, £1,620 per person for five-nights and £2,090 for seven-nights per person, including flights. 

The Peninsula New York

The Peninsula New York

Stay sustainable at The New York EDITION

As well as offering guests a chic and elegant stay with top-tier hospitality, The New York EDITION has also taken significant steps to make its guests' visits more sustainable. So much so that LEED has certified it as a green place to stay. 

Here are some of the steps the hotel has taken for a greener stay:

●    No single-use stirrers or straws 
●    All guests have access to recycling bins 
●    Guests are encouraged to re-use towels 
●    Reducing water usage 

For those looking to infuse luxury with home comforts, this is the right hotel for you. Ideally located in the Flatiron District, it is close to many main attractions, such as the Empire State Building and Madison Square Park. The hotel is neutral in design to complement the majestic view of the New York skyline. And if you’re looking for a truly pampering escape from the city head to the onsite spa for a little TLC. 

Prices start from £1,095 for three-nights per person, £1,530 per person for five-nights and £1,965 for seven-nights per person, including flights. 

The New York EDITION

The New York EDITION

Built with sustainability first at The Dominick

It’s not all about pure indulgence and sky-high views at The Dominick, New York, it’s also all about being eco-friendly. From electronic newspapers, renewable energy, and the ORCA food waste management system to the linen-reuse programme and automatic office lighting to reduce energy waste. 

Here are some of the things the hotel has done to be more eco-efficient:

●    Electronic newspapers 
●    Renewable energy 
●    ORCA food waste system 
●    Automatic lighting 
●    Linen re-use programme 

Ideal for creatives looking to explore the district of SoHo, this sumptuous hotel features contemporary decor by Fendi Casa, which lends to the hotel's luxurious ambience. After a long day of exploring the city, head back to the hotel for a pampering spa experience which includes the only Hamman experience in the state. 

Prices start from £1,115 per person for three-nights, £1,570 per person for five-nights and £2,020 per person for seven-nights, including flights. 

The Dominick

The Dominick

Discover New York’s most sustainable attractions

New York has been fighting to make the city more eco-friendly for a long time. For example, turning disused spaces into parks and creating more bike lanes and bike-sharing stations. But what about sustainable attractions to see in New York to complement your eco-friendly hotel stay? Here are some of the most sustainable things to do in New York.

The Met Rooftop Garden 
With impressive views of the city, this ‘hidden gem’ is the perfect place to grab a glass of bubbly and explore the many artworks on display. This green activity is located on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue. 

Queens Botanical Garden 
There are botanical gardens all over New York, in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Buffalo and New York City. However, many claim that the one in Queens as the most idyllic to experience. 

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge 
Explore one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the North East of the US and view some of the rare native habitats of the migrating species here. You could also book a boat tour to learn even more about the wildlife living here. 

The Highline
One of the highlights of all attractions in New York is the High Line that runs from the Meatpacking District to Chelsea. This former freight rail line is now a walk of wildflowers and grass where you can get panoramic views of the Hudson River. This is a prime example of the city re-using an industrial space and transforming it into a green and recreational area for the public. 

New York City FAQs

What are the most sustainable hotels in New York?

Are you looking for an eco hotel in New York? The Mark is all about sustainability, especially when exploring the city. Its bespoke pedicabs and bikes are built to cut out emissions. Crosby Street Hotel has been built with sustainably in mind, thanks to its rooftop kitchen and green roof. 

Looking for the suite life? Discover the best luxury suites in New York. 

What sustainable attractions are in New York?

The High Line is the perfect example of New York taking an industrial location and transforming it into a green recreational space. You can also visit Central Park, the botanical gardens scattered across the city and Union Square Greenmarket. 

What’s the most expensive sustainable hotel in New York?

The Mark in New York is infamous for its lavish and high-end living. It is all done with the utmost sustainability in mind. 

New York is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to travel with sustainability in mind. So when it comes to New York luxury holidays, let Winged Boots take care of your every whim. Sustainable doesn’t have to stop your holiday from being luxurious and sumptuous. So, get in touch today. 

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