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Michelin Stars, Gault Millau Points – haute cuisine is all well and good, but to get a real taste of tradition it’s to the streets you need to turn. Some of the most authentic and delicious delicacies can be found on the market stalls, street carts and cafés of the world’s metropolises, and for significantly less cash than you’d spend on gourmet gastronomy in high-end bars and bistros. Perfect for snacking on the go or picking at while people-watching, street food is the lifeblood of our culture, and Winged Boots has trawled the world for the very tastiest examples to help you make the very most of your holiday.

Germany – what’s the wurst that can happen?

The most iconic component of Germany’s bombastic cuisine is undoubtedly the wurst, or sausage. Simple and self-contained, wurst is regularly consumed by businessmen on a quick lunch, commuters on their ways home and shoppers too busy to stay put – often eaten inside a bun, or brötchen for ease and cleanliness. In Berlin, the spicy currywurst is almost a symbol of the city – so much so that every election, candidates for mayor of the city are photographed alongside a stall selling this delicious dish. There’s an astounding range of ways in which sausage can be prepared, and in Germany they have explored this to the max, creating dozens of unique treats certain to perk up your Germanic getaway.

Thailand – I’ve pad the Thaim of my life

Named the world’s fifth tastiest food by CNN, pad Thai is an international favourite, but by far the best way to experience this giant of Thai gastronomy is to head to the streets of Bangkok or Phuket and grab a bowl of freshly-prepared noodles from a street vendor. Costing you no more than a few dozen baht, you’ll be thoroughly sated and totally replete in no time. Varying from region to region and even from street to street, pad Thai can contain a vast array of vegetables and accompaniments, from the simple bean sprout to garlic, shrimp, banana flowers and lime. No trip to Thailand could possibly be complete without sampling this staple of the local diet, and you’ll certainly be blown away by the vibrant smells and flavours you’ll experience.

Canada – poutine on the Ritz

Bracing winds and regular snow flurries make for a picturesque holiday, but certainly leave you craving a cosy duvet and a fortifying hot meal. The locals in Quebec creating the perfect comfort food to shield them from the weather – poutine. Freshly-fried, thick-cut chips slathered in melted cheese and gravy – it’s very simply but it’s totally delicious, and absolutely what you need after a day taking in the sights of this vast and chilly nation. There's no better way to fully embrace the Canadian way of life than to round of your day with a big steaming bowl of poutine, and it's definitely something you'll want to try next time you visit Canada.

Puerto Rico – go ‘ave a guava

For a sweet treat or a savoury snack, Puerto Rico has the perfect answer. Sorullos are chunky fingers of fried batter stuffed with whatever takes your fancy – be it cream cheese and herbs, fruit paste or hazelnut puree and sugar. Goiabada fruit paste is a popular choice, made from guava fruit and often spread on toast or served with hot cheese in a delectable pie as well as being used to stuff your sorullos. 

France – be a crêpetomaniac

Every county and culture has developed its own unique way of getting food to mouth quickly and cleanly. England’s sandwich, Greek pita, Ugandan chapati and Italian pizza are all ingenious, but nothing comes close to France’s answer – the crêpe. Sweet or savoury, light or hearty, the crêpe is one of the greatest gastronomic triumphs of Europe, and you can’t visit the land of love without tasting some of the many ways in which this delicacy can be prepared. Maybe you’re a sweet-toothed traditionalist and like yours filled with marshmallows, Nutella and Chantilly cream, or maybe you like a bold foray into Provençal gastronomy and like to pack your pancake with minced meat and herbs – no matter your preferences you won’t fail to find a satisfying treat to tantalise your taste buds. 

Le digestif

For authentic experiences of local cuisines and cultures, there’s no doubt that you need to turn to the streets and marketplaces of the world’s towns and cities. From farmers’ market to Christmas market, the globe’s metropolises are packed with vendors touting their wares, and some of the most delicious food on the planet can be bought from a street stall. The layman’s luncheon, the businessman’s brunch – the snacks of the street are the vital spark that make each city unique, so on your next getaway why not broaden your horizons and try a treat or two?
William Jarvis

William Jarvis is a Content Writer