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Six sensational food experiences at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

  • Food & Wine
  • By Francesca Brooking
  • Published 15 March 2023

No matter where you go in the world, food is woven into the fabric of cultural identity. That’s why at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, food plays an integral role in connecting guests with culture. From art in London to the fishing villages of Phuket, every dish tells a story that brings the location to life. 

The cultural concept of food is part of the company’s A Sense of Place philosophy which, as Rosewood President Radha Arora explains ‘each property, whether it be in Beijing, Santa Fe or Virgin Gorda, is a reflection of its location’s history, culture and geography.’ 

In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of Rosewood’s top food experiences that embody its Sense of Place. 

Each property, whether it be in Beijing, Santa Fe or Virgin Gorda, is a reflection of its location’s history, culture and geography.

Art Afternoon Tea at Rosewood London

Afternoon tea is quintessentially English so where better to celebrate this tradition than at Rosewood London? Although don’t expect it to be all finger sandwiches and sponge cakes – at least not in the way you know it. Rosewood London’s signature Art Afternoon Tea gives the tradition a refreshing new makeover that will take your breath away. 

Helmed by Executive Pastry Chef Mark Perkins, Art Afternoon Tea is inspired by London’s vibrant art scene – a theme that runs throughout Rosewood’s Sense of Place philosophy to 'forge an everlasting link between our guests and the cultures that they interact with.’ 

Mark Perkins’ edible creations connect guests with ground-breaking exhibitions from some of the country’s most talented and upcoming artists. 

At the time of writing, guests can tuck into treats inspired by David Hockney’s Bigger & Closer (not smaller and further away) exhibition at Lightroom. 

Hosted in the impeccably appointed Mirror Room with its jewel-box interiors, it’s no wonder this afternoon tea has swept up a multitude of awards. 

Art Afternoon Tea at Rosewood London

Art Afternoon Tea at Rosewood London

Culinary & Arts Festival at Rosewood Baha Mar

The Bahamas may be known for its sun, sea, and sand, but Rosewood Baha Mar is determined to put its vibrant art and culinary scene on the map.  

The hotel has joined forces with local artist, curator, and community builder John Cox to help bring Bahamian history and culture to the fore. 

As Rosewood Baha Mar’s Executive Director of Arts and Culture, Cox has embedded art throughout the guest experience with work by local artists found across public areas, private rooms, and restaurants. 

Rosewood has taken the relationship between food and art a step further by introducing a new Culinary & Arts Festival in Nassau in October 2022. After a successful debut, the festival is now set to be an annual event. 

The festival sees visiting globally recognised chefs host interactive cooking demos alongside a dine around of more than 45 restaurants showcasing the best of The Bahamas. Local art is a focus throughout the festival with art tours, exhibitions, discussions, and live shows. 

Graeme Davis, Baha Mar’s President has high hopes for this festival, envisioning it ‘becoming the leading celebration of food and art in the region, providing locals and visitors with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the island's rich culture and gastronomic offerings.’

Read our guide to the Culinary & Arts Festival to find out more about this Bahamian cultural event.

Culinary & Arts Festival at Rosewood Baha Mar

Culinary & Arts Festival at Rosewood Baha Mar
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Garden Room at Rosewood Vienna

Rosewood Vienna is a five-star hotel which embodies the city’s elegance and sophistication. 

Situated on Petersplatz, one of the most famous squares in Vienna’s Old Town, it’s just moments away from the city’s best shopping and dining destinations. But guests don’t even need to step outside to experience haute Viennese cuisine at its finest. 

Rosewood Vienna’s restaurant collection marries impeccable interior design with sumptuous traditional cuisine, setting a new standard in fine dining. 

For guests seeking even more privacy and exclusivity, the Garden Room is an indoor-outdoor venue on the sixth floor that’s reserved for private events only. 

Tucked high among the rooftops, this lofty hideaway is perfect for birthday celebrations or business breakfasts. On sunny days you can venture to the adjoining secret garden, shaded by trees and lush greenery. 

Here in the Garden Room, innovative Viennese cuisine is served with a bird’s eye view of the city’s best neighbourhoods. Viennese swirls, anyone? 

Garden Room at Rosewood Vienna

Garden Room at Rosewood Vienna

Ta Khai at Rosewood Phuket

Rosewood Phuket is a luxurious beachfront escape which invites guests to sample a slower pace of life on one of Thailand’s busiest islands. 

Among the hotel’s four restaurants, its Sense of Place philosophy, which showcases the ‘holistic food and beverage journey’ from farm to table, is most prominent at Ta Khai. 

The restaurant with a name meaning ‘fishing net,’ has a menu inspired by the local fishermen’s daily catch. Only the freshest seafood is served here, and the atmosphere emulates Phuket’s traditional, slowed down lifestyle which is often overlooked at Phuket’s busier hotspots. 

Ta Khai’s Southern Thai cuisine is enhanced by its ingredients sourced from the hotel’s kitchen-to-table herb and vegetable gardens. The open-plan rustic look of the houses and pavilion bring the overall feel of a fisherman’s village to life. 

This restaurant is enjoyed at its best over family-style sharing platters that celebrate the five fundamental flavours of Thai cuisine: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy. 

Ta Khai at Rosewood Phuket

Ta Khai at Rosewood Phuket

Alebrije at Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort

Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort pays homage to Mexican cuisine throughout its dining establishments. 

Traditional dishes and ceviche can be found at Sea Grill, a beachside restaurant with a magnificent view. At Tequila & Ceviche, tequila is flowing, and guests can even take a tequila personality tasting test to find a drink that suits them best. 

As for cuisine, Oaxaca’s finest food is celebrated at Alebrije. The restaurant takes its guests on a culinary journey from the shores of Los Cabos to the UNESCO-certified Foodie Capital of Mexico. 

Hailed as a ‘tribute to Mexican heritage,’ Alebrije takes inspiration from Oaxaca’s namesake ‘The Land of the Seven Moles’ and incorporates each style of mole throughout its dishes. 

Served family-style, the menu is a sizzling fusion of spices and ancient culinary techniques that are still being used today. 

This restaurant also holds the biggest collection of Mezcals in Baja. One of the oldest spirits in Mexico, Mezcal is originally sourced from Oaxaca and serves as the perfect accompaniment to the menu. 

Traditional Oaxacan mole

Traditional Oaxacan mole

Sense of Place Afternoon Tea at Rosewood Abu Dhabi

Rosewood Abu Dhabi’s Sense of Place culinary concept looks outwards rather than inwards, to combine Middle Eastern cuisine with global flavours. At Dai Pai Dong you’ll find some of the best authentic Cantonese food around, and Em Sheif Sea Café has a playful Mediterranean- Lebanese twist throughout its menu. 

English tradition with an Arabic influence can be found at Majlis Lobby Lounge, the home of quite possibly the best afternoon teas in Abu Dhabi. Majlis’ special is the Sense of Place Afternoon Tea where guests have a choice of traditional, vegetarian, and vegan, Asian, or Levantine menus. 

If you go for the Levantine Afternoon Tea, you’ll be treated to a selection of hot and cold mezze dishes followed by exquisite, sweet temptations such as baklawa, quatayef (a sweet dumpling filled with cream or nuts), and mahalabia (a Middle Eastern milk pudding). 

Young afternoon tea connoisseurs can also get involved at Rosewood Abu Dhabi with their own specially curated Kids’ Afternoon Tea. They get the chance to become pastry chefs themselves with interactive cookie decorating too. 

Sense of Place Afternoon Tea at Rosewood Abu Dhabi

Sense of Place Afternoon Tea at Rosewood Abu Dhabi

For Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, food plays an integral part in connecting guests to its Sense of Place philosophy. Every one of its dishes has a story behind it, bringing the location to life in new, unexpected, and profoundly personal ways. 

So, when you stay at a Rosewood hotel or resort, let your sense of taste go on a mouth-watering culinary journey you’ll never forget. 

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