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Qantas Airlines hints at a new non-stop flight from London to Sydney by 2022

  • News
  • By Guy Humphrey
  • Published 03 September 2018
  • Published 03 September 2018

The land down under has just gotten closer thanks to airline Qantas hinting that plans for a non-stop flight to Sydney are underway, with a date of 2022 proposed. Kept under wraps by the codename Project Sunrise, this endeavour sets to bring the shores and city of Sydney a little closer to UK travellers. The flight is set to take 20-hours in total, with the main dilemma finding a suitable craft that’s able to be airborne for an extended amount of time. CEO for Qantas Alan Joyce says that this isn’t a problem. “We’re now comfortable that we think we have vehicles that could do it,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg

In March 2018, Qantas was the first airline to offer a non-stop flight from the UK to Australia, jetting travellers 9,008-miles from London Heathrow to Perth

But what does this mean for Winged Boots customers? Anna-Marie Janssen, product manager for Winged Boots, says that it could open up the vast world of Australia to the UK traveller. “It will reduce flight times as you’re saving in the region of five-hours depending on operator, which only means one thing… you can get to the kangaroos faster!”
In March 2018, Qantas was the first airline to offer a non-stop flight from the UK to Australia. Jetting travellers 9,008-miles from London Heathrow to Perth, and taking just 16-hours and 45-minutes to get there and 17-hours and 20-minutes to return, it’s the longest flight that Qantas offer. First place belongs to Qatar’s Doha to Auckland service which travels 9,032 miles in the airline mile-olympics however, Singapore Airlines is in the process of launching a Singapore to New York service which would knock Qatar off the top spot if successful.
Perth and Sydney are around five air hours apart meaning that Quantas’ proposed 2022 direct route would mean that Londoners can get to all to the action of Oz that little bit faster, and can even embark on an Australian sight-seeing tour.
With London now home to the new non-stop flights to Perth, it seems that nothing can stop the Australian-based airline. Wellness is an important issue for Qantas who aim to make the long flight aboard a Dreamliner, literally fly by. So much so, that those boarding the soon-to-be Sydney flight and the current Perth flight can expect a whole new passenger experience.
An expert team including in-house industrial designer David Caon, airline’s chef partner, Neil Perry of the Rockpool Dining Group and Professor Steve Simpson at the Charles Perkins Centre of the University of Sydney, ensure that comfort is at the top of Qantas’ agenda.

As well as international lounges which are going to be built in both Perth and London, passengers can expect high-tech pillows onboard which aim to fight viruses, larger windows to help with cabin fever and a wide choice of more than 1,500 options on the in-flight entertainment systems.
If that wasn’t enough, the airplane has also been specifically crafted to help with oxygen absorption, light-headedness and fatigue. Smooth sailing will almost be guaranteed too, thanks to Boeing’s Smoother Ride Technology which senses turbulence and adjusts wing control accordingly. Add into the mix, USB ports to charge your phone, LED lights which assist in reducing jetlag and spacious seating, and it’s certain that you’ll have a restful journey.
If you simply can’t wait until the new direct route before you visit Sydney, Anna has a top tip for the luxury traveller. “For your connecting flight from London to Sydney, choose to stop over in Abu Dhabi. From here, you can fly with Etihad and luxuriate in The Residence Class. By choosing this, you have a suite that comprises a living room, bedroom and a shower room so it’s like having your very own apartment in the sky.” 

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