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15 Fun Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About The Brando Resort Tahiti

  • Inspiration
  • By Kate Goldstone
  • Published 30 May 2022
  • Revised 18 July 2022

Nestled on its very own private paradise island, this exclusive resort has quickly become one of Tahiti’s most luxurious holiday destinations. But exactly where is the Brando Resort located? Head 30 miles north of Tahiti to a place called Tetiaroa, one of the Society Islands in French Polynesia, and you’ve reached one of the most magical resorts on the planet. Aptly named, the island means “stands apart” in the local language - emphasising just how remote your stay will be.

If for some reason you’re not yet sold, we’re sharing 15 facts about the Brando Resort Tahiti designed to inspire you to explore our luxury French Polynesia offers.

1. Marlon Brando owns the island

Did you know this is Marlon Brando’s private island, designed to carry on his environmental legacy? Supposedly purchased in 1966 for $270,000, this gorgeous resort in French Polynesia is now a hot spot for the rich and famous.

So, who owns The Brando resort now? Since Brando's death in 2004, his family have continued the actor’s partnership with Pacific Beachcomber, the organisation that leases the Motu Onetahi. They also set up a non-profit organisation to act as a guardian for the atoll, the Tetiaroa Society.

Tetiaroa Island

Ariel View Tetiaroa Island

2. You can only get there on The Brando's private airplane

Believe it or not, The Brando is Tetiaroa’s only resort – and there’s only one way to get there. This private airplane can be boarded from a separate terminal in Papeete, Tahiti, and it’s a spectacular 20-minute flight to reach the resort. Since it’s a private plane, you’ll have to pay for this separately – only adding to the island’s luxe level!

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3. Foodie's will be in their element

The food here is a destination in its own right. If you’ve never tasted Polynesian cuisine before, this is the best place to discover it – there’s something to suit every palate, plus a great vegan menu, too.

There are three fine dining options at the resort, two of which offer a unique blend of Polynesian-French inspired dishes. Les Mutinès features a world-class wine cellar. Typical Polynesian cuisine is mostly based on fresh seafood and exotic fruit, featuring exciting French and Chinese influences. It isn’t spicy, it’s more about rich, fresh flavours like coconut milk, ginger, lime, vanilla, and tamarind. The resort’s organic fruit orchard and vegetable garden provides fresh ingredients for your food.    

The third restaurant at the Brando Tahiti serves delicate Japanese Teppanyaki, cooked beautifully on a traditional iron griddle. 

Delicious cuisine

Colourful plate of food

4. The Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa is dreamy

The Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa sits atop an enchanting pond in the heart of the atoll. Varua, meaning “the soul” has a host of calming treatments sure to achieve ultimate R&R. Maybe try the Pacific Seashells Massage, which harnesses seashells to ease tense muscles. This rubdown is so relaxing you’ll feel as though you’re melting, just like all the other Polynesian and contemporary treatments on the menu. The resort also offers an excellent fitness centre and a swimming pool.

5. The accommodation options are beautiful

Each of the 35 private villas at The Brando Tahiti are furnished in a beautiful contemporary style that’s calm yet classy. You’ll find a mixture of One, Two and Three-Bedroom Villas and each of them are super sizable! In fact, these luxurious bungalows are more like houses, with plenty of room for the whole family in tow.

The best part? Treat yourself one evening with room service and you’ll receive freshly-cooked feasts delivered with a smile. There’s also a big deck with eye-wateringly beautiful tropical views to dine on – dinner with a view, anyone?   

Accommodation at The Brando

Bedroom at The Brando

6. You can expect stellar service

When you’re staying in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, you expect first-class service. But The Brando will, without doubt, exceed all your expectations. The staff here operate at a whole other level, sometimes visiting the rooms up to three times a day to ensure all standards are met. You can also expect a daily afternoon appetizer delivered to your room.

7. Water sports is the name of the game here

Feel like making a splash? You can snorkel the beautiful coral gardens packed with busy multi-coloured fish, or kayak on the peaceful lagoon. Stand-up paddle boarding is huge fun here because the lagoon is so calm and flat, while the scuba diving is fantastic.

Snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters

Snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters

8. It has royal connections

Once a retreat for the Tahitian Royal family, the exclusive resort has also welcomed former president Barack Obama and Michelle for a well-earned tropical retreat after he took some time out on the sun-kissed sands to focus on his writing.

9. There are plenty of tours to discover

This gorgeous private island offers lots for explorers to discover. The resort is home to a host of scenic treks, hikes, and nature trails for you to experience along with a dedicated guide. The bird discovery tour is also very popular for nature lovers, while the Tetiaroa Ultimate Boat Tour makes for a wonderful way to discover local culture as you glide across the atoll on a comfortable roofed boat. 

Couple exploring tropical forest

Couple exploring tropical forest

10. It's big on sustainability...

Almost all of Tetiaroa is being protected and preserved in its natural state. The Brando contributes to this high level of care by being 100% energy-independent and sustainable. Each building is designed without beach obstructions using local or certified origin, renewable and recyclable materials.

The resort also uses a pioneering deep seawater air-conditioning system to reduce energy demands and utilise renewable energy sources, such as solar power and biofuel where possible. Setting a new world standard, this resort is a fantastic choice for eco-friendly travellers who care about the environment.

11. ... We mean huge

The batteries that store electricity from the solar panels are made from zinc bromine and recyclable materials. And the resort's vehicles are either electric or powered by humans. No wonder it qualifies as the world’s most luxurious eco-resort.

Stunning aerial view of the island

Stunning aerial view of the island

12. There's SO much to do

Life at The Brando Resort Tahiti can be as active or relaxing as you want it to be. You can spend your entire time on a sunlounger with a cocktail in hand. Or, if you’re up for an adventure, there are bicycles to ride, cooking classes to join, and a host of absorbing cultural activities to experience, whatever your age.

You can go deep sea fishing and diving, there’s all the fishing equipment you need at the resort. You can take stunning guided hiking tours, or explore the waters by kayak, outrigger canoe, or paddleboard. Snorkelling is always popular and the tennis and yoga facilities are excellent, too.

13. The facilities are first-class

The Brando resort provides beauty services, a fitness centre, games room and gift shop. There’s a laundry service and all the help and support you could possibly need at the activities desk. If you need to catch up on what’s going on in the office, you can make your way to the well-equipped business centre. There’s also a coral nursery showcasing the wonder of tropical corals, and a sea turtle sanctuary – a lovely pastime for little ones.

You can join in with Polynesian dancing lessons and take music lessons on traditional instruments. Enjoy a Polynesian weaving lessons, traditional Pareu tie-dye, watch cooking demonstrations of local cuisine and more. There’s also whale watching during some parts of the year, plus ocean fishing, and day trips by boat to other islands.

Beautiful plate of Polynesian cuisine

Beautiful plate of Polynesian cuisine

14. It champions wildlife

There’s a wildlife ecostation on the island complete with a lab where experts can carry out research. The focus is on preserving and protecting the region’s atolls and their exotic wildlife – all in line with their sustainable promise. The resort also has an onsite organic garden and orchard where you’ll find several beehives - the source of the resort’s delicious honey!

15. Bob's Bar is a firm favourite

Two lively bars make socialising here a huge pleasure, including Bob’s Bar, named after Brando’s film set Factotum. Apparently, they enjoyed many laughs and beers here, as it’s part of the original lodge the movie star built here.

Bob's Bar

Bob's Bar

Now you know what’s waiting for you, can you resist The Brando Resort Tahiti? The island, the vibe, the views, the ocean, the food, the fun, and the entertainment all join the ultimate in relaxation to deliver an unforgettable experience that’s eco-friendly all the way.  

Whether you're planning to do absolutely nothing but relax, or absolutely everything there is to do, The Brando Resort Tahiti is ready to welcome you. Call our expert team on 0203 816 0985 to ensure your every wish is catered for, or discover our bookings at the Brando Resort Tahiti.

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